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10 Keys To Make Your Video Awesome In Marketing

The time of professionals is extremely limited, and for the most part, people read less and less these days. Because of it, video marketing has become wildly successful. There are other reasons for its success, but marketers have discovered that using videos in their marketing drastically enhances results.

10 Keys To Make Your Video Awesome In Marketing

Because we’ve witnessed so much success, we have clients ask us often what strategy they should use when making their videos. This is totally understandable because most people aren’t producers and rarely ever have to think like one. However, because we find ourselves talking about it often, we’ve decided to share the following ten keys that usually make videos more successful in marketing.

  1. It’s better to emotionally engage viewers and then go to a call-to-action rather than present a lot of information to them.
  2. If too much information is given, it increases the chances viewers will talk themselves out of responding to a call-to-action.
  3. Shorter videos usually perform better.
  4. Viewers are more interested in what they stand to gain, so keep the focus on how they’ll be affected.
  5. Refrain from including much information about yourself, your company, or what your company stands to gain if viewers become your customers because that is not very interesting to them. There will be plenty of time for that later.
  6. Not every commercial has to be Super Bowl quality to perform well.
  7. While humor is sometimes funny, it can also be offensive, distracting, and a turn off. Use it sparingly, if even at all, in short videos.
  8. The support staff of professionals (receptionists, secretaries, nurses, bookkeepers, salespeople, designers, accountants, human resource professionals, and various other assistants) are highly influential. So are their friends and family members. Target them with your messages as well.
  9. Without it being a distraction, use movement, sound effects, music, and/or demonstrations.
  10. Use animation to explain concepts that are hard to explain and/or understand.

As stated above, we’ve seen these ten keys make a great difference in how well marketing videos perform. Our hope is that you’ll implement them and all of your future videos will be even more profitable because of it.

Videos Electrify Marketing

In the digital age we live in, videos have taken the world by storm. People love them, and marketers who use them have been enjoying great rewards for several years now.

Effectively, the use of videos has become a dominant force in marketing today. Attention spans are shorter, people would rather not read large volumes of text, and consumers prefer watching videos when learning about products and services or opportunities. They also offer great entertainment value because more senses get engaged when videos are watched and humans feel a greater connection to them.

For companies, their ability to connect with prospects through visual content might very well form the basis of their relationships. Furthermore, the manner in which they develop their ideas and distribute their videos will significantly impact the success of their marketing campaigns for years to come, which is precisely why video marketing products return such great ROI.

To learn more about video marketing or any of the video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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