How Video Boxes Satisfy The Goals Of Marketing

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If you’ve been following our blogs, you know our products satisfy the goals of marketing. In other words, they help companies keep the clients they have while also helping them gain new ones… and they do it exceptionally well.

For instance, check out this testimonial from one of our clients.

“We have worked with the MediaFast team since the middle of 2017 when we first tested their video brochure mailer against our control creative for one of our long standing multi-channel direct mail campaigns. Their video brochure outperformed our control increasing orders by 79.4%.” — J. Parks

While this is true for Video Boxes as well as Video Brochures, Video Mailers and Point of Purchase Displays with videos in them, this post mainly focuses on Video Boxes.

How Video Boxes Satisfy The Goals Of Marketing

So, what makes them highly effective?

First, they include a video. It’s like there’s a TV inside them, which makes them fascinating to most recipients, and it makes messages tangible. As a result, the entire piece is more interesting and effective.

In addition, they shorten sales cycles. How? Because studies show that 90% of consumers say videos strongly impact their purchasing decisions and 80% say they’re more likely to buy a product they’re already considering buying after watching a video about it. Wouldn’t you love to have that working in your company’s favor?

At the same time, since they include product samples and/or gifts — which further enhance their influence — there aren’t many better ways for companies to impress their target audience.

And finally, Video Boxes feel like gifts when recipients receive them. Then, after the video content works its magic, they usually can’t resist showing what they’ve received to others who influence their decisions.

What other type of marketing does that?

Video Boxes In Action

If you’re reading this and aren’t familiar with them, here are a few videos showing Video Boxes in action.

How Videos Outperform Other Marketing Strategies

As you probably already know, video marketing has outperformed other strategies for many years now. The way videos connect with viewers makes a huge difference. They’re also more efficient than motionless content. In addition, since people generally don’t read as much anymore, videos have become the most preferred method for consuming information.

Furthermore, the fact that they offer immediate satisfaction skyrockets their impact. For example, someone can watch a 20 second video and learn as much about a person, place or thing in substantially less time than it would take them to read the same information.

All the while, videos escalate trust because it’s simply easier for consumers to believe what they see and hear than it is to believe what they only read. If you’re like most of us, you can relate…

Case Study: Domo, Inc.

Domo, Inc. is located in American Fork, Utah. With their software, they help businesses modernize themselves with processes driven by data. They also help them improve their internal data utilization while growing their external data value. Since their software is so effective, companies use it around the world.

With respect to their marketing, a few years ago they were struggling to get the number of responses they were hoping to receive from their ads. Looking for a way to make improvements, they collaborated with MediaFast to design an HD IPS Video Box, and their response rate improved drastically.

In a nutshell, their Video Boxes included a pair of high end socks, a personalized video message, and a business card from each prospect’s assigned sales rep. They were delivered to key executives, and the campaign worked so well that it became necessary for their marketing team to stagger the delivery times further apart. Otherwise, their sales team couldn’t keep up with the demands for all of the product demonstrations that were requested.

Get An Amazing Video Box From MediaFast

According to feedback we’ve received, Video Boxes satisfy the goals of marketing. In addition to going hand in hand with how advances in technology have changed the way companies advertise, businesses love the outstanding ROI they produce.

At the same time, with respect to the phrase “Presentation Is Everything”, Video Boxes blow away other marketing techniques… especially when it comes to giving away samples and gifts.

With that said, we understand the impact gifts and samples make on a target audience. And with our presentation products, we know what it takes to maximize that impact.

Also, to ensure the best quality and reliability, we only use brand new, Grade A components in everything we sell. Plus, we offer a full one year warranty and a complete mailing solution so our clients can remain focused on what they do best.

After reading this, if you’d like to purchase Video Boxes so your company can accomplish the goals of marketing, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

Wash, Rinse and Repeat With Video Brochure Mailers

Here’s a fun fact — the idea of “Wash, Rinse and Repeat” is from a Benjamin Cheever novel titled The Plagiarist according to Wikipedia. In it, an advertising executive increases the sales of his client’s shampoo by adding the word “repeat” to its instructions.

What To Do After A Video Brochure Mailer Campaign

With that said, if you’ve distributed Video Brochure Mailers and have followed up, you’ve had meaningful conversations with prospects and therefore determined ROI and ROE (return on experience). In that fact-finding place, there are many additional ways of quantifying how successful a campaign was that often get overlooked.

Here are two examples we feel strongly about:

  1. NOT NOW: The prospect cannot transact now. But when? In 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc. This is critical information you can tailor your follow up to regarding when the client will be ready. These tangible interactive media pieces deliver opportunities to have those conversations because the recipient is so excited with what they’ve just received. It’s fresh, and therefore worthy of a chat.
  2. NEVER: The prospective client will never be your client. This information is money in the bank! Don’t get me wrong. It’s not a sale, but it equates to adding back money to your future marketing budgets since you won’t spend money on someone who cannot be closed. How much of your budget is spent on dead-end prospects? What is that worth to you? Endless bags of cash, that’s what!

Those two points provide critical insight into current and future sales funnels.

As marketers, we need to provide opportunities for our sales team to execute. Fortunately, data shows that recipients of a Video Brochure Mailer are more likely to communicate with the soliciting party due to the perceived value and the creative impact. We see this at a degree of 66% greater response than any other form of outbound marketing. Therefore, a Video Brochure Mailer will allow salespeople to gather important information, which can be fed back up to decision-makers so a strategy can be fine-tuned for each particular prospect’s future.

So with all of that said, what should you do next? Well, do it again! Wash, Rinse and Repeat!

Why You Should Wash, Rinse and Repeat

After completing follow-up after a Video Brochure Mailer campaign, you should be armed with some concrete data. With it, you know the people who did not respond. Assess if they’re worth going after again. If so, add them back into a new list because from feedback we’ve been given, they often respond the second time.

Also, usually the biggest challenge is just getting your target audience to listen. Well, Video Brochure Mailers are highly effective at accomplishing that. Seriously… Many of our clients experience marketing success on a level that is unmatched!

Video Brochure Mailer In Action

By the slim chance you aren’t familiar with them, here’s a video showing a Video Brochure Mailer in action.

Testimonials Showing Video Brochure Mailer Results

Our video mailers were so successful we worried it was “lightning”, so we tested them again. We’ve continued to test them for 3 years and have determined we’ve found “lightning in a bottle.” We have no intention of stopping! – Kim Warren

Thank you for all of your help on these. They’re starting to arrive to customers, and we already have meetings set up to discuss the product. – Joshua Sellers

Thank you for showing us the fund-raising tool that resulted in a very successful campaign, and for your guidance and excellent customer support. Although we were excited and convinced your Video Brochure would be a success, we had no idea how effective it would be. – Ben Markham

Thank you so much! The Video Mailers were more successful than we expected, ROI was achieved in days! What an amazing tool!! – Kevin Grant

If you’re new to this idea, let us help you create a marketing campaign that delivers results like you’ve never seen… like the ones described by some of our customers above.

