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This is a MediaFast video brochure for One Times Square.

“AHA!” Moments Happen Often With Video Brochures

You know that feeling you get when you experience an “AHA! moment? Video brochures create something very similar when recipients receive them. Truly, as a way to break through to your most likely customers and targeted prospects, there may not be a more impressive way to do so.

Why Video Brochures Are So Effective

It was truly a stroke of genius when someone had the idea to combine videos with traditional printed brochures. People love videos and they’re highly effective when used in sales, marketing, fundraising, branding, recruiting, educating, training, and many other purposes. What was needed was a way for companies to get their videos directly into the hands of their targeted prospects, and video brochures provided an excellent solution for that very purpose.

What video brochures do better than most other marketing tools is:

  1. Grab the attention of prospects
  2. Create a feeling of novelty to make them more interesting
  3. Deliver messages in ways recipients enjoy
  4. Get shared among decision-makers and people who influence them
  5. Say and show more in less time with the power of videos
  6. Draw a response more often from recipients
  7. Create a perfect reason for follow-up
  8. Help companies and their messages become more memorable
  9. Increase perceived value
  10. Generate impressive ROI

As we’ve learned through experience over the past several years, those 10 statements are true. We’re grateful to sell them, and we’re even more grateful for the many happy customers we have who have benefited greatly from using them (many of whom reorder on a regular basis because they perform so well).

Capitalize On “AHA!” Moments With Video Brochures

Video brochures combine traditional print marketing with the power of videos to provide one of the greatest marketing tools ever. They’re alluring, impressive, dynamic, and quite frankly – super cool. If you’ve ever held one, you know exactly what I mean.

On top of that, companies who make themselves unforgettable usually do quite well financially. In addition to helping companies gain the attention of even hard to reach prospects, video brochures go a long way in helping them become unforgettable. Again, if you’ve ever held one, you know exactly what I mean.

Also, when it comes to convenience, sending video brochures in the mail to targeted prospects has become one of the most effective ways for companies to engage them. We call those video mailers. Messages in video brochures and video mailers often receive more attention, and they also tend to succeed at drawing a response to calls-to-action when many other strategies do not.

At MediaFast, we’ve helped companies be more successful in sales and marketing for over 30 years. Our team fully understands how much better eye-catching, well-constructed, tasteful video marketing products perform when compared to others forms of marketing, and our vast experience helps us help our customers in ways many companies in our industry simply cannot.

For the money, MediaFast Video Brochures are a great investment. ROI with them is outstanding, and since we only use brand new, Grade A components, we can ensure the best quality. To find out more about our commitment to quality, click this link: Why Our Video Marketing Products Are The Best (sorry if that sounds arrogant)

To learn more about video brochures or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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