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15 Reasons Salespeople Love Using Video Brochures

From what we know, salespeople absolutely love using video brochures. Not many other sales tools can do as much with the same amount of class and pizzaz, and according to them, using video brochures makes their job easier.

15 Reasons Salespeople Love Using Video Brochures

Video brochures provide many benefits for salespeople. For example, they’re ideal for breaking the ice when salespeople meet new prospects.

Prospects also get excited when they realize they get to keep them for awhile and show them to co-workers and other decision-makers. That alone can be worth a small fortune because honestly, how many times each week do salespeople hear “Let me talk to my partner (or spouse) and get back to you”? Those conversations tend to go much better for companies who have video brochures to share.

To continue, here is a list of fifteen advantages video brochures provide for salespeople:

  1. Video brochures help make introductions easier because they’re super interesting, novel, and classy.
  2. They boost the perceived value of companies and the products and services they offer.
  3. They help salespeople feel more confident and relaxed.
  4. They use the power of videos to say substantially more in less time.
  5. They increase credibility because videos can show products and services being used in actual circumstances as well as real people sharing testimonials.
  6. Video brochures can be directly handed to, dropped off, or mailed to targeted prospects. To learn more, read: Video Mailers
  7. Receptionists and assistants usually feel like video brochures are too important not to deliver to executives as soon as possible.
  8. Recipients find it practically impossible to ignore video brochures when they’re in their mailbox or on their desk.
  9. Video brochures usually get shared among co-workers, decision-makers, and other people who influence their decisions.
  10. They allow companies to maintain better control over how their brand and messages are presented.
  11. Companies who use video brochures definitely stand out from their competitors.
  12. Because most people prefer watching videos over other ways of consuming information, companies often receive a better response to their calls-to-action when they are presented in videos.
  13. Prospects are much more likely to watch a video if it is given to them in a video brochure.
  14. Video brochures have proven to shorten sales cycles.
  15. Since video brochures often need to be picked back up, they make it easier for salespeople to get follow-up appointments.

While video brochures can be used in many other ways, this list includes most of the primary advantages they offer to salespeople. To learn more, please click the following links: Video Brochure Prices and Get The Best ROI From Video Brochures

Why Salespeople Love Using Video Brochures

As stated above, salespeople often feel more relaxed and confident when video brochures are a part of their sales strategy. Among other things, they allow them to talk less and listen more, which most people appreciate, and some prospects genuinely appreciate salespeople more who have interesting sales tools to share with them.

On top of that, the boost in confidence salespeople usually feel when using video brochures gives them added excitement, which is definitely contagious. Not only do they tend to feel happier and more enthusiastic about doing their work, but the people they work with usually benefit from that as well.

When looking at the big picture, the advantages video brochures provide make them well worth the money it costs companies to have them. In fact, one sale usually covers their cost. In many cases, the only thing salespeople need to do is keep them in circulation and do a good job of following up after leaving them with prospects.

To learn more about video brochures or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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