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This is a group of MediaFast USB flash drives for the purpose of showing examples.

8 Lesser Known Ways To Use USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives can do more than just store and transfer digital files. If fact, they are much more versatile than you might think.

Whether you are new to computers or a techno geek, these 8 lesser known ways to use USB flash drives might surprise you.

8 Lesser Known Ways To Use USB Flash Drives

  1. A USB flash drive can be used to lock and unlock your computer. This can be a more secure way to protect the contents on your computer, and you might feel really cool doing it. There is a program called Predator, which is free from Windows, and it allows users to use a USB flash drive like a key. When the USB flash drive is removed, the computer becomes locked.
  2. A USB flash drive can be used to remove a virus from a computer. By using free AVG rescue software that can be loaded onto a USB, you can remove a virus infected computer and hopefully bring it back to life.
  3. A USB flash drive can be used to access portable games. USB flash drives are small and can be taken practically anywhere. As long as there is a port to plug in your USB, you can access and play your games.
  4. A USB flash drive can be used to run software programs. You may not be able to take your personal computer everywhere, but you might have access to a different computer. If so, you can plug in your USB flash drive and access the programs you need.
  5. A USB flash drive can be used to run apps. The need arises from time to time to use apps you may not be able to access on the digital devices available to you at any given time. However, you can store apps, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Reader, Office 365, YouTube, and others on your USB.
  6. A USB flash drive can be used to share a private video. Often videos get shared online or in emails, but sometimes the participants want them to remain private. Instead of putting them on the internet, it can be more safe to encrypt a USB flash drive and share them that way.
  7. A USB flash drive can be used to store private information. Privacy and security is a hot topic these days and people have to be careful with their personal files and private information like passwords and logins. Because USB flash drives are portable and have huge data capacities, they can be used to store a lot of private information. Also, there are many ways to encrypt data, making it even more secure.
  8. A USB flash drive can be used as an awesome last-minute gift. Procrastinators might really appreciate this idea. USB flash drives are inexpensive and can quickly be loaded with entertaining or useful information, or they can be given without any information on them at all. Tech savvy people love them, and sometimes it’s the thought that counts more than anything.

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