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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Flying Frog Media.

10 Reasons Your Company Needs Video Brochures

Marketing companies and business owners around the world are finding that video brochures create the best ROI for their budgets.

10 reasons your company needs video brochures

  1. In the digital age we live in, people have become increasingly accustomed to videos. Videos have become hooks that capture people’s attention and companies are practically expected to have them.
  2. Videos present a multi-sensory experience by combining sight, sound and motion to deliver a more memorable message in a shorter period of time. Recollection skyrockets in humans when they experience a combination of audio and visual as opposed to when they see only printed words or still images.
  3. People like to physically touch and feel objects. When recipients open video brochures, they are instantly greeted with what feels like a TV commercial in their hands.
  4. Targeted recipients are highly intrigued when they receive video brochures. While many traditional brochures get thrown away fairly quickly, video brochures are perceived as novelty items and recipients feel compelled to watch and share them with others. Statistics indicate up to 15 people watch each video brochure.
  5. Video brochures enable companies to maintain control over their brand and how their messages are presented. They consistently give the same presentation without being affected by a presenter’s abilities, appearance, or thought processes.
  6. Video brochures can make average salespeople great. Having an impressive piece of technology to leave with a potential customer relieves pressure and allows salespeople to feel more confident. A video brochure also allows them to talk less and listen more, which potential customers usually appreciate.
  7. Video brochures can motivate potential clients to buy or at least generate enough interest in a company’s products or services to move them further down a sales funnel. Also, QR codes and other advertising information can be placed on packaging to draw potential clients to specific pages online.
  8. Video content on video brochures can be changed (click here for instructions), which makes them reuseable. In a simple drag and drop process, new video content can be loaded by plugging a unit into a Mac or PC without a new video brochure having to be created. That convenience isn’t possible with TV, radio, or printed advertisements.
  9. The batteries are easily rechargeable and downloads or an internet connection aren’t necessary. Recipients can watch them anytime, anywhere, with anyone.
  10. As a way for companies to market themselves, video brochures aren’t expensive. The average cost of a video brochure is between$20 to $65 depending on several variables. Quantity ordered, screen size, amount of memory and battery life all affect the cost per unit.

Get your video brochures from MediaFast

For the money, a customized MediaFast video brochure is more cost effective to create and distribute than other popular forms of advertising. They are much less expensive than a TV commercial and engage more senses with the addition of touch.

Contact us if you are interested in using video brochures for selling products or services, increasing exposure, raising awareness, sharing testimonials, fundraising, training, motivating, recruiting, teaching, or branding. We’ve helped many companies succeed with video brochures, and we can help your company as well.

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