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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for United Systems and Software, Inc.

Advertise With A Video Brochure And Cover Your Legal Disclosures

While this might feel like an out-of-the-blue advantage to point out, you can advertise with a Video Brochure and cover your legal disclosures at the same time. Here’s how — you know all of that fine print your company puts at the end of printed sales tools and emails? Or, are you aware there might be more to disclose if your company uses videos for advertising? Well, it can all be included at the end of your video(s) in Video Marketing Products. Then your bases should be covered.

Why Legal Disclosures Are Important In Marketing

With the incredible growth of Video Marketing, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is constantly making sure consumers are protected. Thousands of new videos for advertising purposes get launched every day. Also, not everyone is as honest as it would be nice of them to be. With that in mind, it’s valuable to have somebody holding advertisers accountable for conducting honest business.

Essentially, the FTC Disclosure Law applies to anyone who creates content and promotes brands in exchange for compensation. The compensation can include cash, free products or services, discounts, special services, or any other exchange of commodities.

To be even more specific, here are 7 key rules that advertisers must follow:

  1. Disclosures cannot be misleading or include false information.
  2. They must be easily visible for consumers.
  3. Disclosures must be kept at font sizes that stand out from any background.
  4. They must be easy for consumers to understand, meaning no vague or subtle language.
  5. Disclosures must be posted in places where viewers would typically view content.
  6. They cannot be buried at the bottom of a page or after a lengthy post that requires viewers to click on a link to learn more.
  7. Disclosures must be included with the products, services or opportunities being promoted.

Effectively, by keeping advertisers honest and consumers in more control of what they take away from an ad or review, better business takes place. To learn more about how to cover your legal disclosures, click this link: FTC rules.

How A Video Brochure Will Cover Important Disclosures

For anyone unfamiliar with Video Brochures, here is a short video of one in action. But first, before you watch, I should tell you that most Video Brochures have text printed on various parts of the units. However, this one doesn’t because there is a 1” well in the right side panel for the purpose of holding a project proposal. Anyway… enjoy.

As you can see, there is plenty of room in the video screen to include text covering a legal disclosure at the end. You can also set it to scroll quickly, and TV commercials have gotten consumers used to seeing them. Plus, they’ve proven to peak interest and consumers appreciate the honesty.

How Video Brochures Are Like TV Commercials

As a way to increase sales and exposure, Video Brochures are very much like TV commercials. Fortunately, they’re much less expensive. In addition, when recipients hold them in their hands, they don’t hit the mute button or change the channel.

Instead, what generally happens is recipients find them too interesting to ignore. And, because people don’t read as much anymore, they prefer to watch videos because they’re more efficient and feel easier to consume. Because of this, they’ve become increasingly relied upon in business.

So, why are they so effective? Because videos combine images with sound and motion to create better mental connections between viewers and presenters. They also increase trust since people find it easier to believe what they see and hear. Plus, they enable presenters to explain products, services and opportunities more thoroughly and in less time. For these and other reasons, companies get better results with videos than they do with most other advertising strategies.

Likewise, with respect to Video Brochures, they have a way of increasing the perceived value of commodities advertised in them. They also sometimes turn average salespeople into great salespeople. From what we’ve seen, there really isn’t a better way for companies to ensure their videos get watched by their most-likely-customers… and they outperform emails by a country-mile.

Case Study: How Video Brochures Worked For Hutton Construction

Hutton Construction is made up of more than just builders. They’re a team of experts — planners, architects, builders and maintenance professionals all in one company. Because of it, their customers don’t have to coordinate with multiple contractors during projects, which is extremely convenient.

Recently, when looking for a way to stand out from their competitors, they contacted MediaFast and stated their desire to develop a Video Marketing piece they could use to accompany their project proposals. They wanted it to be branded for their company while not being perceived as a gift, and they believed a cutting-edge marketing piece would accomplish both.

After collaboration, a large 9×12” Video Brochure with a 7” HD screen in one panel and a 1” well in the opposite panel was created. The purpose of the well was to neatly hold their project proposal, which in most cases would exceed 80 pages. Then the video would take the prospects through the proposal as well as present a tutorial about the services and capabilities they offered. It would also introduce their leadership team, project managers, and other key employees who would be involved should they be awarded the job.

Within no time, they reported making it to “the top of the bid pile” on many occasions. They credited the Video Brochures for their success, and as they’ve continued using them, they’ve been awarded numerous multi-million-dollar projects. They also attribute being awarded their largest project of over $100 million to this new strategy.

The Benefits Of Using Video Brochures For Sales

Among the many things they do well, Video Brochures provide an excellent way for companies to get their target audience to watch their videos. Undoubtedly, they’re far more productive than emails. They also outproduce flyers, pamphlets and business cards when it comes to advertising and marketing, and the results aren’t even close.

Essentially, capitalizing on the power of videos is what makes them so profitable. They’re also reusable because the video content on them is easy to change. And, unlike our competitors, we do not lock the original content after we load it into the units. By the way, we don’t charge for that either. To learn more, click this link: How To Change Video Content On Video Brochures

With all of that said, if you’d like to purchase Video Brochures so you can use them to cover your legal disclosures, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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