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Are You Wondering What HD IPS Stands For?

If you’re like most people, you probably know HD stands for high definition, but you have no idea what IPS stands for? Well, here’s the answer — it stands for “in-plane switching”. In layman’s terms, that means it provides increased viewing angles.

Explaining What HD IPS Stands For

When it comes to video screens, quality matters. Not only does it matter to viewers, but also to companies whose messages are being displayed on them. When the video quality is good, viewers are less likely to be distracted or bothered while consuming information. If it’s bad, the opposite occurs.

To define high-definition in technical terms, basically it’s video that consists of higher resolution and quality than standard-definition. While there is no standardized meaning for it, generally any video image with considerably more than 480 vertical scan lines in North America is considered high-definition. Needless to say, practically all video screens made nowadays meet those requirements.

Regarding what IPS stands for, it’s a panel technology used in LCDs (liquid-crystal displays). In addition to the explanation above, the picture generally looks good whether you’re sitting directly in front of it or off to one of the sides.

Today, IPS technology tends to be found in higher-end screens. One of the main benefits it provides is that it gives consistent colors at a wide range of viewing angles. It also allows for more accurate color reproduction, making the picture quality more appealing for viewers.

And finally, IPS is simply the best way to get accurate colors that show how an image really looks. And for those with limited budgets, they don’t need to get one of the most expensive options either. Even the lower-end IPS screens usually look better than their competitors.

Video Showing HD IPS

If you watch the screen on this video, you can see the image quality is still high even at odd angles. This is IPS in action:

At MediaFast, We Only Use Top-Notch Components

At MediaFast, we understand the impact Video Marketing Products make on how much revenue companies receive. In most cases, it can actually make or break them… meaning those products need to work, and work well.

With that said, to ensure the best quality and reliability for our customers, we only use brand new, Grade A components. We also know what it takes to get advertising and marketing products printed, manufactured, and delivered on time. What’s more, we know what it takes to make them profitable, and we include a full warranty.

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