4 Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing Still Works

Even though doing everything online is all the rage right now, direct mail is not a dead art.  Just because a glowing screen is, well, more glowing, it doesn’t mean that glow will last in the eye of your customer.  You don’t want to knock old school systems that still work.  Here are four reasons why you should think about direct mail marketing!


Strangely enough, sending physical mail is actually cheaper than e-mail campaigns in terms of pay-per lead (not to mention all other pay-per lead forms of marketing)!


More people are more inclined to read/skim physical mail than e-mail junk mail.  This makes sense.  The sheer volume of unwanted e-mails makes e-mail campaigns overwhelming.  On the other hand, because so many companies are replacing direct mail with e-mail campaigns, physical mail clutter has decreased making direct mail promotions less bothersome and obnoxious.

Better Mailing Lists

Another reason direct mail is so cost-effective is because they have reliable mailing lists.  E-mails are made and discarded, no one the wiser.  Fake e-mails are also commonly used to avoid spam, creating unreliable e-mail lists.  Physical addresses, on the other hand, are much more reliable, causing a higher percentage of mail to reach its recipient.


Another plus to direct mail is that it can be diverse.  You can send postcards, letters, flyers, even DVDs like Mediafast’s Quick Mailers.  These are engaging products which can also be integrated with online campaigns by simply including a web address.

If you are looking for a way to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, you’ll want to try direct mail marketing!