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4 Great Ways To Boost Sales With Video Marketing

It’s no secret video marketing is a powerful tool. No matter what kind of business you’re in, chances are harnessing the power of video can make a major impact on your company.

With that in mind, here are 4 great ways to boost sales using video marketing.

4 great ways to boost sales using video marketing

FIRST, you have to have a specific message. The more specific you make your message, the better.

For example, this blog is titled “4 Great Ways To Boost Sales With Video Marketing”. That title is pretty specific and should resonate with the readers of this post. However, had we titled it “Why Video Marketing Is Amazing” or “Why Video Marketing Is Valuable”, it probably wouldn’t resonate with anyone very much. To make your message specific, be sure to make your title and content as specific as possible.

SECOND, the best way to increase sales is to provide value to potential buyers.

With that in mind, use your video to teach something with short lessons or tips. They’re perfect to accomplish this concept, and they can provide real concrete value. While doing this, invite viewers to dive deeper into what you’re teaching by downloading a webinar or E-Book or by scheduling a phone call or video chat.

THIRD, increase sales by generating leads.

To generate leads, you have to have a call to action in your video. Use a tool like VdoCipher, Streamhash, or Vzaar to make this super easy with forms where viewers can enter their email address right on the screen while watching your video. Or, you can require viewers to enter their email address before they can watch your video. Digital tools for this purpose can even connect to your marketing software or CRM and record the leads you receive right into your system.

FOURTH, make it fun. A boring sales video isn’t going to accomplish much for your company. According to research, approximately ten seconds is all you have before someone clicks away from your video. To retain viewers, grab their attention with something out of the ordinary. If you’re going to go through the effort anyway, why not make your video unique and captivating? Anyone can copy a competitor, but only you can infuse your own brand through your videos.

In summary, 4 great ways to boost sales with video marketing are to have a specific message, provide immense value, generate leads, and have fun.

MediaFast video marketing products boost sales

With the increased number of videos being used today, video marketing is an excellent way to boost sales. Also, videos are highly effective at impressing prospects because they engage more senses and arouse more emotions.

Videos improve open and response rates for email campaigns, social media posts, PPC campaigns, and almost all other forms of marketing. They also increase sales, improve brand awareness, outperform SEO, and will never be affected by email filters. In fact, more than half of people who watch videos about products or services they are considering buying share them with other decision makers. That just doesn’t happen with other forms of marketing.

With that said, the quality of MediaFast video marketing products is virtually impossible to beat. We understand video marketing is an outstanding way to get the attention of potential clients, and we combine our extensive experience with excellent resources to help our customers receive the best video marketing products available.

It is our belief that compromising quality isn’t worth the risk of a client having a bad experience. Because of that, we only use brand new, Grade A components instead of recycled or refurbished components to ensure excellent performance and customer satisfaction.

To learn more about video marketing or the video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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