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Amy Hafen

Owner and President


Amy Hafen began working for MediaFast in 1999 and purchased the company in 2013. Through the years, she has filled roles in customer service, accounting, management and sales.

In addition to helping MediaFast become a global company, she has done so while maintaining its core values—a culture of kindness and caring where clients, co-workers, and suppliers are all valued, prioritized, and given the time and attention they need to receive the best MediaFast can give them—values put in place by MediaFast’s previous owner and her dear friend, Bart Howell.

Known for her ability to quickly grasp situations and foresee the best courses of action, Amy enjoys collaborating with clients. She has helped hundreds develop unique marketing strategies that are visually appealing and highly effective with target audiences, and the ROI they typically produce is outstanding.

Amy also has four children, two of which are adopted, and she loves family time, spending time with her friends, being outdoors and traveling around the world.

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