“It was a little scary to make the commitment as this was a large expense for a small company (25 employees), but we are so glad that we took the leap to do a video brochure with MediaFast as the ROI from the launch has far exceeded our expectations. S. Williams – Marketing Manager, Flex Flow”

S. Williams – Marketing Manager, Flex Flow


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HD IPS Video Brochures are a powerful addition to any marketing strategy. They combine sound and imagery to engage viewers in an unforgettable

package and ensure they remember what your company has to offer. This media works great as a handout or as a Video Mailer.


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Using HD IPS Video Boxes in marketing for samples and gifts is highly effective. Not only are they novel, classy, and attention-grabbing, but recipients find them practically impossible to ignore.


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With more options than ever before, Mediafast provides custom packaging solutions to make your mailer project or product unique and increasingly
valuable in the eyes of your customers.


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The MediaFast team of experts offers complete design and creative services for point of purchase displays, POP displays, LCD display handouts,
video brochures and mailers, LCD display boxes, promotional items, marketing and training presentations, and more.

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