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This is a generic MediaFast video box for the purpose of showing an example.

A Custom Video Box Can Help You Land New Clients

As a business owner or someone in charge of marketing, have you ever wondered if there is a better way to land new clients? Maybe sometimes you try thinking outside the box, but in this case a great answer might be to think of the box itself — as in a custom video box.

Sometimes the magic is all in the presentation

In this day and age, using a creative way to get the attention of the “right” people is critical. Keeping it is another challenge altogether. Essentially, people aren’t bored nearly as often as they used to be and impressing them is even more difficult now because of how much more technology, information, and ideas they see. With all of this in mind, sometimes the magic of getting noticed truly is all in the presentation.

What a video box allows companies to do is present samples, gifts, and marketing materials along with a video to prospective customers in a modern, intriguing, and classy way. It also helps them take advantage of the power of videos, which have proven to be more interesting to decision-makers and often are the best way to reach them.

Use a custom Video Box to land new clients

As stated in its name, a video box includes a video. By combining sound and motion with visual content, videos make messages more interesting and memorable. Studies have proven people believe companies who use videos understand better how to connect with them, and 90% of consumers say videos strongly affect their purchasing decisions. If they can’t find them from companies they want to buy from, they normally seek to find videos from other companies and then buy from them instead.

By including videos with product samples or gifts, there aren’t many better ways for companies to impress prospects with what they have to offer. Such a combination can be highly influential, and the worst case scenario might be that it will create enough interest to open the door for a face to face meeting or at least further discussion. If you are reading this and sometimes find yourself struggling to get meetings with hard to reach prospects, a custom video box might be the solution to your struggles.

Essentially, when recipients receive a video box, they practically feel like they’ve just received a gift. They’re touched that someone thought highly enough of them to send such an impressive piece of technology, and resisting the urge to open it right away feels virtually impossible. Then, based on what we’ve been told by our customers, recipients share them almost immediately with co-workers and other decision-makers. Then they respond to set up a meeting or open negotiations, and new clients are gained.

Get the best marketing products from MediaFast

At MediaFast, we understand the importance of marketing. We also understand how important it is for companies to spend their marketing dollars wisely on strategies that work.

When companies hire us, we help them brainstorm, envision, script, and design the best marketing products they can find anywhere because we only work with the best suppliers. We also only produce concepts we believe will be successful. Our extensive experience gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors, and our decision to only use brand new, Grade A components ensures our products give our customers the best quality and reliability.

To learn more about a custom video box or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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