Get Industry-Leading Video Brochure Mailers From MediaFast

At MediaFast, we understand how significantly marketing impacts a company’s bottom line. Sometimes the choices they make pertaining to it can actually make or break them.

With that in mind, we know what it takes to get highly effective Video Brochure Mailers printed, manufactured, and distributed on time. We also know how to make them profitable, and we only use brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality. Oh, and to stand behind them, we also include a full one year warranty.

After reading this, if you’d like to Wash, Rinse and Repeat with Video Brochure Mailers, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

What Makes The Most Effective Video For Marketing


We often get asked “How can I make the most effective video for marketing to put in my Video Brochure?” Well, here you go… and this works extremely well. Hopefully it’ll help you start making buckets of cash from the power of videos.

How To Make The Most Effective Video For Marketing

The best marketing videos show consumers what they’ll gain by using whatever an advertiser is selling.

For instance, if a company is selling investment advice, what will make the greatest impact is for them to show their prospects how their strategy will make them more money than their competitors. It’ll also help if they create trust while coming across as personable. At the same time, the key is determining how to accomplish those things…

With that said, here is the strategy we recommend:

  • It’s always good to keep in mind that most commercials are 30 seconds or less for a reason. Attention spans factor into that, as does the concept of not saying too much too soon.
  • If you need to say more than what 30 seconds will allow, do you know you can have multiple buttons to activate different videos in each Video Brochure? You can also have different videos in separate units so that they’re customized for different prospects. Cool, huh? In other words, segmenting is an excellent strategy.
  • Your video content needs to accomplish three things. First, it should tell viewers who you are. Second, it should tell them what you do. And finally, it should tell them how what you sell will relieve their struggles. After all, that’s what they’re most interested in.
  • Let your video(s) be the star. While Video Brochures are definitely attention-grabbing and novel, their video content is what makes them extremely effective. It’s also what elevates response rates… and skyrockets ROI.
  • Be sure your video(s) arouse emotions. They’re what create connections between presenters and viewers. They’re also what prompt consumers to make decisions and respond.
  • Include a call-to-action. Recipients of Video Brochures need to be prompted regarding what to do after they view them, and calls-to-action are most effective when emotions are escalated.

Alright… Ready, set, go — you can do it! At the same time, if you need us, we’re always happy to help.

Video Brochure In Action

By now, you’re probably familiar with Video Brochures. However, if you aren’t, here’s a video showing one in action.

Why Video Brochures Create Great Advantages

In this day and age, people love videos. They explain things so well — usually much quicker than written text or motionless images — and most people feel like they take less effort to watch. With that said, for companies, sometimes their biggest challenge is simply getting their target audience to watch theirs.

Fortunately, our Video Brochures easily overcome that challenge. As you could probably see from the video above, they’re practically like TV commercials recipients can hold in their hands. Fortunately, they cost much less. Also, they’re far more convenient for decision-makers to share with others who influence their decisions, and follow-up after they’re distributed typically goes extremely well.

With those advantages in mind, it’s fairly easy to see why ROI with them is usually outstanding.

Ohhh, and marketers who use them tend to look brilliant… just sayin’ in case you’d like to experience that.

After reading this, if you’d like to purchase Video Brochures so your company can benefit from how profitable they are, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

Why Video Brochures Deliver Powerful Marketing

Outer Aisle brochure size 5 x 7 screen 5"

If you’re a marketer or business owner, you’re probably reading this because you’re looking for a way to deliver powerful marketing to your target audience. Well, Video Brochures will do that.

Seriously, our clients tell us their open and response rates blow away other strategies they’ve tried. In fact, one reported a 70% increase in sales after theirs were distributed. Pretty amazing, right?

Here’s Why Video Brochures Deliver Powerful Marketing

Using the power of videos, companies are now able to show their value in practically the most effective way possible. Okay, okay… Maybe they’re not quite as effective as something like a sample or a test drive, but for some products they kind of are.

Anyway, in addition to making them look modern and impressive, they also help them successfully engage decision-makers. Why? Because executives, just like so many of us these days, enjoy and appreciate them.

With that said, sometimes the key to marketing success with videos is simply finding a way to get your target audience to watch them. Well, with great presence and effectiveness, Video Brochures do that.

As amazing as they are, here are 8 results they typically produce:

  1. Recipients are genuinely impressed after receiving them.
  2. After watching them, they can’t resist the urge to know more.
  3. They respond.
  4. Qualified leads come flying in.
  5. Sales opportunities skyrocket.
  6. Sales cycles become shorter.
  7. Referrals become easier to get.
  8. Companies who use them enjoy a wonderful boost in revenue.

True story… Those results are common, and they’re reasons why so many companies continue to use them over and over again.

Video Brochures In Action

To see what I mean about the effectiveness of videos, here’s a short one showing Video Brochures in action.

Why Target Audiences Respond To Videos

For well over a decade now, videos have outperformed other strategies in marketing and advertising. The combination of images with sound and motion they engage viewers with is captivating. Because of it, there may not be a better way for companies to engage decision-makers with messages that are ideal for them.

Effectively, they grab attention, arouse emotions, and present details more accurately than motionless content. All the while, they’re efficient. They also feel like they take less effort to watch, increase trust, and elevate perceived value.

Ohhh, and they’re easy for decision-makers to share with others who influence their decisions.

Thinking about all of this, it’s easy to see why target audiences respond to them. And now, with Video Brochures, there’s a modern, appealing way to deliver videos directly to their attention — one that rarely ever gets ignored or set aside.

MediaFast Video Brochures Deliver Powerful Marketing

At MediaFast, we’re aware that sometimes it can be a challenge for companies to design cost-effective marketing solutions. Whether it’s because of the creativity and range of materials it takes to produce them, or the resources they may not have… we understand.

Fortunately, that’s our specialty and we can deliver those cost-effective marketing solutions for you.

Essentially, from the moment our clients decide to work with us to the moment their projects are complete, they benefit from our industry-leading resources. We know what it takes to design, print, manufacture, and deliver highly effective Video Marketing Products on time, and we’d love to do the same for you.

Ohhh, and by the way, the majority of companies in our industry charge extra for many of the variables that we include for FREE. To learn more, click this link: MediaFast Video Marketing Products Won’t Let You Down

To place an order so your company can use Video Brochures to deliver powerful marketing, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

Mailing Your Marketing Videos In Video Mailers Is A Brilliant Idea

If you’re a marketer who understands the power of videos, have you thought about mailing your marketing videos to your target audience? Seriously, using Video Mailers to get them in their hands is a genius idea. Recipients don’t ignore them. In fact, they even share them with others who influence their decisions. They also shorten sales cycles, and marketers who use them look brilliant.

