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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for and CORE Construction.

20 Advantages of Using Video Brochures

In business, finding ethical ways to gain advantages over competitors can be a key to success. Moreover, when specific ways to gain advantages are well known like video brochures and available to everyone, companies who decide to use them often enjoy greater success. Companies who don’t tend to be the ones who step over dollars to pick up pennies (not a wise way to think, but unfortunately far too common).

From what we’ve learned, the decision to use or not use video brochures seems to be a perfect example of this concept. Despite how well they perform and how profitable they are, not all companies use them. Also, not all companies who have them actually use them. Maybe they just don’t understand how effective video brochures can be, or maybe they purchased them from the wrong company and the quality just isn’t as good as they had hoped. Regardless, when used strategically and well-made, they provide great advantages.

Here are 20 advantages of using video brochures

  1. When salespeople leave them with prospects, it indicates how much their company truly wants their business.
  2. They help salespeople feel more confident and less likely to give in to inhibitions.
  3. They offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising.
  4. When included in sales and marketing campaigns, they allow companies to maintain control over how their messages get presented.
  5. By loading their current videos in video brochures, companies can further use their investments in video.
  6. They provide an ideal way for companies to increase attention on their videos and strengthen their brand.
  7. They’re novel enough to motivate “gate-keepers” or receptionists to actually give them to decision-makers (they almost can’t resist).
  8. Feedback indicates they increase sales.
  9. Prospects often rave about a company’s unique and engaging sales approach when video brochures are used.
  10. They help companies stand out from competitors.
  11. Most competitors aren’t using anything close to such cutting-edge sales and marketing devices.
  12. They help companies become the one their most likely customers will think of first when they want or need what they offer.
  13. Video brochures offer convenience because recipients can view them whenever it is convenient for them.
  14. Co-workers and decision-makers tend to share them with each other, which helps speed up a sales cycle.
  15. They can be mailed anywhere in U.S. for about $3 per unit.
  16. As a casual approach to sales, campaigns can be created on them and left for prospects to view.
  17. Video brochures are unlikely to get set aside or thrown away.
  18. They serve as an interesting icebreaker during introductions.
  19. They make companies and their messages more memorable.
  20. They create a perfect opportunity for follow-up appointments because they have to be picked back up.

There are more advantages, but this list explains some great ones. To learn more about video brochures, click here: Ways To Use Video Brochures

Video brochures are ideal for many purposes

We live in a time when watching videos has become common for people almost everywhere. Videos are many people’s preferred method of learning, and they take less effort from viewers to watch. That’s important in this day and age because attention spans seem to be shorter than ever. Videos also grab attention, peak curiosity, and make messages more memorable by engaging more senses.

Likewise, marketing with videos has proven to be highly successful. They are the prime reason video brochures reportedly produce outstanding ROI, and they are highly efficient when used for most presentations. On top of that, distributing them is less expensive than paying for someone’s time and travel expenses.

To learn more about video brochures or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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