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Advice Before Launching New Products or Services

There are many details to consider when planning the launch of a new product or service. To avoid frustration and keep expenses down, it is important to ask the right questions before actually getting started, which means you need to know the right questions to ask.

At MediaFast, we specialize in video marketing. We have become leaders in the industry, but video marketing wasn’t always our bread and butter. Throughout our existence, as technology and marketing have changed, we have as well in an effort to remain relevant and successful. Along the way, we’ve launched difference products and services and witnessed many other companies do the same.

Based on what we learned, the following is advice we can offer to companies thinking about launching new products or services.

Advice for companies thinking about launching new products or services

To experience continued success in business, sometimes it becomes necessary to launch new products or services. However, if a good plan is not in place from the start, it can be very expensive and frustrating. With this in mind, the following is advice from us to optimize results and help keep expenses down along the way.

  1. Don’t be afraid to change with the times in an effort to stay relevant.
  2. Before calculating a budget, do sufficient research to ensure there will be plenty of buyers for the product or service you plan to offer.
  3. Determine the price you will charge for your product or service.
  4. Verify the price you will charge is competitive in the market place.
  5. Do extensive research to determine your costs for production.
  6. Understand the importance of packaging so your product will be durable during transit and provide a high level of user-satisfaction throughout its lifetime.
  7. Do extensive research to determine your costs for advertising while understanding the importance of marketing so you’ll be able to maintain repeat customers as well as attract new ones.
  8. When determining delivery methods, factor in your product design because different delivery methods have different requirements.
  9. Obtain a custom template designed to maximize the sheet size on a press, folding directions, and bleed specs before a designer begins the graphic layout (this can save a lot of time and money as well as eliminate frustration).
  10. Determine how you will secure the funds necessary to create and run a profitable operation.

Before the launch, we can help maximize your marketing budget

Calculating your budget and sticking to it is probably the most integral part of creating a successful marketing campaign. Obviously, the point of creating and selling any product or service is to satisfy customers while making a profit. If planned wisely and communicated effectively, launching a new product or service can produce newfound enthusiasm and sustained success for companies. Throughout the process, we recommend continually assessing your budget and expenses to help ensure you stay on track.

At MediaFast, we fully understand the importance of budgets. We also have extensive experience to help direct clients to a design that fits their specific needs. If we are included in the planning and production from the very beginning, not only will we help clients stay on budget, but we might also be able to help them finish under budget.

Regarding design, it is often best to get professional help before the actual graphics are laid out. We recommend companies have some ideas about functionality and presentation and then consult with us to ensure their ideas are viable and laid out in the most cost effective way. Even what seem like the best ideas often run into challenges that could have been avoided with experience to lean on like what we have to offer.

We excel at helping companies launch great video marketing campaigns

There are great advantages to using video marketing products. For example, they allow companies to engage targeted prospects with state-of-the-art devices that are impressive to receive and simple to operate. Most people prefer watching videos with sound over reading words or looking at motionless images, and videos take less effort to watch from viewers. They have the ability to say more in less time, and research indicates people respond better to videos than many other forms of communication.

In response, wise companies have changed their marketing and presentation strategies to include more videos. With their success, video marketing has become a superstar in the business world. Additionally, the digital age is alive and well, and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

With video marketing, we help our customers stand out from competitors. This helps them engage their clients and most likely customers more effectively, and it helps spawn success throughout their companies. We also give them great advice whenever they turn to us.

To learn more about video marketing or any of our video marketing products, contact us today.

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