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5 Great Profit Making Sales Tools

Sales tools can make all the difference in how many sales are made. Sometimes they improve the initial presentation of products or services enough to cause a prospect to accept a proposal. At other times they might make the key difference in how well a product or service is explained. And at other times, they might make salespeople more effective with someone between them and a decision-maker.

Regardless of what they do or how they do it, sales tools can make a huge difference in the number of sales a person makes.

With that in mind, here are five great profit making sales tools.

5 Great Profit Making Sales Tools

  1. Videos – From grabbing more attention to building stronger relationships, videos definitely have a major impact in sales for all the right reasons. When used in sales tactics, companies have learned videos get higher response rates. They also inspire more action in viewers and reach higher level executives who tend to make the most decisions. To learn more about how videos impact sales, click this link: The Best Sales Technique – Use Videos
  2. Video Brochures – This sales tool is super popular and extraordinarily effective. Its popularity and effectiveness is a result of its simple, engaging, and interactive interface that compels viewers to watch its contents over and over again, and usually with others. For sales, fundraising, educating, training, recruiting, branding and many other purposes, video brochures are ideal. They are easy to distribute to targeted recipients, and often give companies an edge over their competitors. To learn more about how video brochures impact sales, click this link: Video Brochures – The Best Sales Tools
  3. Video Mailer – When recipients receive a video mailer, they usually feel like they’ve just been given a gift. This state-of-the-art marketing and sales tool is hard to ignore, and from the moment it arrives, it begs to be opened. Additionally, it enhances the already impressive open and response rate of video brochures and returns excellent ROI. To learn more about how video mailers impact sales, click this link: Video Mailers – Best Way To Send Video Brochures
  4. Video Box – This sales tool can also be referred to as a video gift box, a video sample box, a video player box, a video box mailer or a screen-in box. It is almost unbeatable for sending product samples with videos to explain them, and companies can practically feel guaranteed their prospects will be enamored immediately with the contents. To learn more about how a video box impacts sales, click this link: Video Box
  5. MediaBük – For some companies to use video brochures, there are two big challenges. First, video brochures are expensive unless ordered in large quantities. Second, it takes approximately two weeks to receive them after they’re ordered because they are manufactured in China. To overcome these challenges, MediaFast invented MediaBük. MediaBüks are customized after they are received, which means they are ready to ship sooner. Also, since they are shipped from within the United States, they are delivered much quicker. Simply put, a MediaBük is a customizable video brochure people can purchase in ANY quantity and receive in only a few days. To learn more about how MediaBük impacts sales, click this link:

Don’t Miss The Wave With Videos and Video Marketing

People love videos, and companies are profiting more from them now than anything else in marketing. Be sure your company doesn’t miss the wave.

At a time when attention spans might be shorter than ever, videos seem to capture and hold attention longer than just about anything else. Most employees don’t want to sit through long presentations, and most customers would rather not read through pages of information about the history and qualifications of companies or the intricacies of their products or services.

By using short, scripted, edited videos presented in various types of video marketing media, smart companies are making sure their associates and potential customers are adequately informed about who they are and what they have to offer.

For companies, videos can serve multiple purposes. They permit them to communicate information more effectively, efficiently, and consistently to customers and/or associates. In just 3 to 5 minutes of video, they can usually communicate all the benefits of a particular product or service, highlight the qualifications and accomplishments of their company, hold the attention of their viewers much longer, and save everyone involved a lot of time.

Also, companies who utilize videos enjoy higher open and response rates for their proposals, bids, email campaigns and various presentations. In addition, they enjoy the benefits of standing out from their competitors who don’t use videos as well or as much.

To learn more about these five great profit making sales tools, contact us today.

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