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This is an image of a video camera filming a businesswoman sitting behind a desk making a presentation.

Add A Human Touch To Marketing With Video Marketing Products

If your company is already using video marketing products, great! If it isn’t, maybe after reading this you’ll feel more enthusiastic about capitalizing on it.

Video Marketing Products Add A Human Touch

For several years now, video marketing products like Video Brochures and Point of Purchase Displays with videos have produced excellent results. Video mailers as well as video gift and sample boxes have become excellent marketing and advertising solutions too.

Essentially, one of the main reasons for this is because messages presented in video marketing products feel like they add a human touch to the dynamics. As a result, they feel more intimate (not in a romantic way necessarily), and they engage viewers in more influential ways than most other forms of communication. For example, watching a video delivers substantially more information in less time than reading about an act or experience. It also helps that people have grown accustomed to watching them.

For users, one of the greatest benefits video marketing products offer is that they’re almost impossible for recipients to ignore. Then, after they watch them, they usually can’t resist the urge to share them with others. Since often the “others” are people who influence the choices that decision-makers make, this is a big reason why ROI with video marketing products is so much better than more traditional marketing and advertising materials.

For instance, to put their performance in a proper perspective, an average order of video brochures costs between $20 and $65 per unit. If a company spends that amount of money to acquire a marketing piece that grabs attention, is easy to distribute, capitalizes on the power of videos, sells, promotes, trains and motivates people to respond to a call-to-action better than many other strategies, that definitely seems like an affordable amount for such an effective product. In fact, one sale easily recoups the cost in most instances.

As for delivering a human touch, that occurs when companies present videos with content that feels reliable and relatable to viewers. For producers, the way they make an audience feel affects whether or not viewers emotionally buy into what is being presented. Videos provide the precious opportunity for companies to make themselves trustworthy, likable, and relatable, and if they can succeed at doing those things with humanized content, they’re chances of making sales increase substantially.

Why A Human Touch In Marketing Is So Powerful

In this day and age when videos seem to be everywhere, people love the humanized touch videos deliver. In fact, because of the increased sensory engagement and emotional connection they create, people actually seek them out because they enjoy watching videos more than reading or listening to content.

For consumers, videos make it easier to absorb information without becoming distracted or losing interest very quickly. Instead, videos feel more appealing and amusing to most people, and the impact they create makes it easier for them to remember what they see and hear.

On top of that, when faces get put to names like what often happens in videos, empathy is created. The benefit of empathy is that it creates an emotional connection and generates emotional reactions in people. For example, seeing the emotions and expressions on someone’s face gives viewers a sense of familiarity and trust, and it also creates a vision of them owning whatever it is they’re watching. If what results is that viewers can identify with the problems a presenter’s product or service can resolve, then viewers will consider them to be less of a company only trying to make money and more like a company trying to help them get what they need to make their lives better.

Essentially, when marketers give consumers someone or something they can relate to, consumers usually begin to root for that person or thing as well. Once the human touch has worked its magic, an increased response rate to a company’s marketing and advertising usually results.

MediaFast Video Marketing Products Deliver Great Results

Videos have some powerful advantages over other forms of communication. For instance, they can more accurately portray scenery, circumstances, sounds, body language, emotions, actions, reactions and results in great detail.

Also, for viewers, the combination of images with sound and motion in videos creates more interest and helps them feel more emotions while they watch. For presenters, videos enable them to attract more attention and connect better emotionally with their most likely customers. Otherwise, they might not would even get noticed.

At MediaFast, we realized videos were the wave of the future long ago and positioned ourselves to become leaders in the video marketing industry because of it. We only use brand new, Grade A components in all of our products to ensure the best quality, and we keep our prices affordable so we can provide great value to our customers. So far, the results we’ve witnessed with the video marketing products we’ve sold have been outstanding.

To learn more about video marketing and the video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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