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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Truebeck Construction.

Advertise Video Testimonials In Video Brochures

Smart companies share video testimonials, and video brochures are outstanding in marketing. Good things often happen when potential customers hear positive remarks directly from people just like them, and video testimonials provide a more believable scenario. Not that written testimonials are bad in any way. It’s just that videos capture people’s images with the words coming straight out of their mouths along with their emotions to make them more genuine.

Effectively, testimonials share other people’s experiences and help those who hear them make decisions. They tell people why they should buy a particular product or service or why they should work with a particular organization, and they sometimes make a greater difference than other factors such as price, quality, or even logic.

When shared, testimonials sometimes do a lot of the legwork for salespeople and sometimes they even make sales themselves. (Click this link to learn how to: Sell Without Selling)

Why video testimonials are better than written testimonials

In this day and age, most companies are expected to have videos. Whether they use them for training, recruiting, or sharing with current or potential customers, video content has proven to be highly effective for a variety of purposes.

By combining sound and motion, videos have the ability to say more in less time. They engage more senses, feel more interesting, and require less effort from viewers. They also make messages easier to remember.

According to Wordstream, millions of videos are made and watched daily. People respond better to them than most other ways companies attempt to communicate with them. Also, written or motionless content simply isn’t always as effective as it used to be. As a result, to be the most effective, customer testimonials need to be better, more engaging, and more interesting than ever before.

To take this one step further, attention spans are now shorter than ever. Some experts blame this on the microwave while others blame it on improved television entertainment. Nevertheless, people’s attention is easier to gain and keep with video content, and this trend will probably continue.

Because of these different factors, video testimonials seem more appealing to viewers because they provide a real human story people can relate to through sight, sound, body language, and emotions. Video testimonials also seem more credible, and in a world where trust is precious, credibility is golden.

Expert advice: advertise video testimonials in video brochures

Consumers often rely on testimonials while they learn about companies and/or try to make purchasing decisions.

As a rule of thumb, video testimonials usually are the most effective when they are under two minutes long. Furthermore, since people are usually looking for ways to solve their challenges or satisfy their own wants or needs, testimonials that focus mostly on user benefits tend to work best.

To accomplish these two principles, videos shared in video brochures work exceedingly well.

Video brochures are cutting-edge tools companies can use to impress prospects and increase perceived value. Video brochures tend to get more attention because they seem so novel, and decision-makers usually share them with co-workers and other decision-makers because of how impressed they are with them.

At that point, because of increased exposure and greater interest, more opportunities for face-to-face meetings and sales presentations tend to happen.

To summarize, people have become accustomed to videos and usually prefer them over other ways of taking in information. Video testimonials are often more effective because they allow viewers to see and hear someone else explaining their experience, and they usually seem more credible. Additionally, videos have the ability to say and share more information in less time, which people appreciate, and video brochures are highly influential devices that normally get shared amongst executives and decision-makers.

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