What’s The Best Way To Send Samples Or Gifts? Use A Video Box

For anyone interested in the best way to send samples or gifts, we’ll send a FREE sample of a Video Box. All they have to do is request it.

By doing so, our hope is that our potential customers will experience the superior quality that comes with our products. Then, hopefully they’ll understand the price difference between high quality and low quality versions is not always significant. However, there is usually a significant difference in customer satisfaction.

The Price Increase For High Quality Isn’t Always Significant

Around the world, there are reasons why phrases exist like You get what you pay for or “Buy it right or buy it twice”. Usually, products made with lower quality components break down quickly or simply don’t perform as well. They can also be far less impressive. Then users are left with disappointment, and buyer’s remorse often results.

In addition, what’s interesting is that the price difference between higher quality and lower quality products is usually only between 1% and 10%. Furthermore, sometimes a higher price is only because the product is made by a particular brand and not because it’s actually better. In those cases, price is not an indication of higher quality at all.

Unfortunately, consumers often use price to determine value by mistake when a better strategy would be to find quality first, and then find value from there.

Why We Send FREE Samples

Giving away free samples has always been a great way for companies to show potential customers what they have to offer.

To help our potential customers make an educated decision before purchasing any of our products, we’d rather send them a FREE sample first. Then, instead of hoping they’re purchasing from the right company, they’re able to buy with confidence.

At the same time, we decided many years ago to never sacrifice quality for any reason. Why? Because the risk of causing our customers to feel unsatisfied with poor performance by any of our products just isn’t worth it. Instead, we focus on making everything we sell the absolute best we can. Fortunately, we’ve been rewarded for it for over thirty years now.

Why Our Video Marketing Products Provide Superior Value

To further explain, here are five reasons why our Video Marketing Products provide such great value:

  1. We only use brand new, Grade A components. Cutting-edge marketing products have the ability to make a significant amount of revenue for companies who use them. When they’re in action, quality components are necessary to produce the best possible image, sound, and functionality. Instead of hearing stories about inferior products not working properly at the most inopportune moments, we believe in only using brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality. Then our customers don’t have to experience those embarrassing moments. And, brand new, Grade A components simply perform better.
  2. The minimum order is one. Basically, we do not have a minimum order size. Companies sometimes want a prototype first that they can use as a demo, and we’ll fulfill those orders happily.
  3. We do not lock video content. Rather than limit how our customers can use their Video Marketing Products, we do not lock the video content that is originally loaded onto them. Instead, we leave them unlocked so they can change videos on each unit whenever they want.
  4. We provide a full warranty. As far as we know, we are the only company in our industry to provide a full warranty on video marketing products. And, it is not a limited warranty.
  5. There is no “bait and switch” or “nickel and dime” with our prices. We do not charge set-up fees or surcharges. Our quotes include everything our customers will have to pay to have their expectations met. For instance, we do not charge to load video content onto the products before they’re delivered.

A Video Box Is The Best Way To Send Samples Or Gifts

For companies to get the most out of their videos, MediaFast Video Marketing Products make it happen. They help ensure the right people watch them. And, because they’re so effective, return on investment with them is outstanding.

Likewise, we know from experience how effective it is for companies to give samples of what they sell to their most-likely-customers. Also, giving gifts in a package that includes a video simply makes it much more impressive. Fortunately, Video Boxes are ideal for both, and we’ve seen them continue to grow in popularity over the past five years or so because of it.

To purchase a Video Box so your company can capitalize on the best way to send samples or gifts, or to receive a FREE Sample, contact us today.

Why Executives Respond So Positively To Video Mailers

Ubeo Business Service

For anyone familiar with Video mailers, it’s not surprising that executives respond so positively to them. They provide an ideal way to make contact because they spike curiosity. Also, the WOW FACTOR they deliver escalates their impressiveness. As a result, return on investment with them is outstanding.

Why Executives Respond So Positively To Video Mailers

In sales and marketing, videos are like a magic ingredient. They increase open and response rates to all types of sales and marketing communication. They also help companies stand out from competitors. At the same time, since consumers now expect companies to have videos available, they often prefer to make purchases from companies who use them.

