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This is a MediaFast USB flash drive.

5 Ideal Ways To Use USB Flash Drives

Even with the invention of the Cloud, USB flash drives are still very useful. They make great giveaways for events, such as orientations and conferences, and can be beneficial to anyone who uses a computer.

Giving away USB flash drives is a fun way to get people interested in what you have to offer while they anticipate what you’ve loaded onto them. It also allows them to have the flash drive for their own personal use. Furthermore, if you have USB flash drives custom made with your company brand, recipients will invariably remember your company when they’re in the market to buy whatever you sell.

Here are 5 ideal ways to use USB flash drives

1. If you are speaking at an event, putting a copy of your presentation on a USB drive is the perfect way to enable the audience to look back on your presentation. It creates the opportunity for your presentation to be referenced again in the future, and it also creates the opportunity for it to be shared with others who may not have been able to attend your original presentation.

2. Create a digital copy of your resume, business card, website link and work samples. Making your portfolio and contact information digital in a USB flash drive allows your information to be easily accessible while still allowing you to give out a physical item to help recipients remember you. This will take your networking to a new level while helping you create a great impression that sticks.

3. Take USB flash drives to your next trade show, expo or conference and pre-load them with a printable digital coupon. This is a great way to get leads and move interested prospects further down a sales funnel. While it may be easy for paper coupons to get lost among other papers at events, having a digital coupon stored on a USB flash drive is a great way to ensure your coupon remains with those who receive your flash drive.

4. Give out USB flash drives as a way to sincerely thank those who attend an event where you are featured. You can load your custom USB flash drives with a thank you letter, notes, video, music, images, offers or other information for recipients to view whenever convenient for them later. This will help reinforce a positive image and make your company brand more memorable.

5. Load USB flash drives with industry information and pass them out to associated recipients. This is a great strategy for trade shows, financial conferences, medical conferences, athletic conferences and more. When dealing with potential customers who may be new to your industry, it is common for them to be unaware of helpful information. Giving them useful information such as statistics, history, facts, and keywords in a USB flash drive is a great way to show them you can be an excellent resource and help them make good buying decisions.

We can customize USB flash drives for your company

At MediaFast, we offer affordable USB flash drives to meet various needs and most budgets. We only use brand new, Grade A components, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. If given the chance, we would love to make custom USB flash drives for your company.

In today’s digital world, companies use USB flash drives for marketing, data storage, and many other purposes instead of relying so much on printed materials. By using USB flash drives, companies and individuals often enjoy a boost in efficiency, image, and exposure.

To learn more about how we can help you acquire the best USB flash drives or other digital marketing products, contact us today.

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