Understanding The Power Of Videos

If you truly want to connect with your target audience, videos will make it happen. While you could publish a blog post or share photos on social media, which are still fairly effective, there is nothing more impactful than videos. Why? Because they allow consumers to see inside your operation, get a feel for your products and/or services, and feel a presence with you.

In other words, videos are a great way to feel confident that you are connecting with your most-likely-customers and that you have their attention and curiosity.

Furthermore, to attract consumers to your company, you need to create content that will delight, intrigue and engage them with your brand. Creating loyal brand followers requires developing a relationship built on trust, which videos increase, and also making your brand one your customers can count on to satisfy their needs.

Reasons For Using Videos

Every person who learns something new learns by watching, listening or experiencing something — or a combination of all three — which uniquely, video content can provide.

Videos are ideal for making real connections. They’re one form of media that enables companies to form meaningful connections with their target audience. And, by using them, those connections are formed in an engaging way.

They’re also ideal for sharing real-life experiences. For example, many companies harness the power of videos by sharing video testimonials. In addition to being informative, they also create a real-life connection since usually the people in them are real customers and not paid actors.

On top of that, videos have the ability to give behind-the-scenes tours of your facilities and show viewers how a product is made or a service is provided. Effectively, sharing your “secrets” is a great way to win over new customers time and time again.

What Mailing Your Marketing Videos Will Look Like

Before sharing reasons for mailing marketing videos, here is a video showing Video Mailers in action in case you aren’t familiar with them.

Reasons For Mailing Your Marketing Videos

Now that we’ve reviewed the power of videos and reasons for using them, here are ways companies have enjoyed great success mailing them in Video Mailers.

Selling: Video Mailers are perfect for sales because they get videos directly into the hands of a company’s most-likely-customers. They also increase perceived value and trust. Likewise, they attract the attention of decision-makers, and by doing so, they shorten sales cycles.

Marketing: When sent to targeted prospects, Video Mailers are practically as effective as TV commercials… But they’re much less expensive.

Capitalizing on referrals: Emails, phone calls, and face-to-face visits are good ways to stay in touch with current customers. However, since some have the ability to give you excellent referrals, Video Mailers provide a more impressive way to actually engage them. Then doors get opened that otherwise might have never been opened, and more sales can result from it.

Launching new products, services, and opportunities: Using videos is an excellent way to introduce new products, services, and opportunities to the marketplace. Why? Because people prefer watching them over looking at motionless content, and they’re efficient in that they say and show more in less time.

Recruiting: Finding effective ways to engage recruits can be challenging. Fortunately, Video Mailers overcome that challenge… And since they still feel like novelty items, they actually make recruiters more memorable.

Fundraising: Videos have proven to enhance storytelling and connect emotionally with viewers. At the same time, people feel inspired to give when they feel connected to a cause. To capitalize on that reality, Video Mailers provide an ideal platform for storytelling.

Get The Best Video Mailers From MediaFast

Considering how many marketing messages consumers get targeted with on a daily basis, your company would benefit greatly from yours standing out from the rest. Fortunately, Video Mailers are superb for making that happen.

Targeted prospects appreciate receiving them. Salespeople perform better with them. Marketing teams enjoy producing them, and they’re easy for decision-makers to share with others who influence their decisions.

With that said, we’ve helped hundreds of companies do great marketing for over 30 years. We’re a leader in our industry. We offer complete design and creative services. Plus, customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we don’t “nickel and dime” with our prices.

At the same time, to ensure the best quality, we only use brand new, Grade A components in all of our products… and we include a full one year warranty.

After reading this, if you’d like to purchase Video Mailers so your company can benefit from mailing your marketing videos, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

Big Retailers Capitalize On Point Of Purchase Displays With Videos

Videos are huge in advertising and big retailers capitalize on them frequently. For instance, did you know that as soon as manufacturers learned how to add them to Point of Purchase Displays, big retailers jumped on the chance to use them in their stores? The results were fantastic! Shoppers also loved them, and the boosts in revenue for the products they highlighted were significant.

Why Videos Bolster Point of Purchase Displays

If you think about your life, how often do you watch videos? Three times, five times, or maybe even fifty times per day?

Believe it or not, according to Video Marketing Statistics from invideo, the average person watches approximately 100 minutes of video each day. Of course one movie or a Netflix binge could easily fill that time, but still… thousands of people watch what would be considered traditional videos about people, places or things during that 100 minutes.

With that said, it’s easy to understand why consumers are accustomed to videos. In fact, I find myself often searching for them online when I’m shopping for something I’m not already familiar with. Don’t you? Maybe yes… Maybe no… Either way, it’s a common practice, and retailers know it.

Sooo, with that being the case, it only makes sense for them to love using videos in some of the greatest retail sales tools ever, which are Point of Purchase Displays, and for them to be super effective. Basically, since consumers value them, big retailers increase sales by simply making videos readily available in their stores.

Why Point of Purchase Displays Boost Sales

For store owners, making POP Displays more effective often results in more sales. To do that, the addition of videos has made it happen because they practically act like salespeople. How? Because the video content educates shoppers more effectively than most retail clerks, and consumers are more likely to buy products or services after watching videos about them according to

For example, during most shopping trips, consumers tend to hurry along and pick out the same items they’ve been buying for the past several months… or maybe even years. Meanwhile, research shows that attractive POP Displays sometimes prompt them to stay in stores longer and make more purchases.

On top of that, when store owners help brands promote new products, POP Displays provide an excellent way for them to get noticed. Simply by being there, they often draw enough attention to prompt shoppers to evaluate products in comparison to what they’ve normally been buying. Then they get the chance to determine which is a better option, and then make a purchasing decision from there.

In addition, videos in POP Displays have the ability to grab the attention of shoppers and motivate them to make additional purchases. They also liven up the ambiance in stores, and get shoppers to try new products they might otherwise have never even noticed.

Retail Point of Purchase Display With A Video

Here’s an example of a POP Display used in a retail store. Effectively, ones like this get set on shelves or tables next to the products they’re highlighting, as do ones like the image beside the title of this post. Seeing the video screen is what often draws the attention of consumers, and then the videos work their magic.

At the same time, we’ve manufactured many more traditional looking POP Displays, and the video screens look attractive when mounted as parts of them. Again, the video screens grab attention, and then many consumers simply can’t resist them…

Get Top Notch Point Of Purchase Displays From MediaFast

In the digital world we live in, videos are superstars in marketing. They essentially help all sorts of marketing media become more appealing, and consumers respond to them more often because of it.

With that said, at MediaFast, we completely understand how a well designed POP Display with video content will boost sales. Not only will it help products and services stand out from their competitors, but it will also increase revenue for manufacturers and retail store owners.

With that said, ours are top notch because we only use brand new, Grade A components to make everything we sell. That increases reliability, and we also include a one-year full warranty. How’s that for giving you peace of mind?

After reading this, if you’d like to benefit from video content in Point of Purchase Displays like big retailers capitalize on it, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

Best Practices To Get Your Messages In The Room With Prospects

Getting your messages in the room to pitch what you’re selling to your prospects can be a challenge, right? I mean, how often do they ignore your emails and phone calls? Frustrating, right?