Easily the greatest benefit Video Mailers produce is that they get the “right” people to watch videos that are ideal for their attention. For instance, according to a report from Forbes, 65% of executives visit a company’s website and 39% actually call them after watching a video about a product, service, or opportunity they are already interested in purchasing. The point being that it curbs procrastination.

What’s more is that it’s common for them to search for videos to learn about ways to improve their own companies. Coincidentally, companies who use videos to show what they offer are usually considered more appealing than their competitors. And, feedback indicates they get rewarded financially for it.

And finally, another benefit is that Video Mailers rarely ever get screened out by gate-keepers or assistants before reaching decision-makers. That makes them significantly different from most other marketing materials, and then after watching them, executives usually can’t resist showing them to others who influence their decisions. Not many other sales and marketing products are responsible for anywhere near as much influence.

Ways Companies Use Video Mailers With Great Success

Selling: Consumers find videos extremely appealing. They also increase the perceived value of companies along with the products, services, and opportunities they sell. As a result, they shorten sales cycles.

Marketing: When sent to the right people, they’re just as effective as TV commercials in many instances. But, they’re much less expensive.

Capitalizing on referrals: Emails, phone calls, and face-to-face visits are great ways to stay in touch with existing customers. At the same time, since some have the ability to produce more referrals than others, Video Mailers provide a more impressive way to contact prospects who come from referrals.

Launching new products, services, and opportunities: This is because consumers usually prefer watching videos over looking at sales and marketing materials with motionless content. They also feel like companies who use videos know better how to communicate with them. In addition, they often come across as more customer-friendly.

Recruiting: Finding successful ways to engage recruits can be challenging. However, Video Mailers provide a highly effective way to overcome those challenges because they’re practically impossible to ignore.

Fundraising: Essentially, people feel inspired to give when they feel connected to a cause. By the same token, videos have proven to enhance storytelling and connect emotionally with viewers. They can also show far more information in much less time. Video Mailers capitalize on that by providing an ideal platform for storytelling, and that’s just another reason why they produce such great results.

To purchase Video Mailers so your company can enjoy how executives respond so positively to them, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

Video Brochures Keep Companies On The Minds Of Their Prospects

To achieve revenue goals each year, it’s important for companies to stay on the minds of their prospects. One of the very best ways to do that is with Video Brochures. Why? Because they’re impressive, modern, and efficient – all qualities that make them look user-friendly and appealing. Plus, they work extremely well to show what companies have to offer.

Why Video Brochures Are So Effective

In today’s world, videos are everywhere. People actually want to watch them, and because of it, the marketing they produce is excellent.

When prospective customers view them, they learn substantially more in less time than when they read flyers or printed brochures. Decision-makers also share them with each other. Then, afterwards, if they weren’t all present for an initial sales pitch, it makes it easy for them to all hear the information first-hand.

On top of that, companies benefit when their messages consist mostly of content they control. Whether salespeople leave them with prospects after delivering sales pitches or leave them as their sales pitches, they’re highly effective either way. And, as an added bonus, they create an excellent reason for follow-up, which has proven to be a huge difference-maker when working in sales.

With that said, here are 15 reasons why Video Brochures are so effective:

  1. Companies can target their most likely customers with them either by dropping them off or mailing them (Video Mailers).
  2. For the money, they’re more cost effective to make and distribute than most other forms of advertising and marketing.
  3. They’re much less expensive than TV commercials but engage all the same senses.
  4. In many cases, they perform just as well as TV commercials.
  5. Video Brochures have proven to make salespeople much more effective.
  6. Videos make messages exceedingly more memorable.
  7. Changing video content in Video Brochures is extremely easy. To learn more, click this link: https://mediafast.com/how-to-change-content/
  8. They easily win the battle for attention on desks and in mailboxes.
  9. They’re viewed as novelty items instead of throw-way marketing pieces.
  10. Recipients regularly share them with co-workers and others who influence their decisions.
  11. Video Brochures create an ideal reason for salespeople to follow-up after engaging prospects.
  12. They increase the perceived value of companies and the commodities they sell.
  13. Consumers are 85% more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video about it if they’re already considering buying it.
  14. Our customers have reported getting their bids accepted more often when they present them in Video Brochures.
  15. They’re practically impossible to ignore or set aside.

