Video Brochures Produce Majorly Effective Marketing

Video Brochures combine highly productive video marketing with the best of print advertising to produce majorly effective marketing. They’re excellent for showing targeted prospects what a company can do for them. Plus, they escalate perceived value, and return on investment with them is outstanding.

Video Brochures Produce Majorly Effective Marketing

In this day and age, videos are extremely productive. Consumers seek them out. Executives pay more attention to them than most other forms of communication, especially when they’re looking for new products, services, or opportunities to improve their companies. And, they appreciate when companies make them available.

Regarding Video Brochures, they excel at getting targeted prospects to watch videos. They’re much more effective than sending them in emails, and the fact that they’re more interesting and impressive produces other benefits as well. Also, response rates to them are outstanding, and they make a company’s messages practically unforgettable. Then, when users follow-up, they find it easier to set up face-to-face meetings and/or close deals almost immediately.

With that said, whether they’re hand delivered or dropped off for receptionists to pass along, decision-makers find them hard to ignore. Then they usually share them with others who influence their decisions, and sales cycles become shorter when they’re involved.

Video Brochures Are Outstanding Door-Openers

When it comes to opening doors, Video Brochures do it better than practically any other marketing product. Even executives who may be hard to reach tend to respond to them quickly.

For salespeople, knowing prospects who would be ideal buyers for what they’re selling is an advantage. However, it feels frustrating when they’re unresponsive or just won’t take the time to listen. Maybe their co-workers are acting like gate-keepers who screen salespeople for them. Or, maybe they just don’t meet with salespeople unless they initiate the conversations first. Regardless of why, their doors just aren’t open. If you’re a salesperson who is reading this, I’m sure you know what I mean.

Fortunately, Video Brochures provide an ideal solution to that problem. They open doors, even ones that are hard to open, and executives love them! They’re far more effective than business cards, flyers, or pamphlets. And even traditional brochures fail to produce anywhere near as well.

Improve Your Marketing With Video Brochures From MediaFast

In the digital age we live in, Video Brochures are cutting-edge marketing products that have produced outstanding results for several years now. As a way for companies to engage targeted prospects, they’re practically impossible to beat, and buying them from MediaFast is the right choice.

Why? Because we only use brand new, Grade A components to make them. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we offer a full warranty to support the quality we offer. Also, because we’re so confident in them, we send out hundreds of FREE SAMPLES every month. What tends to happen is that after our prospective customers receive them, it’s common for them to say things like “We got samples from other companies too, but yours are so much better.”

To purchase Video Brochures so your company can benefit from how they produce majorly effective marketing, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

Why You Should Use A Video In A Box To Spruce Up Your Samples

Visusa Video Box 14 x 11 x 2 - Screen: 7"

If your company uses samples to generate new business or keep repeat business, adding a video will spruce them up immensely. You’ll get more bang for your buck. Plus, your company will be more impressive to your most-likely-customers. Then it’ll make more sales, and your brand will be more memorable to your prospects.

Spruce Up Your Samples With A Video Box

Using a Video Gift or Sample Box is an excellent marketing strategy. In addition to impressing targeted prospects, the response they usually render makes return on investment with them outstanding.

With that said, in business, marketing is one of the few practices that substantially affect a company’s bottom line. For example, companies who are good at it outperform their competitors by a landslide in many industries. Otherwise, some restaurants wouldn’t enjoy so much more revenue than their competitors even though their food may not be nearly as tasty. While that is just my opinion, the concept is true. The more companies engage their most likely customers, the more sales they usually make… That is as long as negative publicity doesn’t offset it. Otherwise, many companies who sell lower quality products would quickly go out of business.

Having said that, what a Video Box does is present samples or gifts in a spectacular enough manner to get even the most hard to impress decision-makers to respond. These cutting-edge products provide first class marketing, and almost every recipient responds with compliments.

Here is a short video in case you aren’t familiar with them already.

Enjoy A Boost In Sales With A Video Box

When it comes to marketing, there are two specific goals. One is to help companies continue to make sales to customers they already have. The other is to help them make sales to new ones. What a Video Box does is help them accomplish both.

As the video above showed, a Video Box includes a video. Not only does it make gifts and samples more interesting and memorable, but studies have shown that consumers also believe that companies who use videos understand how to communicate with them better than companies who don’t.