So… Here’s a modern way that has been working phenomenally well for several years now — Video Marketing Products. You can see them in videos below in case you don’t know what they are. Plus, brief descriptions of the kind of results they produce.

Popular Video Marketing Product In Action

Here’s a video of one of the most popular Video Activated Marketing Products in action. It’s commonly referred to as a Video Brochure.

Reasons Why Video Marketing Products Work Extremely Well

I know at this point if I say “These are fantastic!”, it might be hard to believe since you’ve probably never reaped the rewards of their effectiveness. However, they truly are.

Basically, in addition to being fun to design, they’re also attention-grabbing, shareable, and highly effective at getting videos watched by targeted prospects. Plus, they make marketers look like geniuses, and ROI with them is outstanding.

With that said, here’s a brief list of reasons why.

  • Video Brochures, Video Mailers, and Video Boxes open doors for salespeople more effectively than any other sales tools.
  • Decision-makers find them practically impossible to ignore.
  • They’re sticky, tangible media that prospects actually enjoy receiving.
  • Videos are extremely appealing forms of communication.
  • They get shared and responded to more often than other types of marketing.
  • Some of our customers report as high as a 66% response rate.
  • We’ve even had customers report as high as a 70% increase in sales after distributing them.
  • Basically, they’re like TV commercials that prospects can hold in their hands.

Truthfully, with the ROI these produce, using them should be a no-brainer. And, with them in your marketing arsenal, your company will blow away the marketing done by your competitors!

Another Popular Video Marketing Product In Action

This one is called a Video Mailer. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the only difference between Video Brochures and Video Mailers is that one is hand-delivered while the other is mailed in custom packaging that effectively produces even more marketing.

Video Marketing Media Will Get Your Messages In The Room With Prospects

In addition to handing them out at trade shows, conferences, retail events, and in-person office visits, Video Brochures are highly effective when mailed. If you’ve ever experienced one, you know what I mean.

For example, I remember the first time I held a Video Brochure. Just seeing it was impressive. I mean, with thick, glossy paper sitting next to other marketing materials… it outshined every one of them. It also made the company advertising in it look like a million bucks.

Then, when I opened it, I was captivated. Immediately, without me touching anything, a video started playing. I was blown away, and I remember thinking What a commercial! And I’m holding it in my hands!

Honestly, I’ll never forget that experience. As a marketer who has worked in business for most of my life, I can’t think of a better way to engage prospects than using these. Talk about a way to get your messages in the room with your most-likely-customers!

Video Brochures and Video Mailers In Action

Here’s a video showing many more of the products that are highlighted above.

Video Boxes Are Fantastic For Samples, Swag and Gifts

For marketers who like to send samples, swag and/or gifts, here’s a real game-changer. In fact, they’re so amazing that we’ve had customers show us videos made by their recipients who filmed their experience while opening them. Believe it or not, they actually went viral because of all the excitement. What other marketing products do that? None that I know of…

Anyway, they’re called Video Boxes, and when it comes to presentation — they’re amazing!

Why You Should Use Video Marketing Products

Video Marketing Products like the ones shown above tend to skyrocket sales. Why? Because they allow companies to target key individuals who have an influence over purchasing decisions rather than targeting the masses. Needless to say, this strategy has become one of the most impactful trends in marketing.

So, how is it accomplished? First of all, antiquated marketing media like pamphlets, flyers and traditional brochures unfortunately aren’t very appealing anymore. Instead, Video Marketing Products are more appealing, and sooo much more effective.

Next, it is accomplished by presenting cutting-edge media that recipients simply can’t resist sharing with others. For instance, based on feedback we’ve received from customers, we know these products get shown around offices more often than not — they’re just too interesting and novel for recipients to keep to themselves. Then they make more of an influence, and the response rates and increase in sales show it.

And finally, video content is like a magic ingredient, and with its power, it makes an amazing impact. It’s simply more interesting than printed text and motionless images. It’s also more trustworthy, efficient, and engaging. For example, 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video about something they’re already thinking about buying. Wouldn’t you love to capitalize on that?

After reading this, if you’re interested in using a Video Marketing Product to get your messages in the room with your best prospects, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

Video Brochures Are Tools To Maximize Your Biggest Sales Opportunities

KCB 5x7 screen 4"

To maximize your biggest sales opportunities, Video Brochures work amazingly well. They’re practically like grand slams in marketing, meaning you can’t have a better hit… Or the stock that keeps going up, and when people invest in it, they undoubtedly make a profit. If you aren’t using them yet, what are you waiting for?

Recent Testimonial About Video Brochures

This is from Joe B., from Brightwell. “Side note: I have shown your tech to so many people – including our board, the company at an all-hands meeting, and our video production partner who is creating the content for this brochure – and they are all impressed. I loaded the first cut of our video and left it in the kitchen at the office after our all-hands meeting and our employees were blown away. I can’t wait to see how our prospects respond considering they have no idea this is coming.”

He also added, “You have an amazing and unique offering that surprises and delights everyone I hand it to you. Kudos to you.”

His testimonial describes a common reaction we get from customers quite often. It’s true, Video Brochures are captivating when first seen, and mind-blowing when watched — practically like holding a TV commercial in your hands.

What’s even better is that marketers enjoy creating them, and the compliments they get for using them are wonderful. Ohhh, and the increase in sales they produce… fantastic! Again, if you aren’t using them yet, what are you waiting for?

Recent Video Brochure Demonstration

Just to give you an idea of what they’re like in case you aren’t familiar with them, here’s a short video clip. To see more, click MediaFast Video Brochures Gallery.

Maximize Your Biggest Sales Opportunities With Video Brochures

If you’re aware of what kind of return you can get using Video Brochures, deciding to use them is a no-brainer.

For instance, we’ve had clients report as high as a 66% increase in response rate when compared to other marketing strategies they’ve tried. We’ve also had some report as high as a 70% increase in sales after they’ve completed their interactions with all of the prospects they sent them to.

Why? Partly because they’re a tangible marketing piece that capitalizes on the power of videos, which in today’s world is a huge difference-maker. Also because they get advertisement videos in the same room with decision-makers, they help users get their videos watched by prospects who otherwise might have never watched them. And since they’re cutting-edge and still novel, they’re practically impossible to ignore.

So, here’s what we recommend. Pick 50 to 100 of your most desirable prospects. You know — the ones who are hard to communicate with because they constantly ignore you, BUT when they spend, they spend BIG! Then send one of these to each of them.

And here’s some math: Since Video Brochures cost anywhere from $25 to $65 per unit depending on how many you purchase and what components you include, which is cheaper than taking a potential client to dinner, you should definitely be able to afford them.

