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This is a group of MediaFast USB flash drives.

5 Helpful Tips For Users Of USB Flash Drives

Since the Cloud isn’t accessible without an internet connection, USB flash drives are still awesome for many purposes. Because of how useful and valuable they are, we decided to share the following.

Unlike a standard hard drive, USB flash drives provide users with much more convenience due to their portability. Because of this, many people prefer to store data they use frequently in USB flash drives as opposed to other storage options. However, USB flash drives are vulnerable since they can be overused or damaged unconsciously by extreme temperatures, physical faults, or other factors.

Due to those reasons, USB flash drives are best for short term data storage or data transferring unless they are always kept in a secure place. For long term data storage or data backups, external hard drives are probably a better option.

5 Helpful Tips For Those Who Use USB Flash Drives

  1. Beware of a spark when inserting USB flash drives. Hopefully you’ve never had a spark when connecting a USB flash drive into a USB port. A spark is an electrostatic discharge that could happen when a USB flash drive is connected to a computer. Since it can fry both the computer hardware as well as the USB flash drive and cause irreversible damage and data loss, please carefully connect them.
  2. Remove USB flash drives carefully at the right times. In addition to being carefully connected, USB flash drives should also be carefully removed at the right times. Do not unplug them when data is still being accessed and/or transferred. It will lead to data loss and accelerate drive degradation.
  3. Be careful not to drop USB flash drives. Obviously, dropping a USB flash drive can cause physical damage. A great way to avoid dropping a USB flash drive is to keep it attached to a lanyard or key ring, which should keep it more safe.
  4. Put a cap on USB flash drives when not in use. For their protection, USB flash drives often come with a cap. A cap can prevent debris from getting into a USB flash drive and keep it more clean. A good habit is to use a cap at all times when a USB flash drive is not plugged into a computer.
  5. Do not defragment USB flash drives. Defragmentation can improve the performance of a hard drive, but it is useless on USB flash drives. All it will do is speed up the degradation of the unit, and it is completely unnecessary.

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