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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Advertise Testimonials With Video Brochures

Companies prosper from reviews and testimonials giving them praise. Video brochures can make them even more impactful because consumers can experience the endorsements in video as opposed to only in writing.

Testimonials and Reviews Impact Consumers

In today’s digital world, consumers routinely check online reviews while making purchasing decisions. In fact, reviews have become the new “word of mouth”, and consumers rely on opinions of others as much as recommendations from their families and friends.

A Zendesk survey recently reported 90% of participants claimed positive online reviews help determine their purchasing decisions. Many sources also report over 90% of consumers do research online when deciding what to buy and where to buy from after deciding to move forward.

Testimonials and Video Brochures Are Impressive

When targeting most likely customers, deciding how to impress them is just as important as many other factors.

In addition to being impressive state-of-the-art pieces of technology, video brochures combine traditional printed brochures with the multisensory effective of videos to make presentations more engaging and memorable. They grab attention and have proven to be highly effective in a multitude of ways.

Regarding testimonials, they are a time honored strategy that has been used in sales presentations for ages. Consumers are impressed by them, and using video brochures to present testimonials has become a successful marketing strategy around the world.

Testimonial Video Brochures Shorten Sales Cycles

Many companies have produced testimonial videos because they know consumers want the opinions of others. They also know how influential testimonials can be when potential customers are deciding whether to purchase from them.

Unfortunately, time sometimes kills deals. Sales are occasionally lost during the time between an initial sales pitch and when a potential buyer gets a chance to open an email or watch a video online. To offset that risk, testimonial video brochures can be watched anytime and anywhere without electricity or an internet connection at the most opportune moments.

Another advantage for companies who distribute video brochures is they help companies stay on the minds of recipients. Statistics indicate video brochures are shared among decision makers and video brochures allow a company to present itself at its best. They’re like a company’s own TV commercial with fewer distractions before and after their message is presented so the focus stays on them. Video brochures are also substantially less expensive.

As an added feature, QR codes can be placed on the printed portion of video brochures to direct potential customers to locations online where they can read reviews and gather other information.

MediaFast Video Brochures Increase Revenue

Video brochures help companies stand out from competitors. Consumers rely on reviews and people are notably attracted to videos. Feedback indicates using video brochures with testimonials as part of a marketing arsenal has helped companies all over the world succeed.

Feedback also indicates companies who use video brochures receive the best ROI with them. To increase revenue, using video brochures is definitely worth the money.

If you are interested in using video brochures or searching for a way to better use testimonials, contact MediaFast today!

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