Also, how many sales would it take for you to recoup the cost and/or start making a profit from your investment? One, two, or three maybe? These typically produce much more than that…

Truthfully, Video Brochures work, and with them, you can be targeted. Go after the BIG FISH… the whales so to speak! They’ll love getting such cutting-edge marketing media from you, and with them, you’ll truly be able to maximize your biggest sales opportunities.

To learn more, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

How Law Firms Use Video Brochures With Great Success

Renebade Attorney Video Brochure: 5 x 7 - Screen: 4

Law firms have been using Video Brochures with great success for several years now. If you’re thinking about the marketing side of your business — and what business owners don’t — these work remarkably well. Here we’ll review how.

Why Video Brochures Produce Marketing That Works

Video Brochures create powerful, memorable experiences by delivering messages in a multi-sensory way. They enable advertisers to capitalize on the power of videos, and their tangibility boosts the results of targeted advertising to unheard of levels.

To give you an idea, imagine holding a miniature plasma TV in your hands. Then imagine it’s playing a customized commercial for you about something you need and/or want. In other words, it would benefit your life to have it and someone thought highly enough of you to send it in a cutting-edge way to your attention. That’s basically what these are like. Cool, huh?

And by the way, we’ve had clients report as high as a 66% response rate, which is extraordinary when compared to most other forms of marketing. Plus, we’ve had some report as high as a 70% increase in sales after using them. How’s that for marketing that works?

How Law Firms Use Video Brochures

When one law firm finds a way to set itself apart from its competitors, the rewards are often substantial. Effectively, HD Video Brochures do that.

The keys are to use them, have your staff be prepared to handle the responses, and follow-up with recipients who don’t respond within 24 to 48 hours. What you’ll find is that many of them were planning to respond but just hadn’t made the time to do so yet, and they’ll be glad you called. That’s how impressive these video activated marketing products are.

With that said, here’s how law firms use Video Brochures with great success:

  1. To solicit new clients. These are ideal for leaving in the offices of medical professionals, such as chiropractors. As well, some law firms send them to other attorneys to enable referrals, and they mail them to accident victims and/or their families depending on individual state restrictions.
  2. To build firm credibility and strengthen client relationships. Attorneys use them to share other victim’s success stories; to share messages from partners at their firm; to emotionally engage prospective clients with information about their firm and its strengths; and to enable their clients to share video messages with their support system, which expands credibility in a valuable way.
  3. To educate clients and their families. Video Brochures are excellent for introducing members of a personal legal team to clients by including them in a welcome pack. Firms also use them to share videos that review legal processes in a way that’s easy for clients to understand and share with loved ones, which has proven to cut down on phone calls to address frequently asked questions.

As you can see, Video Brochures are exceptionally useful. Imagine — all of that in one small, hand-held, dynamic package… and ROI with them is outstanding.

HD Video Brochures In Action

In case you haven’t seen them, here’s a video showing Video Brochures in action.

Case Study: Grossman Law Offices

Located in Dallas, Texas, Grossman Law has experienced great success helping clients achieve gainful resolutions of their legal dilemmas over the past decade.

Regarding their marketing, when the traditional strategies they were using became less effective, they decided they wanted to use a more modern approach — one that included videos. Fortunately, they chose HD Video Mailers from MediaFast, and the results have been even better than they expected.

Effectively, their hard cover Video Mailer built trust and rapport with the personal injury victims they contacted. The 5” HD/IPS screen and interior pocket that included additional literature communicated with them in a way they appreciated, and the video testimonials they included boosted their effectiveness as well.

As you can imagine, after experiencing such great results, Grossman Law made Video Mailers from MediaFast a permanent part of their marketing campaigns.

Production Time and Frequently Asked Questions

By now, your interests have probably peaked and you might have questions. With that in mind, here are answers to some we hear often.

  • Prices are based on screen size and quality. Bigger isn’t always better. Our most popular screen size is the 4″ HD screen, which is measured diagonally. In addition, other standard screen sizes include 3″, 4″, 5″, 7″, and 10″ options.
  • After artwork is approved, production time is typically 3-4 weeks.
  • Videos are loaded for free during production. Plus, we don’t lock the content, meaning you can change it at any time in an easy process. To learn how, click How To Change Video Content.
  • The design on the printed wrap is totally customized to your business. We provide free design templates if you’d like to handle design yourself, or our in-house design team can work with you to create it.
  • Our standard memory allows for up to 10 minutes of video content, which can be increased by upgrading to a larger memory chip if you’d prefer. Also, the video content can be spread into as many segments as you’d like, meaning you can have multiple videos.
  • MediaFast has been in business for over 30 years.
  • We stand behind our products by including a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

To learn more about how law firms use Video Brochures with great success, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

Here’s The Modern Marketing Strategy Producing The Best Returns

Marketing business

If you’re looking for the modern marketing strategy producing the best returns, we’ve got it. These Video Marketing Products are attention-grabbing, shareable, and highly effective. They’re also fun to design.

To make the sales you’ve always wanted with marketing that’ll make you and your company look amazing, these are extraordinary.

Introducing An All-Star Lineup

Before explaining a little about them, here’s a video showing examples of Video Brochures, Video Mailers, Video Boxes and Video Business Cards. To see more, click MediaFast Product Gallery.

Why Videos Are Highly Effective In Marketing

When asked to describe a modern marketing strategy that works, most people “in-the-know” would say it has to include videos. Since you probably work in marketing, you’ll agree with that, right?

Or, if you don’t work in marketing but are a consumer, wouldn’t you say videos are helpful when making purchasing decisions?

For instance, I remember shopping for new silverware recently. I was determined to buy for quality more than price, but I also wanted to get good value. Thankfully, after watching a few short videos, I knew far more than I ever imagined about silverware, and with my new knowledge, I was able to buy great silverware at a very good price.

So far, we’ve loved it… and I enjoyed the process. On the other hand, if I would’ve had to read a lot to learn what I learned instead of watching a few short videos, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. My guess is you’ve had similar experiences.

Why These Products Produce The Best Modern Marketing Strategy

So, why are Video Marketing Products so effective? Mostly because people love and appreciate videos. Video Brochures, Video Mailers, Video Boxes and Video Business Cards simply get them directly into the hands of targeted prospects, making them practically unbeatable for that purpose.

Also, when they’re received, they’re impossible to ignore… For example, think of a time when you approached your desk or opened your mailbox and discovered all sorts of marketing and advertising media in it. Maybe there were postcards, magazines, pamphlets or flyers. Maybe there were traditional envelopes as well. However, if there was also a cutting-edge product like one from the video above, wouldn’t it have stood out soooo much more?

Then, when you opened it and a video started playing, wouldn’t that have captured your attention as well? Honestly, that’s what happens with these. Then recipients tend to share them with other people they’re around — perhaps people who totally influence their purchasing decisions — and they can’t seem to help but be more interested in purchasing whatever is being advertised.

