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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Optimized Health Care in Utah.

10 Reasons Video Brochures Create The Best ROI

Marketing companies and business owners around the world are finding that video brochures create the best ROI for their budgets.

Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. In the digital age we live in, people are instantly drawn to videos. Videos have become hooks that capture people’s attention and are watched frequently on mobile devices, computers, and many other screen-in devices.
  2. Videos present a multi-sensory experience by combining sight, sound and motion to deliver a more memorable message in a shorter period of time. Companies have discovered that recollection skyrockets when they combine audio and visual to deliver their messages as opposed to when they use only printed words or still images.
  3. People like to physically touch and feel. By combining print with the power of video, when a recipient opens a video brochure they are instantly greeted with what feels like a TV commercial in their hands.
  4. Video brochures turn average salespeople into great salespeople. Having an impressive piece of technology to leave with a prospective client relieves pressure and allows them to feel more confident. It also means they don’t have to talk as much, which at times is beneficial.
  5. Companies who use video brochures maintain more control over their branding and how their messages are portrayed. They consistently give the same presentation without being affected by live presenter’s abilities, appearance, or thought processes.
  6. Video brochures can motivate prospective customers to buy or at least generate enough interest to move them further down a sales funnel. Also, QR codes can be placed on packaging to draw prospective clients to specific pages online.
  7. Video brochures can be given to targeted recipients. Statistics show that up to 15 people watch each brochure. Whereas many traditional brochures get thrown away fairly quickly, video brochures are perceived as novelty items and recipients feel compelled to share them with others.
  8. Companies can edit the content on videos in video brochures for any reason and reuse them. To change the content in print advertisements or on radio or TV commercials, companies have to pay to create new ones.
  9. The batteries are easily rechargeable and no downloads or internet connection is necessary. Recipients can watch video brochures anytime, anywhere, with anyone.
  10. As a way for companies to market themselves, video brochures aren’t as expensive as people may think. Depending mostly on quantity, they can be purchased from MediaFast for between $35 and $65 per unit with the highest quality components and packaging that grabs attention.

For the money, a customized MediaFast video brochure is more cost effective to create and distribute than other popular forms of advertising. They are much less expensive than a TV commercial but engage more senses with the addition of touch.

When considering the lifetime value of a customer, marketing companies and business owners have found that video brochures create the best ROI for their advertising budgets.

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