Successful Companies Stay On The Minds Of Their Prospects

To remain successful, companies invest thousands of dollars in marketing each year. Since videos have proven to be the most effective and affordable strategy, sharing them in Video Brochures simply helps ensure they get watched by the “right” prospects.

In addition to being classy, easy to deliver, and novel enough for companies to reach a target audience in what might be the most impressive way, they’re too interesting for recipients to resist watching and showing to others who influence their decisions. Not many other marketing products can do that.

Effectively, they combine the best of traditional print marketing with state-of-the-art video marketing to deliver twice the appeal. For companies who want to purchase Video Brochures so they can stay on the minds of their prospects, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

Why Videos Produce Excellent Return On Investment


It’s well known that videos produce excellent return on investment, especially in marketing. Because of it, according to a report by Demand Metric, 83% of marketers say that including videos in their strategies is now more important than ever. Otherwise, their competitors get more attention from consumers than they do. And, they’re viewed as less modern.

In addition, statistics from Wyzowl show that 87 percent of businesses now use videos regularly. Why? Because they outproduce other marketing strategies. At the same time, consumers respond well to them.

An Explanation of Video Marketing

Video Marketing is when brands use videos to engage their most-likely-customers. The videos are usually published on either YouTube or social media. However, distributing them in Video Marketing Products like the ones shown below is extremely effective.

When used, Video Marketing offers a way for companies to present their messages in a way that is more appealing to consumers. It works well with both B2B and B2C marketing strategies.

Plus, when Video Marketing Products like the ones shown above are used, companies are able to give them directly to their targeted prospects. At the same time, they aren’t viewed as throw-away marketing pieces, which means they get watched more often. They’re also extremely impressive, and recipients share them with others who influence their decisions. That means information gets delivered more on a first-hand basis. And, companies are able to better control how their messages get presented.

With that said, videos have become easier and easier to produce. The number of options marketers have to distribute them means there really are multiple strategies that can be used, and for the most part, they all perform well.

Videos Are Ideal For Explaining Products, Services, and Opportunities

According to Wyzowl, 94% of marketers say using videos has helped increase consumer understanding of what they sell.

Some of their greatest effects are that trust escalates when videos are used because people find it easier to believe what they see. In fact, one of the greatest qualities videos possess is that they’re able to show products and services being used in actual circumstances. They’re also ideal for sharing testimonials and presenting how-to instructions.

Because of this, consumers find it easier to make purchasing decisions. In addition, there is usually less buyer’s remorse, which means fewer returns and more happy customers.

Videos Produce Excellent Return On Investment

The return on investment companies enjoy from videos primarily depends on how successful they are at getting their most-likely-customers to watch them. Nevertheless, 83% of marketers say videos give them a very good return on investment.

In addition, again according to Wyzowl, most say that producing and distributing videos is inexpensive. They attribute this to the plethora of technology available that makes it easy for users to create high quality videos in short periods of time. Also, it’s simple to upload and distribute them via the internet or in Video Marketing Products. To learn more, click this link: How To Change Or Add Video Content

So, why do they produce excellent return on investment? Because they’re inexpensive to produce and distribute, and they’re highly effective on consumers. Viewers respond more promptly to them than other forms of marketing. And, their responses are usually positive.

In a nutshell, if your company isn’t creating and sharing videos, it’s probably missing out on one of the most profitable ways to market what it sells.

To use Video Marketing Products so your company can enjoy excellent return on investment, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

5 Benefits of Point Of Purchase Displays With Videos

One of the greatest benefits of using Point of Purchase Displays with videos is they improve customer retention. Why? Because videos grab and hold people’s attention. Plus, when people are amused, they tend to stay in places longer. And, videos have the ability to explain products, services and opportunities better than most other forms of communication, even some store employees.

