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This is a MediaFast USB flash drive.

10 Coolest Ways To Use USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives can be used for so much more than just portable hard drives. Here are 10 of the coolest ways to give them new life.

Store, View, and Share Photos

You may have hundreds of photos on your computer, and you may organize them effectively with the latest photo gallery software. However, nothing can replace the feeling of holding your photo collection in your hand with the ability to quickly transport it anywhere.

USB flash drives are the digital version of scrapbooks. They store photos so you can browse through them anywhere your USB flash drive will connect, and you can transfer your photo collection to a friend or an associate just as quickly as sending an email.

USB flash drives also provide an excellent way to make a backup of your photo collection or legal documents and other important information you would hate to lose. Furthermore, with as small as they are, USB flash drives are easy to hide.

Print Photos

After you’ve made your first portable photo gallery, you may want to have them printed. Taking them on a USB flash drive to a photo shop or a user kiosk will make it so much easier.

Use Your Favorite Internet Browser Or Apps

If you happen to be using a computer that doesn’t already have your favorite internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Safari, etc), you can connect your USB flash drive and browse the internet with it without having to install it on the computer.

In addition to keeping your favorite internet browser on a USB flash drive, you can also keep your favorite apps on one and access them whenever you choose.

Sync Files Between The Cloud And Your Flash Drive

Instead of pointless competition or belief that one would make the other irrelevant, both USB flash drives and the Cloud will coexist because they compliment each other. While the Cloud is awesome, it isn’t always accessible and cannot be physically handed to anyone like a USB flash drive. Also, it isn’t branded for a recipient to see every time they look at it on their desk, in their bag, or on their keychain.

Since the Cloud isn’t always accessible and USB flash drives sometimes get lost, it is wise to keep valuable information on both.

Backup Files From Your Computer

Your files are valuable and often irreplaceable, and you should keep back-up versions. USB flash drives have abundant memory and offer a convenient way to back up your important digital files.

Play MP3 Music In Your Vehicle

Most newer vehicles provide USB ports as part of their entertainment systems so passengers can listen to their own music without others having to hear it. Also, in some vehicles the technology has improved to the point where passengers can watch videos on built-in video screens. To do so, all users have to do is connect their device to the vehicle through a USB port.

Secretly Store Encrypted Files

Mac computer systems make it easy to apply a full disk encryption on USB flash drives.

To encrypt a USB flash drive, a user should start with brand new media or reformat the media they already have.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  Before beginning the encryption process, users should copy or back up the data on the media to another media first so they can then copy it back to the encrypted media later. Otherwise, all data may be lost.

Step 1: Insert the media into the Mac.

Step 2: Go to the Mac’s Applications folder and locate the Utilities folder.

Step 3: Inside the Utilities folder, find the Disk Utility application. Double-click on its icon to launch it.

Step 4: Click on the Erase tab and change the format to “Mac OS X Extended (Journaled, Encrypted)” using the drop down box as shown in the screenshot (highlighted in blue). At this point, users can type in a name for their media, which can help keep their media organized.

Step 5: Click the Erase button in the lower right corner and Drive Utility will then prompt you to enter a password before it begins erasing and encrypting the media. VERY IMPORTANT: If you create a password and then fail to remember it, you will not be able to access the data contained on that media. However, you will be given the chance to give yourself a “hint”, which will improve your chances of remembering. Just don’t make it easy for someone else to figure out.

Within a few minutes, the flash drive will be encrypted.

Rescue Your Computer From A Virus

There are many free compressed versions of anti-virus software that can be installed to bootable USB flash drives. When a system becomes infected, often users need help. With a USB flash drive already containing anti-virus software, getting a virus can be much less troublesome.

Show Off Your Playlist In A Moments Notice

Music brings people together, and having your awesome playlist on a USB flash drive can turn you into a much appreciated member of a group. You never know when your playlist will be needed.

Give USB Flash Drives As Gifts

Company swag works! USB flash drives can be customized to make memorable gifts and give a brand continued visibility when a recipient uses a flash drive in the presence of others.

We Make The Best Custom USB Flash Drives

At MediaFast, we offer affordable USB flash drives to meet various needs and most budgets. We only use brand new, Grade A components, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

To learn more about how we can help you acquire the best USB flash drives or other digital marketing products, contact us today.

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