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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for F&I Pro.

3 Reasons Mailing Video Brochures Works Great

Mailing Video Brochures (Video Mailers) to a target audience has proven to be a highly successful strategy for three reasons.

  1. Because the use of videos has proven to be an excellent marketing strategy.
  2. Because Video Mailers get a lot more attention than traditional sales tools and marketing materials.
  3. Because having the right prospects watch a company’s videos makes a huge impact on how well they perform.

For these three reasons, Video Mailers are hard to beat when it comes to engaging a target audience.

Why Engaging A Target Audience Is Important

Marketing is defined as the action of promoting and selling products, services and opportunities. For companies, the best chance to make sales tends to happen when consumers are in the process of making purchasing decisions. For this reason, it is important for companies to use effective marketing tactics to ensure their products, services or opportunities are memorable. Otherwise, they risk losing their best prospects to competitors who do a better job of marketing.

For example, the reason extremely successful companies like Gillette, State Farm, and T-Mobile continue to spend so much money on marketing is because they understand the importance of it. They know if they don’t promote themselves, even some of their most loyal customers will give into the temptation to try products and services sold by their competitors. However, by continuing to engage consumers through their marketing strategies, they keep their brand on the minds of their current customers and increase their chances of getting new ones.

On top of that, decision-makers often seek out videos to help them remain aware of the latest products, services, opportunities, and trends in their industries. Just like most people, they’d rather learn from watching videos than read text or listen to audio messages.

With this in mind, here is a list of reasons why Video Mailers perform so effectively:

  • They provide an impressive way for companies to distribute their Video Brochures, especially to prospects who are far away or hard to reach.
  • They allow companies to better control how their messages are presented.
  • When received, Video Mailers are practically impossible to ignore.
  • For most companies, one sale usually makes up for the $20 to $65 per unit it costs to purchase Video Brochures and/or Video Mailers.
  • Co-workers and decision-makers regularly share them with each other.
  • They are viewed as impressive, novel marketing pieces that rarely ever get thrown away like most other marketing materials.
  • Distributing Video Brochures and Video Mailers provides a perfect reason for salespeople to follow-up.
  • Videos are an extremely efficient way to deliver information and peak interest.
  • Recipients appreciate the convenience they provide since they do not require electricity or an internet connection.
  • Video Mailers and Video Brochures have proven to convert prospects into customers faster than most traditional sales strategies.

While there are other reasons why Video Mailers are such a great investment, it’s hard to think of any other marketing materials that can do so much. When it comes to engaging a target audience, they’re definitely hard to beat.

Marketing With Video Mailers Is Easy

Videos grab attention, peak curiosity, and make messages more memorable. They’re also most people’s preferred method for learning, and many companies say they receive better ROI when videos are included in their marketing strategies.

For companies who understand the importance of marketing, having cutting-edge video marketing products like Video Mailers to send to their most likely customers can help produce great profits. It can also boost moral within companies and increase employee retention because in some ways, Video Brochures and Video Mailers make people’s jobs easier.

To learn more about video mailers or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today!

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