5 Major Benefits of Point of Purchase Displays With Videos

Technology has enabled videos to enhance our world in many ways. Having them included in Point of Purchase Displays is just one of several enhancements they’ve made in retail sales.

With that said, here are some benefits Point of Purchase Displays with videos provide:

  1. POP Displays with videos amuse shoppers. Retail visits are often intended to be quick. In most cases, shoppers routinely pick the same items they’ve been buying for years. However, research has shown that consumers become inspired to stay in stores longer when they include videos. That enables retailers to sell more products to them, and because they’re enjoying themselves, they’re more likely to return.
  2. They increase attention on products. Simply stated, Point of Purchase Displays increase the amount of attention products receive. For retailers who are concerned that their product won’t stand out enough, this is an excellent way to prevent that from happening. Even dedicated buyers of specific brands can be influenced to try something new when it’s highlighted in a POP Display. Moreover, using videos in them will increase the chances of that happening.
  3. They reduce the responsibilities of salespeople. Videos from manufacturers that explain products and services allow employees to focus more on other tasks. For consumers, those videos often do a better job of explaining the pros and cons to using them. Plus, they instill more confidence.
  4. POP Displays placed near check-out locations prompt shoppers to make impulse purchases. Check-out stations are where consumers spend a lot of time. In those moments, they’re normally past the point of rushing through a store while trying to find everything they intended to buy. More than anything, they’re just ready to pay so they can leave. While waiting, they naturally have time to look at and consider buying other products, and that’s when revenue-building impulse purchases frequently occur.
  5. They remind shoppers of things they might be forgetting. One of the greatest benefits of POP Displays is that they constantly remind shoppers of things they want or need. In many cases, if it wasn’t for the reminder, they would completely forget until they left the store.

Get A Top-Notch POP Display With A Video From MediaFast

POP Displays with videos amuse consumers and improve shopping experiences. In retail settings, there are ideal opportunities for retailers to engage shoppers in ways that add value and prompt them to buy specific products and/or spend more money. What Point of Purchase Displays with videos do is give them a chance to do so without being annoying. Instead, they’re modern, appealing, and extremely helpful.

At MediaFast, we completely understand how a well designed, attention-grabbing POP Display will boost revenue for store owners. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we only use brand new, Grade A components in everything we sell. That helps us ensure the best quality, and it makes our products exceptionally reliable.

To buy a Point of Purchase Display with a video so your store can benefit from improved customer retention, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

Effective Follow-Up After Sending Video Mailers Improves Results

Effective follow-up after sending Video Mailers will definitely improve results. People are busy, and even though recipients will be impressed, they may not respond right away. However, when you contact them afterwards, the conversation should go well. They’re too impressive for it not to. And, since you’ll already have identified them as someone who will benefit from buying what you’re selling, they’ll be open to it.

How Video Mailers Lead To Success In Sales

If you’re in sales, using Video Mailers to engage targeted prospects is an excellent strategy. A well-constructed, strategic video will make an interesting, credible introduction. Plus, they’ll be intrigued by its novelty. Then your product demonstration and marketing message will resonate better with them, and they’ll already feel like they know you.

In addition, the emotional connection that Video Mailers create has proven to be highly rewarding. During the global pandemic we’ve all been facing, everyone has had to change the way they conduct business. Fortunately, videos have helped with that, and the effective communication they accomplish has helped some people do business even more effectively than they used to.

With regards to Video Mailers, they win the battle for attention when competing against other marketing materials. For example, they’ll outperform a traditional printed flyer or brochure any day. Basically, recipients find them too interesting to ignore. Then, after watching them, they usually can’t resist showing them to others who influence their purchasing decisions. Afterwards, more sales happen and companies are thrilled they made the decision to use them.

With all of that said, it’s rare when someone agrees to buy something after the first sales pitch. That’s why follow-up is so important, which is a great segue into this next section.

