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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Baltimore Country Club.

20 Reasons To Use Video Brochures

Video brochures are excellent at fulfilling many purposes for companies while reducing expenses and increasing profits.

Here are 20 reasons to use video brochures:

  1. Reorder rates are extremely high from companies who use them for sales, marketing, recruiting, training, branding, motivating, fundraising, and sharing testimonials, which means they are successful.
  2. Recollection skyrockets in humans when there is a combination of audio and visual, which means viewers remember more of what they see and hear in videos than what they remember from motionless images and words (if they read them).
  3. MediaFast video brochures are reprogrammable with any Mac or PC, which means the video content can be updated at any time for any reason.
  4. The batteries are easily rechargeable just like cell phones and an internet connection is not necessary for video brochures to be watched anytime or anywhere.
  5. To experience a video brochure, all a recipient has to do is open it.
  6. They are not complicated digital devices and MediaFast video brochures don’t lock-up or have to be rebooted.
  7. They win “The War In Mailboxes” because recipients are more intrigued by them than other mail they receive.
  8. Analytics show recipients feel like they are novelties and not throwaway items like business cards or other forms of print advertising.
  9. Analytics show viewers regularly share them with co-workers and decision-makers.
  10. People actually keep them. What other form of advertising do people actually keep?
  11. The perceived value of companies who use video brochures increases among viewers.
  12. Salespeople feel more confident with an impressive tool like a MediaFast video brochure to share with prospective customers.
  13. Prospective customers can watch video brochures at any time and anywhere without a salesperson having to be present.
  14. They create the perfect way to secure a follow-up meeting because they have to be retrieved.
  15. QR codes can be placed on the packaging to draw more traffic to a website so advertisers have another opportunity to connect with potential customers.
  16. For the money, a customized MediaFast video brochure is more cost effective to create and distribute than other popular forms of advertising, training, recruiting, branding, or motivating.
  17. They are much less expensive than a TV commercial but engage all of the same senses.
  18. Companies can target specific audiences with video brochures.
  19. A video brochure enables advertisers to market products and services in more places at once without one of their representatives having to be present.
  20. Research indicates they create the best ROI.

MediaFast video brochures are your best option

With so many forms of advertising bombarding consumers on a regular basis, companies have to find ways to make themselves stand out. Video brochures are a fantastic way for a company to do that, and MediaFast makes them worth the money.

To learn more about how MediaFast can help your company, contact us today.

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