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This is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen made by MediaFast for CoverGirl.

5 Benefits of Point Of Purchase Displays With Videos

One of the greatest benefits of using Point of Purchase Displays with videos is they improve customer retention. Why? Because videos grab and hold people’s attention. Plus, when people are amused, they tend to stay in places longer. And, videos have the ability to explain products, services and opportunities better than most other forms of communication, even some store employees.

5 Advantages POP Displays With Videos Produce

Technology has enabled videos to enhance our world in many ways. Having them included in Point of Purchase Displays is just one of several enhancements they’ve made in retail sales.

With that said, here are some benefits Point of Purchase Displays with videos provide:

  1. POP Displays with videos amuse shoppers. Retail visits are often intended to be quick. In most cases, shoppers routinely pick the same items they’ve been buying for years. However, research has shown that consumers become inspired to stay in stores longer when they include videos. That enables retailers to sell more products to them, and because they’re enjoying themselves, they’re more likely to return.
  2. They increase attention on products. Simply stated, Point of Purchase Displays increase the amount of attention products receive. For retailers who are concerned that their product won’t stand out enough, this is an excellent way to prevent that from happening. Even dedicated buyers of specific brands can be influenced to try something new when it’s highlighted in a POP Display. Moreover, using videos in them will increase the chances of that happening.
  3. They reduce the responsibilities of salespeople. Videos from manufacturers that explain products and services allow employees to focus more on other tasks. For consumers, those videos often do a better job of explaining the pros and cons to using them. Plus, they instill more confidence.
  4. POP Displays placed near check-out locations prompt shoppers to make impulse purchases. Check-out stations are where consumers spend a lot of time. In those moments, they’re normally past the point of rushing through a store while trying to find everything they intended to buy. More than anything, they’re just ready to pay so they can leave. While waiting, they naturally have time to look at and consider buying other products, and that’s when revenue-building impulse purchases frequently occur.
  5. They remind shoppers of things they might be forgetting. One of the greatest benefits of POP Displays is that they constantly remind shoppers of things they want or need. In many cases, if it wasn’t for the reminder, they would completely forget until they left the store.

Get A Top-Notch POP Display With A Video From MediaFast

POP Displays with videos amuse consumers and improve shopping experiences. In retail settings, there are ideal opportunities for retailers to engage shoppers in ways that add value and prompt them to buy specific products and/or spend more money. What Point of Purchase Displays with videos do is give them a chance to do so without being annoying. Instead, they’re modern, appealing, and extremely helpful.

At MediaFast, we completely understand how a well designed, attention-grabbing POP Display will boost revenue for store owners. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we only use brand new, Grade A components in everything we sell. That helps us ensure the best quality, and it makes our products exceptionally reliable.

To buy a Point of Purchase Display with a video so your store can benefit from improved customer retention, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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