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This is a MediaFast Video Box for LYTRA.

A Video Box Makes A Powerful Presentation

A video box provides a powerful way for companies to send samples and gifts. Recipients are usually blown away after receiving them, and ROI with them is usually outstanding according to the feedback we’ve received.

A Brief Explanation Of What A Video Box Is

In case you aren’t familiar with what a video box is, sometimes one can be referred to as a video gift box, a video sample box, a video player box, a video box mailer, or a screen-in box.

Regardless of how someone refers to one, a video box is a modern marketing piece that looks very similar to a gift box with a video screen inside the top flap. When a recipient opens it, the video starts to play immediately. That way, in addition to the charm they hopefully feel when they receive the gift or sample inside, they get to experience the power of video as it plays the message from the sender.

Effectively, what a video box does extremely well is amplify the experience of receiving a gift or sample. What is says is “Not only do we think highly enough of you to give you this gift (or sample), but we also think highly enough of you to give it to you in this impressive piece of technology so we can share a custom video with you as well. You’re special, and we know it.”

Truthfully, sometimes the manner in which a gift or sample is presented is what makes the greatest difference in how a recipient responds. Easily, a video box makes the entire event extraordinary.

A Video Box Will Amplify A Presentation

To emphasis the point, sometimes the way samples and gifts are presented makes the biggest difference in how much benefit they produce. Instead of being presented in packaging that includes a logo and marketing messages from a delivery company like UPS or FedEx, a better presentation is made with a custom video box because it will only display branding and marketing from the sender.

However, the secret to success for a video box is the video. As soon as it starts playing, a “WOW” factor like nothing else the recipient has probably ever experienced makes the entire event so much more impressive. In addition, the fact that someone thought highly enough of them to send such a unique package usually makes recipients feel even more valued and special. The value of the message is increased. The perceived value of the sender is increased. And, the value the recipient feels about themselves to the sender is increased as well.

For most companies, giving out samples or gifts is an easy way to promote what they offer to consumers. On the other hand, sending samples or gifts in a custom video box to a targeted prospect clearly shows a higher regard for them. The impact it can make can be enormous. Then, doors might open for new relationships that may not have ever opened, and current relationships can become even stronger.

A Video Box From MediaFast Produces Great ROI

At MediaFast, we continually focus on finding ways to offer state-of-the-art solutions for marketing and packaging. Our goal is to help our customers promote what they offer to consumers in the best ways possible. The more visually stimulating the marketing and packaging products we offer can be, the better they will perform for our customers.

Essentially, a MediaFast video box offers a new and exciting way to help our customers make an even greater impact with their samples and gifts. It is designed to take full advantage of the power of videos, which is extremely powerful, and it will deliver a statement for our customers that should help their marketing efforts become even more successful.

So far, according to feedback we’ve received from our customers, video boxes have produced excellent ROI.

Make An Extraordinary Impression With A Video Box

When it comes to sending samples or gifts, we couldn’t recommend anything more than using a video box. They’re more affordable than most people think, and the difference they make is usually well worth the money it costs to use them. In fact, one sale often covers their cost and the repeat business they tend to generate pays great dividends over time.

Also, we offer a complete mailing solution so our customers can focus on what they do best while we take care of the production and distribution.

To learn more about a video box or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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