In addition, 90% of consumers say videos strongly impact their purchasing decisions. And, 80% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy a product they’re already considering purchasing after watching a video about it. If they can’t find a video from a company they’re most interested in buying from, they’ll simply search for a video from another one who sells the product they’re hoping to buy and buy from them instead.

Clearly, based on those percentages, Video Boxes are extremely influential. With so much included, there aren’t many better ways for companies to impress their prospects while showing what they have to offer. Furthermore, as soon as someone experiences one, it’s easy to see why Video Boxes boost sales.

Get An Outstanding Video Box from MediaFast

According to feedback we’ve received, Video Boxes significantly increase sales. They go hand in hand with how advances in technology have changed the way companies advertise their products, services and opportunities. And, users love the outstanding return on investment they produce.

With respect to the phrase “Presentation Is Everything”, a Video Box is essentially a dynamic marketing piece that helps companies get the most return for distributing their samples.

At MediaFast, we understand the importance of giving gifts and samples as part of a marketing campaign. As well, with over 150 years of combined experience in our leadership team, we know how to help make that happen. To ensure the best quality and reliability, we only use brand new, Grade A components in everything we sell. We also offer a full warranty and a complete mailing solution so our clients can remain focused on what they do best.

To purchase a Video Box so your company can spruce up your samples, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

Why Point Of Purchase Displays Are Even More Effective Now


Point of Purchase Displays are even more effective now because videos have been added to them. Not only do they attract more looks from shoppers, but they also grab and hold their attention. Then the video content educates and amuses them, and they’re far more effective than motionless images or words. As a result, more sales occur.

Videos In Retail Settings Improve Customer Retention

In marketing, videos are like a magic ingredient. Consumers enjoy them, and decision-makers seek them out when trying to improve their companies or their lives.

Ever since engineers found ways to add them to POP Displays, they’ve improved them as well. They add energy inside stores. They also improve the vibe shoppers feel while drawing them to information that helps them make purchasing decisions. Furthermore, impulse purchases are responsible for a great deal of revenue in retail, and videos are excellent for increasing them.

With regards to retail visits, they’re intended to be quick for most people. Shoppers usually hurry along while picking out the same items they’ve been buying for the last several years. However, from what research has shown, attractive Point of Purchase Displays being strategically placed in stores prompts shoppers to feel like staying in them longer. Then they’re tempted to make more purchases. And they often do.

In addition to that, strategically placed POP Displays help shoppers evaluate other brands while giving them the opportunity to determine if they’re better options than what they’ve been using. The more organization and value retail stores offer, the more likely their loyal customers are to continue shopping at them.

In a nutshell, while traditional POP Displays served their purposes well, the addition of videos has made them even more effective now. Feedback from suppliers says videos help them sell more products and services. And at the same time, store owners who strategically utilize them enjoy a great boost in revenue.

Examples Of When POP Displays Are Even More Effective

Technology has enabled videos to improve our world in many ways. Having them in Point of Purchase Displays is just one of several ways they’ve benefited retail sales. With that said, another great benefit for store owners is that they give them the ability to reduce the responsibilities of their salespeople.

Basically, they allow employees to focus more on other tasks that deliver great benefits to shoppers and owners. At the same time, for shoppers, videos often do a better job of explaining the pros and cons to using specific products. Why? Because the videos are usually made by the product manufacturers. Therefore, the information is more reliable, and they instill more confidence in potential buyers.

Also, one of the other huge benefits of using POP Displays is that they give store owners one last shot at making sales to consumers before they leave. For instance, check-out stations are where consumers spend a lot of time. By then, they’re past the point of rushing through stores while picking out everything they intended to buy. Instead, they’re just ready to check-out so they can leave. While waiting, it’s only natural for them to look around and consider buying other products specifically highlighted in Point of Purchase Displays near where they’re standing. It’s in those specific moments when revenue boosting impulse purchases frequently occur.

Get An Excellent Point Of Purchase Display From MediaFast

In the digital world we live in, Point of Purchase Displays with videos produce great results. For instance, at the most opportune moment, one can grab a shopper’s attention and motivate them to make a purchase.

At MediaFast, we understand how a well designed Point of Purchase Display with a video in it will enhance the shopping experience for consumers. Not only will it help products stand out from their competitors, but it will also increase revenue for manufacturers and retail store owners. Also, since ours are made with only brand new, Grade A components, they produce the most reliability.

