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5 Great Ways To Motivate Your Sales Team

It can definitely be a challenge, but finding ways to motivate your sales team is a rewarding best practice. With that in mind, here are five solutions we’ve seen work well for companies with whom we’ve done business.

5 great ways to motivate your sales team:

  1. Supply them with video brochures. Video brochures help salespeople overcome some of the biggest obstacles in sales. They peak interest, capture attention, and attract decision makers. They also help guarantee follow-up appointments, make salespeople more confident, perform like superstars when presenting the company brand, and sometimes even make sales themselves. Our digital marketing products have helped many companies make more sales.
  2. Reward them with bonus money even for being told “no”. It is common for contests to be held between individuals and sales teams to reward those who produce the most, but here’s a new idea: Try a contest that rewards whoever tries the hardest. For example, Dan McGraw, founder and CEO of Fuelzee, said one of the best ways his company learned about motivation was by rewarding their salespeople for being told “no”. Every time one of their salespeople was told “no”, they tracked it in their system, and the person with the most no’s received a $100 gift card every week. It might sound crazy, but salespeople get told “no” a lot more than “yes” when selling. The more times they get told “no”, the closer they are getting to a “yes”. The reward for getting a “yes” is usually much larger than $100, and the result was that it nearly doubled their sales calls and successfully motivated their entire sales team.
  3. Reward them with perks. Some salespeople feel more motivated by an opportunity to have some fun during work hours. The prizes could be a chance to leave work early, attend a happy hour or event, win a trip, win a shopping spree, or win items like massaging chairs, beanbags, stand-up desk converters, cube art, or a pingpong table for the whole office.
  4. Reward them with career experiences. Fun and financial rewards often work, but for some, the ultimate reward is the chance to get ahead in their career. Prizes that help salespeople develop skills to improve themselves, such as time with leaders, can be highly motivational. A sales contest where the prize is working hand in hand with a leader who has been successful in the same field can be a great long term reward. On the other hand, lunch with a high-level executive could feel like a special reward. Many reps would enjoy one-on-one time with a high-level executive to share their thoughts or perhaps get an inside look into the company. The chance to impress or relate more to an individual could pay dividends for everyone.
  5. Build trust with the entire sales team. Trust is the foundation of motivation. If your team doesn’t trust you and doesn’t believe you are concerned with their best interests, it might be difficult for them to feel highly motivated at work. Leaders should create trust and then maintain it by engaging each member of their team in a consistent, nurturing fashion. To feel highly motivated, salespeople need to feel cared about, understood, and believe their leaders are interested in the overall success of their salespeople. By being honest, transparent, and caring with every member of your team, you can build trust and maintain an environment where motivation thrives.

MediaFast digital products are wise investments

Companies around the world are finding that video brochures create the best ROI, and they’ve proven to make even average salespeople great. For more about video brochures, here are 25 reasons video brochures increase sales.

To increase motivation within a sales team, using any of the 5 strategies above should work well. We enjoy hearing success stories, and companies who have used MediaFast video brochures as part of their sales strategies have reported great success.

To learn more about what we can do to help your company, contact us today.

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