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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Emerson.

8 Ideal Ways To Use Video Brochures

Video brochures are being used in many ways to accomplish excellent results for companies. While this list could be much longer, here are 8 ideal ways to use them.

8 Ideal Ways To Use Video Brochures

1. Recruiting: Finding effective ways to engage top prospects can be challenging. The competition to win their services, or even to get their attention in the first place, can sometimes feel insurmountable. Companies have found one highly effective way to overcome barriers and actually communicate with top prospects is to use video brochures. Video brochures are attention grabbing devices that feel like novelty items to recipients. They’re cool, interesting, and excellent for sharing video messages with viewers.

2. Selling: Video brochures are perfect for sales because they peak interest and capture attention. They also increase the perceived value of companies who use them, which also makes their products or services look better as well. They attract decision makers, make average salespeople great, and often shorten the sales process.

3. Exhibition stands at fairs or conventions: Setting up and handling all of the traffic around an exhibition stand can be difficult. In addition to including all of the necessary product samples and demos, it may not even be possible to have a conversation with everyone who stops by. One way to dramatically increase the number of people who get to experience an engaging sales pitch is to use video brochures. Video brochures will allow them to read the printed content while also watching and listening to a company video helping them feel increasingly interested and impressed. Afterwards, whether they want to talk to you at that time or not, you can rest assured your company video did some great work for you, especially if you let your video be the star.

4. Marketing: What’s as good as a TV commercial but much less expensive? Video brochures are. They are outstanding at making company messages extraordinary and unforgettable, and they’ve become superstars in the marketing world.

5. Creating new business from existing clients: Emails, phone calls and face-to-face visits are often good ways to stay in touch, but some customer bases are huge and those strategies may not be good enough to create new business with them. An excellent way to remain on their radar while also impressing and maybe even entertaining them is to show them your awesome video brochure. Good feelings will result, and you’ll be in position to benefit.

6. Launching new products or services: There aren’t many better ways to impress targeted prospects and potential customers than using video brochures. People prefer watching videos much more than looking at and reading traditional brochures, and videos have practically become must-haves in advertising and marketing.

7. Fundraising: People feel inspired to give when they feel connected to a cause. Videos are proven to enhance storytelling and connect with people emotionally, and video brochures provide an ideal platform for storytelling.

8. Training: Companies often need to train groups of people but sometimes find it inconvenient to get them all together. To avoid lost time and travel expenses, video brochures provide an excellent solution. Also, video training is sometimes more effective than live training because presenters and receivers are not always at their best.

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