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A Multimedia Brochure Will Get Your Video Watched By Decision-Makers

Many decisions that impact your life significantly will be made without you in the room. So, it’s a good idea to be nice to people. At the same time, in business… it doesn’t mean your video can’t be there. Here’s how to make that happen.

The Importance Of Getting Your Video Watched By Prospects

When marketing videos get watched by targeted prospects, they tend to boost sales. Why? Because a company’s most-likely-customers get influenced by them.

So, why are videos so effective? Because they’re simply more interesting than antiquated marketing tactics like pamphlets, flyers and traditional brochures. True, those have a lot of great information sometimes, but how excited do you feel when you receive one? Do you set it aside? Maybe glance through it a little later, or simply throw it away?

Next, videos are more efficient. They feel like they take less effort to watch, and they can say and show more information in a short period of time. You know that saying It’s all in the presentation? Well, isn’t a video presentation much more appealing than print marketing with motionless content?

And finally, video content is more trustworthy and engaging. For example, according to InVideo, 72% of consumers said they would rather learn about a product or service by watching a video than any other form of communication. It’s no wonder executives seek them out when trying to find ways to improve their companies. How awesome would it feel to capitalize on that?

Multimedia Brochures Will Get Prospects to Watch Your Video

Engaging targeted prospects can be a challenge. I mean, how often do they ignore your emails and phone calls? Frustrating, right?

Well, videos provide a modern way to reach them that’s more appealing. However, sometimes it’s still a challenge to get the right people to watch them. Fortunately, overcoming that challenge is how Multimedia Brochures have become superstars.

In case you aren’t familiar with them, here’s a clip showing some in action.

Why Multimedia Brochures Produce Excellent ROI

Video Brochures, Video Mailers and Video Boxes are attention-grabbing, shareable, and highly effective at getting videos watched by targeted prospects. Plus, they’re fun to design, and they make marketers who use them look like geniuses. Ohhh, and ROI with them is outstanding.

With that said, here’s a brief list of reasons why.

  • They’re sticky, tangible media that recipients actually enjoy receiving.
  • They open doors for salespeople more effectively than any other sales tools.
  • Decision-makers find them practically impossible to ignore.
  • Videos tend to outperform other forms of marketing communication.
  • Video Brochures, Video Mailers and Video Boxes get shared and responded to more often than other types of marketing media.
  • We’ve had customers report as high as a 66% response rate, which blows away other marketing strategies.
  • We’ve had customers report as high as a 70% increase in sales after using them.
  • Effectively, they feel like TV commercials that prospects can hold in their hands.

After reading this, hopefully you can see that if you’re not using multimedia brochures yet, you’re missing out…

Video Brochure Mailers Will Intrigue Your Target Audience

The only difference between a Video Brochure and a Video Mailer is that one is hand-delivered while the other is mailed in custom packaging. At the same time, they’re both highly effective, and too interesting for recipients to ignore.

Ohhh, and by the way, combining their names is sometimes common.

In case you aren’t familiar with them, here’s a clip showing Video Brochure Mailers in action.

My First Experience With A Video Brochure

In addition to handing them out at trade shows, conferences, retail events, and in-person office visits, Video Brochures are highly effective when mailed as Video Mailers. If you’ve ever experienced one, you know what I mean.

For example, I remember the first time I held one. Just seeing it was impressive. I mean, with thick, glossy paper sitting on a desk next to other marketing products… it outshined every one of them. It also made the company advertising in it look exceedingly impressive.

Then, I was captivated after I opened it. Immediately, without me touching anything, a video started playing. I was blown away, and I remember thinking What an advertisement! And I’m holding it in my hands!!

Honestly, I’ll never forget the experience. As someone who has worked as a marketer for most of my life, I can’t think of a better way to engage prospects than using these. Talk about a way to get your video watched by decision-makers! These will definitely make that happen!!

Get Free Samples From MediaFast

Each month, we confidently send out dozens of FREE samples to prospects interested in learning more about our products. By doing so, we’ve learned that our potential customers appreciate the superior quality we deliver.

For instance, here’s a testimonial from one of them. “Quality products and great customer service! Video Brochures are the highest quality I’ve come across and the swag is innovative and sharp. This company backs up their products all the way.” — S. Diaz

Also, our Video Brochures only have a .05% malfunction rate (half a percent), which is far superior in our industry.

And finally, with regards to price, what many consumers don’t know is that the price difference between high quality and low quality Multimedia Brochures is not always significant — usually between 1% and 10%. However, there is often a significant difference in customer satisfaction. Since one or two sales often pay for an entire order and these have such a high response rate, spending slightly more for quality and reliability is usually worth it. To learn more, click this link: Why Video Marketing Products Get Decision-Makers To Make Purchases

After reading this, if you’re interested in using a Multimedia Brochure to get your video watched by your targeted prospects, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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