With the New Year gone and the months closing in quickly, it’s important to get a social media strategy in place if you don’t have one already. This allows you to focus your efforts and branding in a specific way to the correct impression is always conveyed to the public and potential customers.

Networking in person is still a great way to further your online networking, so try your best to attend conferences or events related to your industry when at all possible. Always treat people with respect and professionalism (regardless of whom they are or where you meet them) whilst trying to make the best use of existing relationships. There might be people who have hidden their identity with an avatar in social networks and through these events you get a chance to meet in person.

Measuring performance leads to improvement, so take the time to see what your brand presence is like on the various social media platforms. Taking not of how many fans, followers and comments you receive will allow you to monitor any increase and to make changes if things have become stagnant.

Whatever direction you decide to go in, be sure to have a structured plan of action on place that sums up who you are as an organization and presents you in your best light. Fans and followers turn in dollars eventually!