Preserving Priceless Family Reunion Moments

As much as you love your family, you probably don’t want your family reunion to last forever.  Talk about a living H-E-double-hockey-sticks.  But on the other hand, don’t you wish you could re-live some of the best moments?   

For instance, no doubt you got video footage of the time when impatient Uncle George shot the dry-ice bomb with his riffle, when the kids ate cupcakes spiked with salt, and when little cousin Anne swung so vigorously at the piñata that she nearly knocked herself (and a few others) out.

Or, if you’re a bit more sentimental, you might have shot video messages to family members that weren’t present, the family singing happy birthday to Grandma on her 90th birthday, and other precious moments.

And now that you’ve got all this great material, it’s time to share!  (Let’s be honest – we share mostly to embarrass and/or blackmail our relatives.  YES!)

Professional DVDs

Once you’ve put together a video/slideshow of the combined photos and videos shot by various family members (or one dedicated cameraman), send a copy over to Mediafast for fast and professional CD/DVD duplications.

We can also custom package your CD/DVDs and mail them wherever you need them to go.  That way, every family member will have a professionally made, personal copy of the memories that make your family truly unique.

More Possibilities

But of course, we can do so much more—the possibilities are endless when it comes to our CD/DVD duplication services.

For instance, you can stun your analog-aged relatives with professional DVD gifts that recap some of the family’s highlights over the past year.  It’s a great way to tune in to important family events that some family members missed, like graduations, weddings, championship games, vacations…

Preserve and share your family’s shining moments with top-quality, beautifully printed and packaged CD/DVDs from Mediafast!