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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for fnts - a Microsoft partner.

Advertising With Video Brochures

Advertising your business is an important part of your company’s success, and the days of boring single media advertisement are long past.  In the stimuli-rich modern day, it is important to make sure that your brochures have multiple sensory appeals to ensure that your audience gets your message.

One of the best ways to get your audience’s attention (and hold it) is to give them a video brochure.  This means of advertisement is extremely effective because your target audience will hear and see your message—and this makes them much more likely to remember and purchase your service or product.

Ease of Distribution

One great element of video brochures is that they are easy to share.  With the help of the Internet, your brochure can be sent out and posted on YouTube and Facebook, where even your customers will be able to like and share your message.  That makes for quick and easy sharing.

To the Point

Video Brochures can also help you get straight to the point.  That means that in a concise video, you can share the information your audience needs without overloading them or taking up too much of their time.  While your customers may be hesitant to read a long description, they will be much more likely to watch a short video that shows them the benefits of your product or service.

Simple Editing

Because your video brochure can be posted online, you will be able to manage edits much more easily.  If you find you want to change your video, you can simply do it and repost it, unlike paper brochures, which can’t be altered once they are sent out to the public.

Get your Message Across

Now that you know about the benefits of video brochures, the time has come for you to contact MediaFast and create the brochure your company needs.  With our help, you can build a straightforward and compelling video that will catch your audience’s interest and help them to remember your company.

So, don’t waste anymore time! Call us today and let us help you advertise your product even more successfully.

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