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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Moonlight Fund.

10 Reasons Video Brochures Produce Great ROI

Video brochures are producing great ROI in highly successful marketing campaigns around the world. Two factors contributing the most to their success are the latest technology has made them affordable, and most people in today’s world have grown increasingly accustomed to videos.

Video brochures form an impressive package

When discussing what makes a product easy to sell, I once heard an affluent business owner say, “It’s all in the packaging. What people see first is often what matters the most.” This makes sense because appearance tends to be what people are attracted to initially before wanting to know more.

One unique characteristic video brochures possess is they are packaged in a way similar to traditional brochures with space for logos, QR codes, images, and other company branding. There is also room for testimonials, awards, and other print advertising content. However, what makes video brochures so much better than traditional brochures is that when they are opened, a video springs to life normally captivating and entertaining viewers. By including both print and video content, video brochures form an impressive package.

To illustrate this a little further, people are fascinated with body language, especially the body language of others. Humans continually give and receive wordless signals subconsciously every time they interact. Nonverbal communications, such as hygiene, facial expressions, posture, gestures, and eye contact speak volumes. For example, a smile, a contemptuous glance, a wink, body odor, posture, and eye contact routinely tell others how people feel about themselves and others. The methods in which companies present themselves to potential customers send insightful messages as well.

By marketing with a state-of-the-art digital device like a video brochure, companies give potential customers a chance to see and hear what they are advertising in a way that is convenient, modern, and impressive.

10 reasons video brochures produce great ROI:

  1. They engage more senses. People remember 10% of what they hear, 35% of what they see, and 65% of what they see and hear. Because of this, video brochures present messages in a way they’ll be remembered.
  2. They stir emotions. Decisions are often affected by positive emotions people feel when making purchasing decisions, deciding where to go, what to watch, who to vote for, etc.
  3. They consistently give the same presentation without being affected by mood, appearance, abilities, or thought processes affecting whoever is performing a presentation.
  4. Video brochures can be watched anywhere at anytime because electricity and internet access are not required.
  5. They can be presented to targeted recipients consisting of a company’s most likely customers.
  6. Analytics show recipients often share video brochures with others or watch them in groups because they are such impressive pieces of technology.
  7. People have grown accustomed to watching videos and practically expect companies to have them.
  8. Recipients don’t treat video brochures like junk mail because of the feeling of novelty they create.
  9. Companies who share video brochures claim they notice an increase in perceived value.
  10. Video brochures allow companies to advertise in more places at any given time without one of their representatives having to be present.

By using video brochures to captivate and entertain potential customers, companies all over are benefiting from excellent ROI and high moral. Salespeople love them, marketing departments enjoy designing them, and recipients appreciate them.

Get your video brochures from MediaFast

For between $20 and $65 per unit, we can provide you with a video brochure to hand directly to your most likely customers. That is substantially less than you would pay for online promotions in most cases. Also, with a video brochure, you can almost feel guaranteed they will watch your video.

Contact us if you are interested in using video brochures for selling products or services, increasing exposure, raising awareness, sharing testimonials, fundraising, training, motivating, recruiting, teaching, or branding. Since 1991, we’ve been a great resource for many companies and we can be a great resource for your company as well.

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