A Little Marketing Strategy Could Go a Looong Way!

You may not be Apple.  You may not be Nike.  But just because you are a small business, doesn’t mean you can’t thrive in your market, just like these giants of industry do.  With the right attitude and a simple, well-planned out marketing strategy – you certainly can!

The Beginning of Your Story

Does your task look impossible?  Is beating out all the competition too daunting?  Don’t sweat it.  They have nothing to do with you.  All you have to do is keep a cool head and plan out a super simple marketing strategy, and soon your competitors will be looking at you in awe.  That’s right, awe.

And it all starts out with your can-do attitude.  You know your goal – get more customers.  So go out and do it!

Getting Down to Work

Before you can fulfill your ultimate goal, you’ll need to plan out some more, smaller goals to get you there.  So, begin your marketing strategy by identifying these things:

1.       Your SPECIFIC target audience

2.       What THEY want to know (this usually includes prices)

3.       How YOU can help them fix a problem

4.       What you want them to do SPECIFICALLY (a tangible, measurable action – i.e. Attend our event, sign up for a free trial…)

5.       WHERE you can reach them (you’ll want to identify multiple options – i.e. social media, radio, conferences)

6.       WHEN you can schedule your campaign most strategically (around holidays, events, etc.)

Now that you’ve got your who, what, where, when, why, and how, you’re set to go!  It’s time to put your plan into action.

Meeting Your Goals

Any company that is honest, sincere, and has done their homework, will find the clients and customers they are looking for.  Prospects respond to genuine companies that understand them, their wants, and needs.  Once companies fulfill those expectations, there’s nothing to stop them from racing to the top!


So get your can-do attitude in gear and win over those customers!