5 Benefits of Publishing Your Catalog in CD Form

Catalogs are a great way to let your customers know about new products and exciting developments with your business. In fact, companies have been shipping out catalogs since the 1800s, starting with Montgomery Ward.

While advancements in printing technology enabled the first catalogs to be distributed on a mass scale, modern digital technology offers many exciting possibilities for your company’s catalog. Here are 5 benefits of publishing your next catalog in CD form:

Reduce paper waste

The traditional paper catalogs have been a big contributor to paper waste over the years. With a CD catalog, you can give your customers the information they crave in a small, environmentally friendly package.

Save on paper and printing costs

Paper catalogs aren’t just wasteful; they’re also extremely costly. When you factor in the price of paper, ink, and other printing costs, publishing a traditional paper catalog can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

When you publish your catalog in CD form, however, publishing costs can be reduced to a fraction of what you’d be spending on paper.

Save time

With CD catalogs, you save time on every step of the process, from the planning stages to the final edits. Paper catalogs take extra time to format, print, and bind. With a digital catalog, you can take care of everything using convenient templates and easy-to-use software.

Stay current

Since CD catalogs can be sent out much faster than paper catalogs, you’ll be able to keep your customers informed on the latest happenings of your business. You can advertise and market new products faster, making even more money for your company.

Maintain visual appeal with unique packaging

With a CD catalog, you don’t have to sacrifice the visual appeal of a traditional catalog. With many packaging options, including customized booklets and inserts, your customers will still get a visually appealing packet that they can hold in their hands.

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