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10 Ways To Make Cold Calling Easier In Sales

Cold calling in sales can be intimidating. However, when salespeople are equipped with cutting edge video marketing products, it can become much less scary. What’s more, it can become rewarding in a hurry.

When making cold calls, a key to success is presenting the right reason for a potential customer to be interested. The sooner that gets done, the better. State of the art video marketing products are interesting by themselves, and when salespeople present them, they often relieve pressure because of the interest they create.

10 ways to make cold calling easier

First, before describing how beneficial video marketing products can be, here are 10 ways to make cold calling easier in sales (regardless of what is being sold).

  1. To give prospects a compelling reason to listen, it is helpful for salespeople to develop a “hot button” specifically for them. A hot button can be identified through research in an effort to find out a prospect’s biggest challenges, and it is most beneficial to do this before the first interaction. Effectively, when salespeople know the “hot button” for their prospects, it is often the secret ingredient that helps them make sales.
  2. The most successful salespeople understand their prospects are more interested in what a product or service will do for them as opposed to what it actually is. When consumers make purchases, they are ultimately paying for what they will gain.
  3. The best salespeople are great at creating a vision for prospects because 86% of people make buying decisions based on future expectations.
  4. A good strategy for salespeople is to imagine their prospects secretly wanting them to offer something that will make their life easier and help them become more successful. Prospects are more inclined to listen to what a salesperson has to say if they can envision a favorable end result.
  5. When working in sales, it is valuable for salespeople to understand the following concept: There is a big difference between what they think is important and what their prospects think is important. People make purchasing decisions based on their reasons, not the reasons of a salesperson.
  6. It is helpful to identify a prospect’s greatest pain and share how the product or service being sold can help relieve it. Truthfully, relief of pain is often a stronger motivator than pleasure.
  7. Once a salesperson verbalizes a prospect’s biggest problem, which completely puts the focus on it, prospects are more ready and willing to resolve it.
  8. Another good strategy is to make a list of at least 5 compelling reasons a prospect should listen and then review them before making cold calls. With compelling reasons fresh on their mind, it helps salespeople get into the right frame of mind and reminds them of the value they have to offer.
  9. The perfect time to share success stories and testimonials is during cold calls. Make sure they’re credible and have them ready.
  10. Remain honest, friendly, and positive at all times. Furthermore, smile often.

MediaFast video marketing products make sales easier

MediaFast video marketing products can help salespeople be better at selling. The biggest advantages are they help them feel more confident and relaxed, and they can make an entire sales presentation more modern and interesting. To prospective buyers, there is usually a huge difference in how they feel when video marketing products are included in sales processes.

Also, videos allow companies to maintain control over how their brand and their products or services are presented. Video marketing products effectively boost the image of companies who use them, and videos help make messages more interesting and memorable.

To learn more about cold calling and how the video marketing products we offer can make sales easier, contact us today.

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