Oh, and here’s the coolest part for companies who use them: They’re extremely effective at shortening sales cycles. That’s right… salespeople tend to make sales faster when their company uses them. In addition, these video activated marketing products have been known to produce as high as a 66% increase in response rates when compared to other marketing strategies. And if that isn’t enough, we’ve had some clients tell us they enjoyed a 70% increase in closed business after they were distributed. Pretty outstanding, wouldn’t you agree?

Testimonial About The Best Modern Marketing Strategy

Since I can’t resist, here’s a testimonial from one of our clients. Him explaining his results does a better job of describing their effectiveness than I can writing about them.

Get Top-Notch Video Marketing Products From MediaFast

Considering how many marketing messages consumers get targeted with daily, companies help themselves greatly by finding ways to make theirs stand out. Fortunately, Video Marketing Products are excellent for that purpose.

Targeted prospects are intrigued by them. Salespeople perform better with them. Recipients appreciate them, and they’re easy for decision-makers to share with others who influence their decisions.

With that said, our team of experts offers complete design and creative services. We take pride in being a leader in our industry, and customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Also, we don’t “nickel and dime” with our prices. Plus, we also only use brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality, and we offer a full warranty to stand behind them.

After reading this, if you’d like to purchase Video Marketing Products to use the best modern marketing strategy, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

You’re Only One Decision-Maker Away From Huge Success

If you work in sales or marketing, do you ever feel like you’re only one decision-maker away from huge success? Truth is, you probably are… and you’re biggest wonder is how to connect with them.

Well, we have the answer. Not only can we show you how to reach them, but we can show you how to effectively engage them. Then get them to respond to you, and ultimately have them buy from you.

Highly Effective Way To Engage Decision-Makers

So, you probably know who your target audience is. You’ve spent the time and money to do your research, and now you just know if only they’d listen to you, you could make the sale and they’d appreciate using your product or service.

Well, if they won’t meet with you in person, the next best option is videos. In fact, sometimes videos work even better than in-person visits. Why? Because viewers feel less pressure. Your video can also help you put your best foot forward without negative emotions getting in the way, and it’ll be efficient.

What’s more is that executives actually seek out videos when trying to learn information, so if you can manage to get yours in the same room with them, you’ll give yourself an advantage.

With that said, the biggest question most salespeople and marketers have is how to make that happen. Once again, here’s the answer: Using our Video Marketing Products. They’re actually irresistible. They also get shared among decision-makers, and they’ve been known to produce a 66% or higher response rate. How’s that for outstanding?

And who knows, if you’re really only one decision-maker away from great success, these products are so effective that they might help you sign deals with more than just one of them. Imagine — your career skyrocketing to points you’ve only dreamed about…

Why Our Video Marketing Products Work Extremely Well

Okay, if you understand the power of videos, you probably know the biggest challenge is getting the right people to watch them. But here’s some good news — our Video Brochures, Video Mailers, Video Business Cards, and Video Boxes practically resolve that challenge.

To give you an idea of how, here’s a list of considerations.

  • Wouldn’t you love your marketing to look modern AND be effective?
  • Would you feel excited about basically having a TV commercial to send directly to your target audience?
  • Is the idea of capturing the attention of even hard-to-reach decision-makers appealing?
  • Is the concept of increasing the perceived value of your company enticing?
  • Wouldn’t you like to maximize the effectiveness of videos for your company?
  • Wouldn’t you feel great about capitalizing on how much videos increase trust?
  • Can you imagine how awesome it would feel to learn that your marketing blows away the strategies used by your competitors?
  • Wouldn’t it be great if recipients feel too inspired to resist responding to your messages?
  • Would you love to get a 60% or higher response rate?
  • Can you imagine the pleasure you’d feel in knowing that recipients couldn’t resist showing your marketing videos to others?
  • If using Video Marketing Products speeds up your company’s sales funnel, wouldn’t that be awesome?
  • Would you enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your marketing tactics helped your salespeople perform extraordinarily better?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, we can honestly say that our Video Marketing Products will help you without a doubt. To see testimonials, click our Reviews page.

Video Marketing Products In Action

By the slim chance that you aren’t familiar with them, here are a few videos showing our Video Marketing Products in action.

Get The Best Video Marketing Products From MediaFast

Video marketing is now the very best way for companies to engage their target audience. Videos offer many advantages, and companies have discovered that they get the best ROI when theirs get watched by their most likely customers. Likewise, to make that happen, video activated marketing products like the ones shown above are super effective.

At the same time, having them be reliable is important. While we’ve heard stories about ones made by other companies malfunctioning at the most inopportune moments, ours haven’t done that. Why? Because we only use brand new, Grade A components to make them. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we don’t step over dollars to chase pennies.

Also, to stand behind them, we offer a full warranty… and we include many options and/or perks for free that other companies charge for. In other words, you’ll get the best value if you buy from us.

After reading this, if you’d like to purchase any of our Video Marketing Products because of how effective they are, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

Why We’ll Mail Your Video Brochures For You

If you’ve ever received a Video Brochure, you know the WOW factor they deliver. Marketers appreciate how effectively they draw responses, and they also think they’re a blast to design.

Nonetheless, many of our customers mail them to their prospects because unlike emails, they don’t require their consent to receive. In other words, you can mail to and/or call anyone… and these work so much better.

With that said, out of all the ways to distribute them, what’s the most effective? Handoffs work extremely well, as does a leave & retrieve method. However, what’s hot now is mailing them, and that’s what this post is about.

Furthermore, the fact that we offer distribution is one of the ways we set ourselves apart from our competitors.

In Case You Want To Mail Your Video Brochures On Your Own

First, we recommend using the United States Postal Service for several reasons. Click Video Brochure Mailer Best Practices to learn why.

Next, we suggest you identify your top 100 targeted prospects. You know… the ones of significance who are difficult to meet with in person who also don’t respond to emails or cold calls. BUT when they spend, they spend big! This type of marketing will actually grab their attention AND get them to respond.

And finally, you’ll need to verify their addresses, print labels, attach them to the units, fill out the postal paperwork, and then mail them.

Why We’ll Mail Your Video Brochures For You

On the other hand, if you’d rather not mess with all of that, we’ll happily mail your Video Brochures for you. The entire process actually takes a lot of time and resources, and we’d rather you not add any unnecessary burdens to your workload. Then you can continue doing what you do best without this extremely effective money-maker adding to your stress.

Here’s how our mailing process works:

  1. You send us a list of your prospects and their addresses.
  2. We’ll use the software we have to verify the addresses are correct and let you know if any need to be corrected.
  3. We’ll fill out the postal paperwork and mail your Video Mailers.
  4. Then we’ll return your list and give you a tracking number for each recipient.
  5. Within 5 days, all of your Video Mailers should be delivered.

By then, your company should start receiving responses…  and we highly recommend you have a protocol in place to make sure your staff can handle it. Seriously, these have been known to produce as high as a 66% increase in response rates when compared to other marketing tactics, and a 70% increase in closed business after they’ve been distributed.

