How To Make The Most Effective Marketing Video

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We often get asked questions like “How can I make the most effective marketing video for my Video Brochure?” To answer that, here is a proven strategy we find produces excellent results.

How To Make The Most Effective Marketing Video

Marketing videos that produce great profits are ones that show a target audience what they’ll gain by using whatever the advertiser is selling. For instance, let’s say your company sells investment services and the purpose of your video is to gain new clients. What will make the greatest impact is for viewers to feel how your company will make them more money than one of your competitors might make them. By accomplishing that, you’ll have a better chance of gaining them as clients.

With that said, here is the strategy we recommend:

  1. Identify your target audience. Describing a target audience as “everyone” is not ideal. Why? Because if the main message isn’t specific enough, the message runs the risk of not influencing anyone enough to make the impact you desire. Instead, it’s best to consider the age, gender, background, and interests of those you’ll target beforehand. Then produce content specifically directed at them.
  2. Keep the focus on what your target audience will gain. What consumers really want to know before making a purchase is how the product, service or opportunity will improve their lives if they buy it.
  3. Keep humor and silliness to a minimum. While most people appreciate humor, many are sensitive to different things. Because of it, showing personality without offending anyone generally helps a marketing video be more effective. Think of it this way: If you’re message offends or confuses someone, they more than likely will not become your client.
  4. Arouse emotions. One of the main reasons people love videos is because of how they make them feel. Aroused emotions also prompt consumers to respond. By combining images with sound, motion, non-verbal communication, and background music, emotions get aroused and help marketing videos perform better.
  5. Use animation for concepts that are difficult to explain. Animation has the ability to bend the laws of nature. Because of it, it can explain practically anything that might be too difficult to explain with words or real life images.

Why Video Marketing Products Produce Great Advantages

In the digital age we live in, people love videos. In addition to being appealing and efficient, they’re often entertaining and feel like they take less effort to watch than reading, especially for someone trying to learn information. That being said, in business, sometimes the most difficult challenge companies face is getting their target audience to watch theirs.

Fortunately, our Video Marketing Products provide a great way to overcome that challenge. Here is a video showing several of them in action:

As you could probably see, Video Marketing Products are practically like TV commercials companies can use to deliver their messages directly to their target audience. Fortunately, they cost much less. They’re also far more convenient for decision-makers to share with others who influence their decisions. Plus, return on investment with them is outstanding.

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