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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Epicmd.

8 Great Sales Practices With Video Brochures

I’m sure by now you’ve heard how great video brochures are as sales tools. With cutting-edge technology and flashy appeal, they have noticeably impacted the way companies market themselves and their products.

Sales is a lucrative profession. Great salespeople profit immensely from their skills and companies are constantly searching for them. One significant benefit of using video brochures as part of your sales strategy is they often make average salespeople great.

My first experience with a video brochure

My wife and I own a print advertising company and haven’t done much with digital advertising. A few years ago, I experienced a video brochure for the first time. By “experienced a video brochure”, I mean it was the first time I ever held a product about the size of a normal brochure in my hands that, when I opened it, played a video instead of displaying images and words I had to read to get the message. I was literally holding what felt like a TV commercial in my hands.

The emotions I felt as I watched the video repeatedly were similar to the feelings I get when watching sports highlights or a really good TV commercial. I was blown away!

I’ve held hundreds of pamphlets, flyers, postcards, greeting cards, invitations, and brochures throughout my life, but never before has one kept my attention and entertained me so much.

8 great sales practices

By combining video brochures with the following 8 great sales practices, any salesperson can improve their success rates.

1. Always be honest.  Most people won’t buy from someone they feel they cannot trust. Trust can be lost faster than gained, and a definite way to fail as a salesperson is to be dishonest. When dishonesty enters a relationship the end is near.

2. Increase self-awareness.  Understand how your personality affects others. Become adept at reading other people’s personalities so it will help you adjust yours in an effort to make them more comfortable.

3. Listen, listen, listen.  Listening skills can dramatically affect success. To be a great listener, it takes concentration, patience, respect, hard work and an intellectual and emotional effort. The reward is that it pays well. In conversations, what most people want is to be understood and acknowledged rather than to listen to someone else talk too much.

4. Understand people’s fears.  Fear is an emotional response that can prevent a sale from taking place. By understanding people’s fears, it will help you address and alleviate their concerns.

5. Focus on customer’s needs.  When potential buyers understand they need what you are selling, the chances of you making a sale increase. When they believe you understand their needs, the chances of you making a sale increase even more. Unfortunately, salespeople often talk too much about themselves and their company. What consumers really want is to buy products or services that satisfy their needs from people they feel good about.

6. Repeat, repeat, repeat.  Psychological studies have shown people trust a concept or strategy more after they’ve heard it at least three times. Also, people only remember about 10% of what they hear. Without being redundant, a successful practice is to introduce an important point at the beginning of a sales presentation, explain it more in depth during the middle of the conversation, and then reinforce it at the end. By harmoniously repeating important points in a tactful way, your important points will be remembered.

7. Always reflect positive energy.  Sometimes this may be difficult, but positive people are usually liked more by others. What pays off really well is to always be nice, kind and show appreciation for others. Being negative can be terribly expensive. Keep this quote in mind: People may not remember what you say or do, but they will never forget how you make them feel.”

8. Make your processes easy on customers.  Sometimes life is hard. So is business. Companies who have easy processes are sometimes rewarded with loyalty and repeat business. However, when purchasing processes are difficult, people often purchase from others.

MediaFast video brochures ease the sales process

Video brochures energize salespeople and make the sales process less intimidating. Knowing they can leave an impressive piece of technology with a prospective client when trying to make a sale takes pressure off of them.

Additionally, the prospective client usually appreciates the convenience a video brochure creates, and when they do watch it, they’ll be engaged and retain more of the message. Recollection skyrockets in humans when there is a combination of audio and visual. Normal forms of print advertising and audio messages do not make such a profound impact.

Also, from a sales perspective, a video brochure gives a company a way to sell without a salesperson having to remain involved throughout the sales process. The video can motivate a customer to buy, or it can create enough interest to help them advance further down a sales funnel. In fact, a customer may be more comfortable going down that path.

Get the best video brochures from MediaFast

By purchasing video brochures from MediaFast, companies gain the best sales tools available to engage their most likely customers.

We’ve watched video brochures become the best video sales tools for many companies, and those companies firmly believe they are worth every penny. Statistics indicate they create the best return on investment, and we highly recommend them for use in many ways.

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