Effective Follow-Up Improves Results

After Video Mailers peak interest in targeted prospects, effective follow-up will make all the difference in getting them to make a purchase. With that said, here are three recommendations:

  • Educate them. If they’re already interested, great. If they’re not sure, or they’re thinking “no”, to get them to change their answer to “yes”, it’s necessary during follow-up to present new information. It will increase trust and create value. Also, salespeople who fail to present new information as they go about follow-up usually wear out their welcome.
  • Rely on repetition. Sometimes people need to hear the same thing over and over again before they fully understand how buying it will benefit them. The key to getting them to continue listening as you repeat the information is to do it without being annoying. Acting with patience and repeating important details while also mixing in new information will add value, and it’s a proven strategy that works well.
  • Include variety. Throughout follow-up, a variety of communication tactics should be used. For instance, direct mail, phone calls, texts, emails, videos, and face-to-face meetings have all proven to be effective. Also, and just as importantly, the primary focus of every conversation should not be about making the sale. Instead, building sincere relationships should be the primary focus because sometimes it takes a long time to close a deal, but it only takes a second to lose one. In addition, you’ll still want them to buy from you weeks or months later. Patience will pay off eventually (more times than not).

Professionals who incorporate these three suggestions after sending Video Mailers as they follow-up tend to get rewarded for it. As a result, they perform better for the companies they work for, and they usually make more money themselves.

Video Mailers Provide A Natural Reason For Follow-Up

In addition to being impressive, Video Mailers also intrigue, impress, and succeed at drawing a response. As well, they provide an ideal reason for salespeople to follow-up, which is usually necessary for them to close deals.

Furthermore, companies who leverage the power of Video Marketing Products like Video Mailers have been enjoying great success with them for several years now, and your company can do the same.

To purchase Video Mailers so your company can enjoy an increase in sales with them, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

Video Business Cards Are Much More Effective Than Traditional Ones

Video Business Cards are far more effective than traditional ones. Why? Because they capitalize on the power of videos to create better connections, and they leave a much better impression.

Modern Marketing Tools Provide Great Advantages

First and foremost, Video Business Cards tell others that you and your company are modern. They also spark interest and help what you offer to become more memorable. As a result, when prospective customers want or need what you sell, chances will be higher that they’ll think of you before one of your competitors.

In addition, like Video Brochures, they create other distinct advantages. For example, after watching them, recipients usually feel like they know people and companies highlighted in them better. That results from videos being able to say and show more information in a short period of time, definitely much more than motionless words or images. And by doing so, they create a stronger mental connection, which escalates trust.

10 Advantages Video Business Cards Provide Users:

To be more specific, here is a list of advantages they provide:

  1. They’re extremely classy.
  2. They’re novel.
  3. Recipients regularly show them to others.
  4. They make users much more interesting and memorable.
  5. They make meeting new people less intimidating.
  6. Videos have the ability to say and show more information in less time by utilizing the power of videos.
  7. They help users stand out from their competitors.
  8. They aren’t viewed as throw-away marketing materials.
  9. Video Business Cards provide an increase in perceived value for users and what they sell.
  10. They make follow-up, which is extremely important in sales, feel much easier.

With these and other advantages, it’s easy to see why they’re so much more effective than traditional business cards that don’t include videos. And if that isn’t enough, return on investment with them is outstanding, meaning they’re well worth the money it costs to use them.

Video Business Cards Are More Effective Than Traditional Versions

Video Business Cards help professionals feel more relaxed and confident. As they go about their business, they’re able to talk less and listen more, which most people appreciate. They also regularly benefit from an increase in how often their video messages get seen and heard. Plus, their prospects are able to share their messages with others who influence their decisions in a more impressive manner. And, on a first-hand basis.

Furthermore, prospects typically respond quickly to calls-to-action in them. Essentially, anyone with a product, service, or opportunity to sell should enjoy great benefits from using them. From the feedback we’ve received from our customers, that’s been the case.

To purchase Video Business Cards so your company can benefit from how they’re much more effective than traditional ones, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

Add Credibility And Increase Sales With Video Brochures

Video Brochures will help your company add credibility and increase sales. In a competitive world, that’s worth a lot. They’ll also increase the number of times your target audience views your messages, which will make your brand more memorable.

