4 Reasons Why We Love Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing has been a tried and tested successly for thousands of businesses over the years, and it is still very much relevant and useful today.  With the creation of the DVD mailer, we are now able to reach consumers in a way that had never before been possible.  Below we have created a list of 4 reasons why we LOVE DVD mailers and give some advice on how to best utilize them…


1. Direct Mail DVDs Stand Out! When someone receives a DVD mailer through the post, it immediately has the ability to break through the clutter of other ad messages. It has a high-perceived value and stands out because it generates recipient curiosity.  People want to know what’s on this disk that has been sent to them and are much less likely to through it away because it isn’t seen as disposable, unlike paper products.


2. Its Captivating & Memorable! Messages delivered via sight, sound and motion have proven to be more memorable that text or audio alone. Studies show that about 83% of human learning occurs visually and that 64% of people will watch a video with at least one other person, often times many more.  Think of the reach that you are having without going to the expense of TV commercials, which can also get lost in a wealth of other advertisements.  Add to this the fact that three days after a presentation people generally retain 65% of what they see and hear, and there is no reason to ever rely on plain old text again.


3. It’s Affordable & Durable! DVD mailers usually start at just over a dollar apiece and usually mail at first class letter or bulk rates. Only use DVD mailers that are USPS approved to mail meet automation requirements.  Packaging is important and that’s why we have created a design that secures the disc tightly within the sleeve, and is then carefully sealed. We have successfully mailed millions of pieces this way and have managed to keep damage rates under 2%!  When you are talking to direct mailer providers, be sure to ask about damage rates, as you don’t want to waste money on products that will arrive to your target audience broken.


4. It Provides Results! Direct Mailer DVDs can produce Contributions 5, 10 or 20 times more than customers have experienced before. It can easily inform potential voters/prospects by cutting through the clutter and provide a succinct message via sight, sound and motion.  It is also easy to target specific prospects using this method, which will save on waste and costs.


So there you have it, 4 reasons why we love direct mail marketing, especially using DVD mailers! If you think that this sounds like a great idea for your business, organization or campaign, then give us a call!