Example Of A Video Mailer

By the slim chance your aren’t familiar with them, here’s an example of a Video Mailer. By the way, the only difference between them and Video Brochures is that mailers are typically mailed and brochures are usually hand-delivered.

Why Follow-Up Is Highly Important

Designing, distributing, and handling responses is only 75% of a Video Mailer project. The other 25% is follow-up, and it’s where some of the biggest money is made.

Because of it, we recommend you follow up within 24 to 48 hours with anyone who hasn’t responded yet. Seriously, tons of good can come from it. For instance, you’ll want to make sure each prospect received your Video Mailer because if they didn’t, you’ll want to track it down and then get it to them.

At the same time, if they did receive it and are planning to respond but just haven’t taken the time yet, you don’t want that hot lead to turn cold.

Or, if they simply aren’t the right person, they’ll still be excited to talk to you about the awesome marketing piece you sent them. They’ll also more than likely feel enthusiastic about helping you get it to the right person. That’s how cool these video activated marketing products are…

Nevertheless, no matter what you find out during follow up, you’ll be able to update your records. Who knows — more sales might happen right away. Or future deals may become possible… or you could save yourself money down the road by not marketing to the wrong person.

Summary Of Why You Can Count On MediaFast

To summarize, what we’re saying is that we offer a complete distribution service. After we load your video content, customize each unit and test them thoroughly, we’ll get them mailed to as many recipients as you’d like. Then all you’ll need to do is handle the responses and follow-up with recipients who haven’t responded within 24 to 48 hours.

Also, as mentioned previously, the reason we offer this is because we don’t want you to add any unnecessary burdens to your workload. Video Mailers work extremely well, and by hiring us to handle your distribution, you can remain focused on doing what you do best… which more than likely is sales and running your company.

And finally, another reason why MediaFast is reliable is because all of our products are made with only brand new, Grade A components. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we offer a full warranty to stand behind everything we sell.

After reading this and becoming aware that we’ll mail your Video Brochures for you, hopefully you’re more excited about using them. To begin the process of placing an order, or to receive a FREE Sample, contact us today.

Add A Pocket To Your Video Mailer And Include Samples

Snap 9 x 6 screen size 5"

Video Mailers produce amazing results in marketing, and now you can add a pocket to them. How’s that for a brilliant idea?

Honestly, while it was genius for someone to think of combining videos with print marketing to make Video Brochures, now this is taking it even one step further…

Add A Pocket To Say and Show More

If you’re a marketer who’s up to speed on what’s modern, you’re probably familiar with Video Brochure Mailers. But, in case you’re not, here’s a brief description of what they are.

An HD Video Brochure is a full color printed card with an embedded LCD screen like in your cell phone. Think of a standard printed brochure you might pick up at an automobile dealership that features a vehicle and its features with pictures and text. BUT… this now removes the need for a picture and text because it plays a video about the vehicle. No need to read! Simply watch, learn, and make an informed decision.

Also, in case you’re wondering how they’re made, they’re made from electronic components, hand assembled and attached to high-grade printed paper, which is then folded into a brochure.

And, the difference between Video Brochures and Video Mailers is simply that Video Mailers are mailed to targeted prospects while Video Brochures are typically hand-delivered.

So, what makes them so successful? Truthfully, ROI with them is excellent, and marketers who use them typically love the design process. With that said, it’s the video content that makes them so effective. And now, with the addition of a pocket, samples and literature can be included so they’ll say and show even more.

Video Highlighting Snap Creative Marketing’s Video Mailer

Recently, the marketing team at Snap Creative Marketing decided to add Video Mailers to their marketing repertoire. They’re a full service marketing agency dedicated to helping companies grow their businesses. Located in New Jersey, they’re experts in everything from direct mail campaigns, digital media, multicultural marketing, and much more.

However, rather than going with a common version of these highly productive Video Marketing Products, they wanted to include some of their sample print materials along with literature about the services they offer. So, when they asked if we could add a pocket for that purpose, we made it happen.

Here’s a short video modeling how it turned out.

Do Video Mailers Work?

The short answer to this question is yes, they really do. In fact, we have customers who report as high as a 66% increase in response rate after they’re distributed when compared to other marketing tactics they’ve tried.

We also have some who report as high as a 70% increase in closed business after using them. In other words, ROI with Video Mailers is outstanding, and they easily blow away traditional marketing strategies.

But rather than have you just believe what I’ve written, here are a few testimonials from our customers. You can also find them on our Leave A Review page.

Debra H. — “MediaFast helped my company produce an amazing video brochure that we use to connect with hard-to-reach decision makers. The package lands on their desk and when the customer opens it, the WOW factor takes over. The fact that a video starts to play as soon as they open the brochure is impressive and captures the attention of the recipient. We’ve already placed a second order!”

Scott H. — “Killer product. There’s many options out there and I think you get what you pay for. I was able to get all the fine details dialed in from frame rate to design parameters exactly how we wanted them. Our video mailers have been a home run with everyone who sees them. Smooth process from start to finish. Highly recommend.”

Why Video Mailers Work So Well

Since videos are highly effective in marketing, the greatest benefit Video Mailers produce is that they get the right people to watch them. For reference, according to Review 42, 65% of executives visit a company’s website and 39% actually call them after watching a video about something they offer. These amazing marketing products simply put them directly into their hands.

In addition, decision-makers search for videos to learn about ways to improve their companies and their own lives. Plus, companies who use videos to show consumers what they provide are considered more appealing than their competitors. As a result, they tend to be more popular.

And finally, another benefit Video Mailers provide is that they rarely ever get screened out by gate-keepers. Then, after watching them, decision-makers usually can’t resist showing them to others who influence their decisions. If you think about it, what other marketing products do that?

After reading this, if you’d like to purchase Video Mailers because of their extreme effectiveness, or to receive a FREE Sample, contact us today.

How A Video Brochure Helped Raise Donations

Empower Playgrounds Video Brochure 5 X 7- Screen:4"

The following is a story about how a Video Brochure helped raise donations. Many charities have wonderful causes, and as you probably know, people like to help. The key to getting their charity is often reaching them in a way they’ll appreciate and that’ll make them feel compelled to respond. Coincidentally, videos do that… And now, Video Brochures help ensure the right people see them.

Testimonial From Empower Playgrounds, Inc.

The following testimonial is from Ben Markham, Founder of Empower Playgrounds, Inc. Ben is a retired ExxonMobile Executive who chose to start a heartwarming charity as an encore.

“Thank you for showing us the fund-raising tool that resulted in a very successful campaign, and for your guidance and excellent customer support. Although we were excited and convinced your Video Brochure would be a success, we had no idea how effective it would be.

We were concerned some of our donors would accuse us of spending too much on a fund-raising piece and thus depriving the rural Ghanaian students of the education resources they need. But just the opposite happened. We had many contributors (approximately 5%) ask us for more brochures so they could share our cause with friends, neighbors and associates to help us raise more funds.