Why Adding Credibility Helps Increase Sales

Videos have become the most effective way for companies to connect with a target audience. They’re interesting, efficient, and consumers prefer them. As a result, they work exceptionally well for many purposes.

When it comes to credibility, here is why it helps increase sales. Brands become more popular when their messages get seen and heard more often. At the same time, people start to trust them more. Then, what they sell feels more reliable, and an increased number of consumers buy it.

On top of that, people love videos. They’ve actually become one of the most effective ways for companies to increase credibility. The visual impact they deliver satisfies the simplicity and immediacy consumers crave, and successful companies use them regularly in their marketing and advertising strategies.

10 Reasons Why Video Brochures Are So Effective

By using videos to plant their brand in the minds of their most likely customers, companies usually enjoy an increase in sales. With that said, here is why Video Brochures are so effective:

  1. They increase enthusiasm in salespeople.
  2. These cutting-edge products help salespeople get their messages past gate-keepers so they can reach decision-makers.
  3. They provide an excellent ice-breaker when they’re meeting new prospects.
  4. Video Brochures rarely get ignored like other sales and marketing products.
  5. They deliver messages efficiently.
  6. They enable companies to maintain better control over how their messages get presented.
  7. Recipients usually can’t resist sharing them with others who influence their decisions.
  8. Videos increase credibility because people find it easier to trust what they see.
  9. They increase trust because videos show products and services being used in actual circumstances.
  10. A call-to-action in them draws a better response because videos arouse emotions, which prompt viewers to take action.

With these and other valuable accomplishments, Video Brochures have grown in popularity. Companies have been using them for several years now with great success, and that shouldn’t change anytime soon.

Add Credibility And Increase Sales With Video Brochures

In addition to impressing targeted prospects, recipients of Video Brochures actually enjoy them. They’re much more effective than business cards, flyers, or traditional brochures. And, follow-up conversations after they’ve been watched tend to go extremely well.

Also, videos in Video Marketing Products get watched more often by targeted prospects. Executives everywhere search for videos when they’re trying to find ways to improve their companies, and they appreciate when it’s easy to find them. As well, Video Marketing Products are highly impressive, and they increase perceived value.

To purchase Video Brochures so your company can add credibility and increase sales, or to receive a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

Video Marketing Is A Powerful Way To Show Value

Video Marketing is one of the most effective ways for companies to show their value. Not only does it make them look modern and impressive, but it also helps them successfully engage decision-makers with their videos.

Videos Provide A Powerful Way To Show Value

For over a decade now, videos have proven to be great for marketing and advertising. The combination of images with sound and motion is captivating, and there may not be a better way for companies to interest decision-makers with messages that are intended for them.

The way they grab attention, arouse emotions, and portray details more accurately than motionless words or images is a true difference-maker. At the same time, they present information faster. And, they feel like they take less effort to watch. As a result, some of the greatest benefits they offer are that they build trust, are more interesting for consumers, and elevate perceived value. They can also explain almost anything, and they’re easy for decision-makers to share with others who influence their decisions.

With that said, the key to success with Video Marketing is for companies to have their videos watched by the right people. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Video Marketing Products do best. Products like Video Brochures, Video Mailers, Video Sample and Gift Boxes, and Point of Purchase Displays with videos in them have been performing extremely well for several years now.

Why Video Marketing Products Produce Such Great Results

One of the main reasons videos are so effective is that they make it easy for people to connect emotionally with presenters. Seeing emotions along with non-verbal communication gives viewers a sense of familiarity and trust. It also helps create a vision of them using whatever is being presented… and maybe even owning it.

Likewise, they allow companies to present messages that are trustworthy and relatable. If their target audience can identify with the problem(s) their product, service or opportunity will resolve, they’ll come off as being more like a company trying to help them instead of a company simply trying to get their money.

