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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Fiddler's Elbow.

A Good Versus Great Sales Video For Marketing

Video Marketing has been a whopping success for several years now. Most companies who use it, love it, and it’s mostly because of how effective it is at turning viewers into customers. What makes it even more effective is when a great sales video is included in it.

One of the key difference-makers in Video Marketing is the video content. Whether a good sales video or a great sales video is used in it, it still works very well when compared to other marketing tactics. However, a great sales video can make a massive difference in how effectively any Video Marketing Product performs.

Two Elements Of A Highly Effective Video For Sales

The key to success with a marketing video is getting the right people to watch it. Marketing videos have been extremely popular since about 2013, and companies who have figured out how to do that have enjoyed great results in most cases.

Not only are videos exceptional at grabbing the attention, but they’re also most people’s preferred method for learning about products, services, or opportunities they might be interested in buying. With that in mind, there are two things every potential buyer is looking for when watching a sales video: One is empathy, and the other is authority.

To be specific about empathy, what a potential customer wants to know is whether or not the company presenting the video they’re watching understands their pain. For example, are they just trying to sell them their services as a wedding planner because they have a wedding coming up, or does the company understand the frustrations they’ve run into when trying to find an affordable wedding venue, location for the reception, or a caterer who can work within their budget and still provide good quality food and drink options.

With regards to authority, what a potential customer wants to know is whether or not the company presenting the video they’re watching is more competent than they are at solving a problem they’re facing. Specifically, what they’re thinking is that since the company they’re looking at making a purchase from focuses primarily on helping people solve a problem they’re facing, it only makes sense for that company to know more about the dilemma than they do and excel at solving it. Basically, the company should be an authority and an expert.

For a sales video to be great, it needs to include both empathy and authority. Having said that, when companies are wondering what to say and show in their sales video, rather than simply talking about how great their company is or showing how great their product, service, or opportunity might be, it would serve them better to show their potential customers how great they are at understanding their problem (empathy) and showing them evidence of how great they are at solving it (authority).

Sales Videos Get More Attention In Video Marketing Products

As effective as videos can be, Video Marketing Products have proven to get the right people to watch them. ROI with Video Marketing Products like Video Brochures, Video Mailers, and Video Boxes has proven to be outstanding, and when companies use them to target their most likely customers, they usually enjoy great results.

In addition to creating more attention on videos, Video Marketing Products rarely ever get screened out before reaching decision-makers. Then, after decision-makers watch them, they tend to share them with other decision-makers and co-workers who influence their decisions. Rarely ever do any other products used for sales or marketing do that based on what we know.

To start using a great sales video in a MediaFast Video Marketing Product for your company or to receive a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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