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A Custom Video Will Work Best In A Video Box

When using a Video Box to send samples or gifts, including a custom video usually works better than a video mass produced for a wide variety of consumer profiles. That way, recipients feel a better connection to the sender, and the amount of gratitude they feel naturally tends to be higher as well.

Why A Custom Video Will Work Best In A Video Box

Custom videos have become easier to make over the past several years. While professional videographers are usually able to produce much higher quality videos with their equipment, even cell phone videos will suffice in many circumstances. As long as the quality passes for “good”, how a message is presented and its content usually makes the biggest impact.

With that said, here are reasons why a custom video will work best in a Video Box:

  1. Custom videos are more effective at establishing and strengthening a personal connection.
  2. They are also more effective at establishing trust.
  3. Recipients tend to appreciate personalized messages more.
  4. Custom videos help presenters distinguish themselves from competitors.
  5. When buying products, services or opportunities, consumers prefer to actually see what they’ll be getting when it is presented in a way that focuses on how it will help them most.
  6. Custom videos often leave fewer questions in the minds of viewers.
  7. Most people naturally appreciate custom videos, especially if users like them had some input in the content.
  8. Generally speaking, videos do a great job of motivating even lazy or more skeptical consumers to take action.
  9. Videos, especially ones that connect emotionally with viewers, have a way of motivating viewers to make purchases.
  10. Messages in custom videos tend to get remembered longer than messages in videos that are mass produced for a wide variety of consumer profiles.

When it comes to making the greatest impact with samples or gifts delivered in a Video Box, using a custom video might be an unbeatable way to go. Loading video content on them isn’t difficult, and the extra effort it takes sometimes to make custom videos for different recipients usually pays off greatly in the end.

A Video Box Is Ideal For Sending Samples and Gifts

In the digital world we live in, videos are extremely popular. In addition to being classy and attention-grabbing, videos are most people’s preferred method for consuming information.

Coincidentally, companies have learned that when they present messages in videos, they tend to get a better response from consumers. Whether they’re used for sales, marketing, recruiting, fundraising, training or explaining concepts and processes, videos are highly effective for many purposes. Likewise, they’re fantastic when used in Video Boxes.

For companies, Video Boxes have proven to provide outstanding ROI. Feedback from our clients says their prospects are usually blown away after receiving them. They also enjoy having such a cutting-edge marketing product to engage their target audience. In all honesty, we couldn’t recommend a marketing strategy more than using a Video Box for companies as a way to send samples and gifts.

To learn more about Video Boxes or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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