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10 Simple Ways To Be Better At Networking

Networking is an excellent way to help an individual or a business become more successful. The value of networking is easy to understand, and there is security in being good at it.

As much as it can be helpful to know who to turn to when you need something, it can be just as helpful to have others think of you or your brand when they need something you can provide.

Here are 10 simple ways to be better at networking the right way so you can enjoy the benefits of being good at it.

10 simple ways to be better at networking

  1. Shift your mindset and give first. The real goal of networking is to help other people. Givers gain is a great way to think of it. It’s much easier to build quality relationships when you help others achieve their goals instead of focusing on them helping you achieve yours. Think about who you can help and then use your resources to genuinely help them. Also, be aware that it tends to be obvious when people give from a genuine place rather than from a place of expecting something in return.
  2. Use your time wisely. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, try to be more things to a few of them. After all, it’s better to know the right people than the most people. Relax and don’t let your mind get caught up in the chaos networking can become.
  3. Truly engage with your current connections. Networking doesn’t necessarily mean constantly trying to make new relationships. Cultivate the relationships you already have and invest in the people you have warm relationships with first. You already know them. Consider how valuable those relationships might be if you put forth the effort to strengthen them. Then find ways to provide value. Engage them and use your resources to help them. Remember – givers gain.
  4. Accept the fact that you do need to network. You never know when you’ll need someone to help you or when someone will need you to help them (either personally or professionally). People find it easier to ask someone for help when they’ve already been in contact, so remain interactive.
  5. Don’t force your business card on others. We all know people who shove their business cards on others when they first meet, and it’s a turnoff. Sometimes it can even feel impolite. Offer your business card AFTER having a conversation, and to seem even more cool about it, ask for the other person’s first.
  6. Remember – who they know might help you the most. The power of networking is the people your contacts know, not always your contacts directly. Cultivate relationships while remembering the bigger picture.
  7. Be specific when describing your ideal targets. In people’s minds, “anybody” often means “nobody” and “anything” often means “nothing”. By being specific when describing job leads, sales leads, personal interests and/or ambitions, it often makes a better impression.
  8. Remember – at a networking event, everyone is there to meet new people. Going alone and walking up to strangers is the point. Everyone has some apprehension. Quickly get past it and take the initiative to meet new people.
  9. Be good at describing yourself or your business in one sentence. Can you do that while demonstrating some value to the listener without sounding coached or using industry-speak? Can you explain yourself in a way so they might be interested in continuing the conversation? For example, say “I help people to ________.”
  10. Listen more than you talk. People usually feel comfortable talking about themselves, and you can learn more about others if you talk less and listen more. It’s an endearing quality and highly beneficial.

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