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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Sonburst Communication.

Are Video Brochures Worth The Money?

Yes! We’ve witnessed video brochures become the best digital advertising solutions for many companies. Those companies believe they are worth every penny and statistics indicate video brochures create the best return on investment. When considering marketing strategies, we highly recommend them for almost any marketing campaign.

With that said, here are 5 reasons we believe video brochures are worth the money and how they help companies succeed:

  1. Video Brochures Can Make Average Salespeople Great. When trying to outperform competitors, a video brochure creates a “wow” factor that is sometimes necessary to capture the attention of a targeted recipient. Statistics show they have an open rate of over 90%, which makes them a powerful tool for getting messages heard. For salespeople, they relieve pressure and boost confidence. They also enable salespeople to talk less and listen more. Potential customers appreciate that, and well produced video brochures sometimes make sales themselves.
  2. Video Brochures Are Reusable Because The Videos Can Easily Be Changed. Unlike traditional printed brochures, video content can be changed at anytime without new brochures having to be created. New videos can easily be loaded through a Mac or PC in an inexpensive process. With that ability, messages can be kept relevant and dynamic while the same units can be used over and over again.
  3. Video Brochures Make Messages More Memorable. Videos engage more senses by combining sight, sound and motion to help messages become more interesting and memorable. Statistics show a dramatic increase in how much humans remember from videos as opposed to what they remember from still words and images. When a recipient receives an impressive piece of technology they can hold in their hands like a video brochure, they remember what they feel during the experience.
  4. Companies Can Maintain Control Over How Their Brand Is Presented. Live presentations are subject to human error and judgement. Some salespeople are more eloquent than others. Sometimes their decisions aren’t the best. Sometimes they may not present information in a way that will be the most effective. With a video brochure, companies control the messages on the video along with the content on the printed brochure. That gives them more control over how their message is presented every time and helps them influence what a viewer sees and hears while their brand is being displayed.
  5. Viewers Appreciate The Convenience And Feel Compelled To Share. To watch a video brochure, there is no need for an electrical outlet or internet connection. There isn’t a need for a salesperson to be present either. Recipients can watch video brochures anytime anywhere, which is a convenience they usually appreciate. As a bonus, statistics indicate viewers normally share them with five or more coworkers.

For these reasons and more, video brochures are definitely worth the money companies spend on them. In some respects, they are like having a bigger and more effective sales team because of how conveniently and powerfully they touch recipients.

At MediaFast, we understand how important it is for companies to spend their marketing dollars wisely. When clients involve us in the process from start to finish, they consistently end up with outstanding digital advertising solutions to help their business. Furthermore, as a result of our wisdom and experience with video brochures, they often spend less money than they were expecting.

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