Furthermore, being unique and impressive is often the best way for companies to succeed in sales. Video Brochures, Video Mailers, Video Sample and Gift Boxes, and Point of Purchase Displays with videos in them are definitely unique and highly impressive. Therefore, they produce better return on investment than practically any other sales or marketing tools. And, they give companies a proven way to get the best results for the marketing dollars they spend.

Get Outstanding Video Marketing Products From MediaFast

At MediaFast, we pride ourselves on offering the best products, value, advice, and customer service at all times. To ensure that happens, we only use brand new, Grade A components. We also back all of our products with a full warranty. And, we give maximum effort at all times to ensure our customers are happy.

Also, for companies who use Video Marketing Products, sometimes it can be a challenge for them to design cost-effective solutions because of the creativity and range of materials it takes to produce them. In addition, the majority of companies in our industry charge extra for many of the variables that we include with them. However, we don’t, and it makes a huge difference. Click this link to learn more: Buy MediaFast Video Marketing Products For Great Return On Investment

On top of that, from the moment companies decide to work with us to the moment their projects are complete, they benefit from our industry-leading resources as well as the combined 150 years of experience we have in our leadership team. Truthfully, we know what it takes to design, print, manufacture, and deliver highly effective Video Marketing Products, and we’d love to do the same for your company.

To purchase Video Marketing Products so your company can utilize a great way to show value, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

Why You Should Use A Video Box To Send Samples And Gifts

Using a Video Box to send samples and gifts pays extremely well. Why? Because it capitalizes on the power of videos to do superb marketing, and it helps companies impress clients they already have as well as gain new ones.

Marketing Strategies Significantly Impact Revenue

Marketing is one of the few processes that significantly impact revenue in business. In many industries, companies who are good at it outperform their competitors while others who aren’t tend to struggle.

For example, there are several pizza chains who owe the majority of their success to great marketing. Even though their pizza isn’t nearly as tasty (in my opinion) as some of their competitors, they sell substantially more slices practically every day. The same is true for beer and hamburgers. While I could continue on about this, my guess is you’ve already thought of a few other products that sell more often mainly because of great marketing rather than high quality.

With that said, what a Video Box does is present samples and gifts in an extremely impressive fashion. In case you aren’t familiar with them, here is a video highlighting them:

Why You Should Use A Video Box To Send Samples And Gifts

Marketing normally has two specific goals. One is to help companies keep the clients they already have. The other is to help them gain new ones. In similar fashion, Video Boxes do both.

As the name implies, a Video Box includes a video. It makes messages more interesting and memorable, and studies have shown that consumers believe companies who use videos know better how to communicate with them.

As well, 90% of consumers say videos strongly impact their purchasing decisions. On top of that, 80% of consumers are more likely to buy a product they are already considering buying after watching a video about it. If they can’t find a video from a company they want to buy from, they’ll usually search for a video from another company and then buy from them instead.

Conveniently, a Video Box includes a video along with product samples and gifts to make it substantially influential on recipients. With so much included, there aren’t many better ways for companies to impress their targeted prospects.

Also, when recipients receive a Video Box, it almost feels like they’re receiving a gift. It feels uplifting that someone thought highly enough of them to send such an impressive piece of technology. And, in most cases, they can’t resist opening it immediately. Then, the video works its magic, and they usually can’t resist sharing what they’ve just received with others who influence their decisions. Then face-to-face meetings and/or sales tend to happen quickly, and the entire sales process goes fairly fast.

Get New Clients With A Video Box From MediaFast

At MediaFast, we understand the value of marketing. We also understand how important it is for companies to spend their marketing dollars wisely on strategies that work. And, according to the feedback we’ve received, Video Boxes work extremely well.

As soon as the process begins, we help our clients brainstorm, envision, script, and design a Video Box that will meet their objectives. Until everyone agrees that the concept and design is right for what they intend to accomplish, we keep working until everyone is satisfied. With that in mind, we have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t in marketing, which gives us a distinct advantage over many of our competitors, and it helps us satisfy our customers.

To purchase a Video Box for your company to use to send samples and gifts, or to receive a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.