We were amazed at how quickly after the mailing we received donations, and we were surprised when the first donations arrived within a few days of the mailing. We’re not used to contributions coming in that fast.

We were also surprised that over 10% of those who hadn’t donated in the last 3 to 5 years sent contribution. These ‘revived’ donations covered the cost of the entire campaign.

“The Video Brochure isn’t discarded and it doesn’t end up on the bottom of some pile. The ‘pass-along’ factor is as strong. Because the brochure can be viewed anytime and anywhere it facilitates repetitive viewings and opportunities to motivate more donations.

Many donors commented on how effective the video was in showing the results of EPI efforts. The testimonials and life changing stories by the children are emotionally powerful. The video is much more effective than words and pictures in conveying the message of the EPI mission and results.

As a technologically advanced communications tool we can’t imagine anything more effective than the MediaFast Video Brochure. MediaFast was right…it gets our donors attention. It engages them in our message, and it motivates them to send in their contributions.

Thank you again, we’re looking forward to our next campaign!”

Video Testimonial From A Happy Customer

In case that written testimonial isn’t enough to help you understand how effective Video Brochures are, here’s a video testimonial from a different company owner.

The Obvious Marketing Strategy That Helped Raise Donations

In the first section above after the intro, part of Ben Markham’s testimonial does an excellent job of pointing out one of the primary reasons why Video Brochures are so successful. The following is what I’m referring to.

Many donors commented on how effective the video was in showing the results of EPI efforts. The testimonials and life changing stories by the children are emotionally powerful. The video is much more effective than words and pictures in conveying the message of the EPI mission and results.

Clearly, the video is the magic ingredient. It’s basically the superstar of the entire piece, and it’s essentially what helped raise donations for them significantly.

Likewise, here’s another way to explain Video Brochures. They’re a full color printed card with an embedded LCD screen just like in your cell phone. Think of a standard printed brochure you might pick up at an automobile dealership that spotlights a vehicle and its features with pictures and text. However, this now removes the need for pictures and text because it plays a video instead. No need to read, meaning shoppers can watch, learn, and make an informed decision.

Get Unbeatable Video Brochures From MediaFast

At MediaFast, all of our products are made with only brand new, Grade A components. That ensures the best quality, and makes them extremely reliable. Also, from what we know, we’re the only supplier to include a full warranty, and it’s not a limited warranty.

In addition, to better serve our customers, we do not lock video content on the units. During the manufacturing process, we load the videos supplied to us by our customers and then leave them unlocked so they can change them whenever they want. While some companies charge for this, we don’t because we believe that without the video content, a Video Brochure isn’t really a Video Brochure. We also feel like our customers shouldn’t be restricted from doing whatever they want with them.

To learn more, click this link: Get The Best Video Brochures From MediaFast

After reading this, if you’d like to purchase Video Brochures so your company can use them to help raise donations, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

How To Begin The Process Of Making A Video Box

If you’re interested in making a Video Box, the idea of using one for your company’s marketing must be appealing. Or you’ve already decided to do so, and that’s very smart. Why? Because it’s going to make you look brilliant. It’s also going to produce excellent ROI, which they typically do, and the ROE your company will experience will be excellent as well.

What’s ROE you ask? It stands for return on experience. Just imagine the extraordinary presentation your targeted prospects will enjoy when they open the Video Box you send them. It’ll feel like a gift, and whatever you include inside will benefit from an elevated perceived value as well. Plus, your salespeople will experience an easier time connecting with prospects and making sales. How’s that sound? Like some pretty amazing return on experience, right?

The Process Of Making A Video Box

I could easily continue to sell the benefits of using a Video Box, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll get right into the process of making one since that’s the purpose of this post.

  1. The first step is determining the size of your Video Box based on what will be included inside of it. Then the design can be created around those components.
  2. Step two is determining the appropriate screen size along with what other components will be used based on budget and style considerations.
  3. The third step is creating a structural design template.
  4. Step four is when the graphics will be laid out.
  5. And the final step is when the graphic files will be submitted along with the video content and samples or gifts that will be included. With samples in hand, the custom die cut insert can be created to hold them all in place.

Once these five steps are completed and a proof approval is received, they’re typically ready to ship in 4 to 6 weeks.

The Power of Presentation

Presentations are great… Well, if they’re given with pizzazz. They can engage a target audience — or at least intrigue them — and enhance communication. At their core, they’re usually pretty simple, and they’re meant to effectively present ideas by captivating viewers.

In addition to needing the right timing, the right tone, and the right demeanor, the style in which they’re given strongly impacts their effectiveness.

With that said, here are some simple suggestions we’d like to offer.

First, don’t hide behind your presentation. Essentially, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re also entertaining. Nobody in your target audience knows your product, service or opportunity as intimately as you do, so your presentation needs to be interesting in order for them to absorb what you’re presenting. Videos are excellent for that purpose.

Second, utilize text sparingly. People don’t like to read much anymore, and again, videos are an excellent alternative.

Third, tell a story. Stories have been used for centuries to communicate thoughts, concepts and ideas, and they’re highly effective at doing so. They’re also enjoyable. Maybe you’ve heard the saying Facts tell, stories sell.

Fourth, don’t be boring… enough said.

And finally, utilize current technology. It’ll make you and your company look modern. It’ll also impress your prospects… And once again, videos are excellent for this purpose.

Video Box In Action

Just in case you aren’t familiar with them, here’s a short video showing a Video Box we created for a customer.

Why Making A Video Box For Marketing Is A Brilliant Idea

Thinking about marketing tactics, can you think of any that targeted prospects actually enjoy receiving? Business cards? Traditional printed brochures? Postcards? Flyers? Or advertising magazines?

While there may be exceptions once in a while, that’s not very often in the age of technology we live in. For the most part, those types of marketing tactics aren’t very effective anymore. But… companies still spend money on them.

Anyway, without a doubt, videos have become king in the marketing world. According to Wyzowl, marketers love the ROI they produce as they strongly influence traffic, leads, sales, and consumer understanding. Plus, they enjoy making them as well.

With that said, when companies do their marketing with Video Boxes, they’re effectively taking advantage of one of the few ways to practically ensure prospective buyers watch their videos.

Get Top Notch Video Boxes From MediaFast

At MediaFast, we’ve seen how Video Boxes extremely enhance the presentations of samples and gifts. Response rates with them are exceptionally high, and some marketers have elevated their careers simply by using them.

So, why are they so successful? Because messages presented in videos are more appealing to consumers. At the same time, since videos are more interesting to decision-makers, they’re often the best way to engage them.

On top of that, recipients rarely ever set them aside or throw them away like most other marketing media. Instead, what usually happens is they show them to others who influence their decisions. Then, after that happens and they respond, sales cycles tend to become shorter and an increase in sales tends to happen.

After reading this, if you’d like to use a Video Box as part of your marketing strategy, or to get a FREE Sample of any of our other Video Marketing Products, contact us today.