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10 Video Marketing Trends For 2017

Video marketing is a fast moving industry. To help you keep up with it, here are 10 video marketing trends for 2017. Pay special attention to #3 – that’s where we can help the most.

10 video marketing trends for 2017

  1. There will be more Facebook video. This should not be a surprise. According to Doubleshot, daily views on Facebook have increased from 1 billion to 8 billion per day over the past year. Facebook has invested a lot in video over the past few years. Its most recent video feature, Facebook Live, was released only a few months ago and has already been a smash hit. If Facebook continues as an innovator in the video marketing industry, then we predict that next year there will be an even bigger increase in people uploading, sharing, and discovering videos on Facebook.
  2. There will be more live video. Twitter users are big on video, with 82% of users agreeing they watch videos on a regular basis. Live video creates a new opportunity for marketers because viewers feel a sense of urgency knowing that they won’t be able to view the content in real time again.
  3. Video resources will become even more popular with salespeople. Potential customers and consumers love to watch videos! It has become the way things are in the digital age we live in. Videos combine sight, sound and motion in a way that makes it easier to digest information, and companies all over the world are using devices, such as video brochures, to take advantage of the power of videos.
  4. Brands will follow consumers to social media for marketing. Companies have learned that social media is a great place to share videos for their brand and gain exposure. People routinely watch videos on different devices and social media platforms, and wherever consumers go, companies must follow.
  5. There will be an increase in video apps. “Generation Z” (13 – 24 year olds) loves visual content even more than they love apps. Companies who combine the two will make themselves even more appealing to this new generation of consumers.
  6. New marketing videos will combine information with entertainment. One without the other just won’t be good enough. Companies need for consumers to digest the information they are presenting to them while consumers feel the need to be entertained at the same time. Without entertainment, viewers will click away from company videos and forget all about them.
  7. Virtual reality will become a new “norm”. Virtual reality headsets are becoming more accessible and companies are taking advantage of the immersive environment to gain the full attention of viewers. This trend should continue to grow in 2017.
  8. Email will combine with video. Video allows companies to keep their messages more interesting, and email allows companies to get their messages to a lot of relevant viewers. More companies will replace text-heavy content with videos to reach their desires audiences.
  9. Web design will continue to use more video. More and more websites will include videos, and many companies with videos will use even more. Videos encourage users to stay, which reduces bounce rates and improves SEO.
  10. The cost for making videos will decrease. As videos continue to become more and more popular, video makers will face increased competition for their services.

How MediaFast can help you in video marketing

For over 30 years, we’ve helped companies around the world succeed with video marketing tools. Our team of experts offers complete design and creative services for Point of Purchase Displays (POP Displays), Video Brochures, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray duplication, replication and packaging, Promotional Items, Marketing Videos, Training Videos, and more.

We understand eye catching, well-constructed, tasteful merchandise will always produce better results than less attractive alternatives. Our passion for designing and creating video marketing products as cost effective as possible is fueled by our extensive understanding of the manufacturing processes. We strive to create designs that give our clients impressive results and maximize their budgets by managing raw material waste, increasing manufacturing productivity, and implementing “out of the box” concepts. We’ve actually helped clients cut their costs in half when they’ve included us in the design process from the very beginning, and we would love to do the same for you.

As changes in components occur, the quality of components used to make digital media products differ from factory to factory. Many suppliers have decided to use recycled or refurbished components to reduce their costs, but we feel that is not a path we want to follow. At MediaFast, we’ve determined the risk of using substandard components in our products is far too great. We value our clients, and their brands and the messages they use our products to deliver are far too important to risk delivering with low quality. Because of this, we do not use any recycled or refurbished components, ever! Every product we produce is made with only brand new, Grade A components.

To work with the best in your next video marketing project, contact us.

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