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This is a MediaFast video box for Indoggo Gin.

A Custom Video Box Will Boost Sales Of Health And Beauty Products

From experience, we’ve seen that a custom Video Box will boost sales of health and beauty products. In fact, this marketing product will boost sales of practically anything it gets used to promote. Why? Partly because recipients are blown-away by them… Then they can’t resist showing them to others who influence their decisions… And, to make an even greater impact, the samples that get included benefit from a higher perceived value. As a result, responses come flying in and sales skyrocket.

Case Study: How A Video Box Helped Fenty Launch Their New Health and Beauty Products

Fenty was launched by Rihanna after she spent years experimenting with the best-of-the-best in the beauty product industry. Still seeing a void, she launched Fenty with a focus on a wide range of traditionally hard-to-match skin tones, creating formulas that work for all skin types, and pinpointing universal shades.

Most importantly, Rihanna says she creates makeup to inspire. “Makeup is there for you to have fun with,” she says. “It should never feel like pressure. It should never feel like a uniform. Feel free to take chances, and take risks, and dare to do something new or different.”

With a goal to enhance the presentation of the new makeup line when it was launched, her marketing department worked with us to create a state-of-the-art Video Box. Then they had them delivered to A list celebrities and influencers, and the recipients “went crazy”. Influencers even created “unboxing” videos showing how impressive they were, and several of the videos went viral on social media, which created amazing product buzz!

Effectively, this cosmetic Video Box was the first of its kind in 2018, and since then video-integrated product boxes have become a highly successful “go-to” for companies in many industries.

Custom Video Boxes In Action

I realize that if I’m going to sing the praises of videos so much, I should actually include one with all of this written content. So, here you go. Here are some custom Video Boxes in action:

Why Videos Are Ideal For Boosting Sales

Videos have been a difference-maker in sales for many years now. They’re so effective because of how well they connect with viewers. They also say and show a ton of information in a short period of time, which makes them efficient. And, since people generally don’t read as much anymore, they’ve become the most preferred method for consuming information.

What also contributes to their effectiveness is that they offer immediate satisfaction. Consumers want information they can consume quickly, and videos satisfy that desire. For instance, someone can watch a video for 20 seconds and learn as much about a person, place or thing — like health and beauty products — in substantially less time than it would take them to read the same information.

At the same time, videos escalate trust — it’s simply easier for consumers to believe what they see and hear than it is to believe what they only read. As a result, calls-to-action get responded to more often and buying decisions become easier to make after watching them.

Targeted Prospects Actually Enjoy Receiving Video Boxes

Other than ones with videos, can you think of any sales or marketing media that prospective buyers actually enjoy receiving? For example… Business cards? Flyers? Pamphlets? Traditional brochures? Postcards? Or advertising magazines?

While I realize there may be exceptions once in a while, that’s only once in a while. For the most part, consumers tend to discard all of those items fairly quickly, which is unfortunate for the companies who spend money on them. At the same time, I will admit, they’re not all garbage and sometimes they actually produce decent return on investment. Just not as good as marketing media with videos produce.

Without a doubt, video content has become king of the marketing world. According to HubSpot, marketers feel more excited than ever about the return on investment it produces as it continues to strongly influence traffic, leads, sales, and audience understanding.

With that said, when companies send a Video Box to targeted prospects, they’re effectively taking advantage of one of the few ways to practically ensure targeted prospects watch a video intended for them. And what’s even better is they usually enjoy it.

Make A Powerful Presentation With Samples and Gifts

In sales and marketing, the way things get presented is a key to success. It’s why almost every actor in commercials is attractive. It’s also why most award ceremonies include people dressed to the 9s and why video clips of action, adventure, and romance are used in commercials promoting those types of movies.

When it comes to sales, the same concept it true. Marketing messages that arouse emotions in support of whatever they’re selling produce powerful presentations. Consumers are impacted by them, and using videos is one of the most effective ways to arouse emotions. Giving gifts, and sometimes samples, is another excellent way to arouse emotions.

With respect to Video Boxes, many of our customers rave about them. Most who use them reorder regularly as well. They simply work too good for them not to continue using them as one of their main marketing strategies.

And finally, at MediaFast, we understand how important it is for companies to spend their marketing dollars wisely on strategies that work, like Video Boxes. We only use brand new, Grade A components to make them, which helps to ensure the best quality. It also means we should continue hearing comments from prospective customers like this: “I got a free sample from a few other companies, but yours are by far and away the best. The other companies aren’t even close.”

After reading this, if you’d like to purchase Video Boxes so your company can benefit from how well they sell products and services, or to receive a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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