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Answers You Need Before Buying USB Flash Drives

Even with the existence of The Cloud, USB flash drives are still used frequently for storing data and transferring files.

As with most digital products, the technology in them has steadily improved. Many people don’t want to do without them because of the increased security and convenience they provide, and they offer great marketing opportunities as well. Click this link to learn more: USB Flash Drives vs. The Cloud.

As technological advancements have occurred, design options in USB flash drives have also improved. Companies normally order them custom-made for marketing reasons, and now they are available in numerous shapes, sizes, colors and 3 different materials – plastic, metal or rubber.

However, design is only one of the important factors we recommend companies consider before buying USB flash drives. They should also consider several other details as well.

Answers you need before buying USB flash drives

Whether you will use them for marketing, data storage, data sharing or any other reasons, knowing the answers to the following questions will help you get USB flash drives that will satisfy your wants and needs.

What level of security would you like?  The data should be easily accessible for you yet safe and secure from others. Additional security can be added to make USB flash drives even more secure if desired.

How durable do you want them to be?  For example, do you want them to be waterproof? Depending on how often they will be used and in what environments, the type of material used to make them should be carefully considered. Regular options are metal, plastic or rubber.

What level of quality do you want?  Quality is important because if a unit can’t perform as intended, then it will be of no use. Quality will also strongly affect how long a USB flash drive will last. An important choice is whether you want your USB flash drives to be made out of only brand new, Grade A components or if you will be OK with recycled, less expensive components. Also, by choosing higher quality, the USB port connections will last longer, the caps will close tightly and fit more snug, and the colors and other design elements will not easily flake off.

How much storage capacity would you like?  If you will only be storing documents and low resolution images, single digit gigabytes should suffice. If you will be storing large amounts of data with videos, music, and/or high resolution images, then double digit gigabytes will probably be necessary.

How fast would you like your USB flash drives to perform?  Attention spans now seem to be shorter than ever and patience isn’t necessary nearly as often as it was in times past. USB flash drives that transfer files at higher rates save a lot of time, and users definitely avoid frustration because it.

What price range are you able to afford?  Price is mostly affected by the size of memory and the quality of components used to make USB flash drives. However, there are times when customers want eccentric designs, which can substantially increase the price.

Would you like any special features?  Will your USB flash drives be keychains, which will require key rings to be attached, or would you like them to also be bottle openers, flash lights, or have any other useful attachments?

Get the best affordable USB flash drives from MediaFast

At MediaFast, customizing body style is easy and we keep prices down by being smart and efficient with all of our processes. We also love creating eye-catching USB flash drives to serve our clients, and we only use brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality in all of our marketing products. With us, clients are usually able to purchase better products at lower costs.

To learn more about the marketing products or custom USB flash drives we offer, contact us today.

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