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10 Tips For Making Successful Sales Videos

Videos provide an excellent way to tell compelling stories about products or services in an effort to make sales. In fact, having a great sales video is like having a secret sauce. However, there is a strategy that should be followed to make sales videos persuasive enough to convert viewers into paying customers.

10 tips for making successful sales videos

When making sales videos, here are 10 tips to follow to increase their chances of being successful:

  1. Keep videos short. 30 to 60 seconds is ideal. Modern attention spans are short, and even if the urge is strong to fill a video full of information, short videos usually produce better results. It’s better to keep potential customers curious without overloading them, and more information can be given to interested prospects soon enough.
  2. Get the attention of viewers quickly. Getting the attention of viewers quickly is necessary to keep them listening. Solid strategies for this are using humor, interesting statistics or a question or promise to satisfy their wants or needs.
  3. Spotlight pain points. Peak the interest of viewers by identifying problems your product or service can help them solve.
  4. Describe the impact the pain points have on them. Showing viewers you understand their struggles by illustrating pain points from their perspectives will help you connect with them.
  5. Introduce your solution. After showing viewers you understand their problems, the time is right to disclose your unique value proposition.
  6. Demonstrate your solution. When doing this, be sure to highlight results and benefits much more than features. People ultimately make purchasing decisions based on what they’ll gain from products or services, not elaborate details about them.
  7. Present a call to action. A good strategy is to use an “if” and “then” statement. For example, “If you have this problem, then do this now to solve it.”
  8. Present Social Proof. Show testimonials, reviews and case studies to support how what you have to offer will help them.
  9. Use humor wisely and with caution. Humor is a good way to keep the attention of viewers and perhaps add a few breaks from all the information. However, humor should not show up randomly or in a disconnected way in sales videos, and it definitely should not break the tempo leading up to your solution being demonstrated. Even when it’s clever or funny, humor can actually distract viewers and cause them to miss the best points about what is being presented to them. In addition, some people are easily offended.
  10. Communicate clearly in ways viewers will understand. Talking fast doesn’t mean listeners will hear more. In fact, rushing to deliver information might be a turn off. It is critical to present messages clearly in a calm fashion without using jargon they won’t understand.

By following these 10 tips when making sales videos, presenters will have a better chance of connecting with viewers and making sales.

The best sales videos show prospects what they will gain

People buy products or services based on what they believe they will gain, not what a salesperson finds interesting or thinks might be interesting to them. As a result, the best sales videos focus more on “why” particular products or services will be beneficial and not “what” they are in great detail. Sales videos should focus on sales. Product or service videos should elaborate more on specific details about them.

When prospects feel motivated enough to make a purchase, it’s usually after they’ve envisioned themselves enjoying the benefits of whatever it is they’ve decided to buy. While statistics, product details, company philosophies and other background information might be interesting, the best sales tactic is to help prospects envision success using whatever it is being sold to them.

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