If you’re a manufacturer or store owner who’d like to purchase Point of Purchase Displays so your company can benefit from how well they perform, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

Why It Pays To Mail Your Marketing Video To Your Prospects

One of the most effective ways to engage your prospects is to mail your marketing video directly to them. They’ll be impressed when they receive it in a cutting-edge Video Marketing Product like one shown in the video below. Otherwise, they may never watch it. Plus, you’ll find that it’ll make follow-up much easier, and more sales will occur according to feedback we’ve received.

Oh, and as an added bonus, the video content can be changed easily through a simple process on products purchased from us, meaning they’re reusable. To learn more, click this link: How To Change Video Content

Why It Pays To Mail Your Marketing Video To Your Prospects

In today’s digital world, videos are everywhere. Fortunately, they’re fairly inexpensive to make and most companies already have experience making them. If not, video technicians are about as easy to find as real estate agents.

With that said, the primary reason you should mail your marketing video to your prospects is because decision-makers usually look for videos when they’re trying to find ways to improve their lives or their companies. Just as importantly, your competitors are probably already doing it. But if they’re not, it’ll definitely give you an advantage. Also, since executives are already looking for them, sending your video directly to them will simply make their jobs easier.

On top of that, one of the greatest advantages videos offer is that they allow companies to say and show more information in less time. There isn’t a much better way for companies to show the value they have to offer to consumers. And, by communicating in videos, they present themselves as being modern, efficient, and user-friendly.

Video Presentation Of Our First-Class Video Marketing Products

In case you aren’t familiar with the products we sell, here is a short video highlighting a few of them. It focuses mostly on Video Boxes for samples and gifts, but it also shows several Video Brochures randomly throughout. It also makes it fairly easy to imagine Video Mailers since they’re basically Video Brochures that get sent in custom packaging in the mail. Plus, we sell Point Of Purchase Displays with videos as well as Video Business Cards and other high-quality marketing products. Click the links on each to learn more about them.

Video Marketing Products Boost Sales

Video Marketing Products are now one of the most effective ways for companies to present their value. In addition to helping them look modern and impressive, they also help them have more success engaging decision-makers and ensuring their videos get watched by their most likely customers.

Basically, the effectiveness of videos results from how they grab attention, arouse emotions, portray accurate details, present information faster, and require less effort from viewers to watch. They also succeed at creating valuable mental connections between presenters and viewers. Furthermore, they’re easy for consumers to share with others who influence their decisions. As a result, they tend to prompt even lazy consumers to take action.

However, with all of that said, the key to success with Video Marketing is for companies to have their videos get watched by the right people, which is precisely what Video Marketing Products do extremely well.

To purchase any of our Video Marketing Products so your company can mail your marketing video directly to your prospects, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

Job Bids In Video Brochures Produce Better Results Than Emails

Presenting job bids in Video Brochures is definitely a better strategy than sending them in emails. Many of our customers have told us that. It’s also a better strategy than presenting them in pamphlets, printed brochures, binders or folders. Sometimes it’s even better than presenting them in-person.

With that said, for companies who rely on bids to win jobs, presenting them in Video Brochures is an excellent strategy. In addition to helping them look more modern, impressive, and efficient, they also stand out from competitors.

Videos Are More Influential Than Emails Or Printed Text

Videos have the ability to do several things that written text and motionless images cannot. For example, the combination of real people with sound and motion creates a genuine connection between viewers and presenters.

Also, demonstrations are easier to trust in videos because people find it easier to believe what they see more than what they only read or hear. At the same time, videos can say and show more details in less time.

Another great advantage videos provide is that they tell stories better. Most people in sales are familiar with the phrase “Facts tell, stories sell.” Effectively, videos bring products, services, and concepts to life in a way that gives prospective users a better understanding of how they perform along with the benefits they could enjoy from using them. Then trust escalates, more sales happen, and less buyer’s remorse occurs.

With all of that said, videos have to be watched by the right people to make the greatest impact. Video Brochures are excellent for that purpose because they’re normally given to targeted prospects. Then, from the feedback we’ve received, recipients rarely ever set them aside. Instead, they watch them and then can’t resist showing them to others who influence their decisions. As a result, the return on investment they produce is outstanding.

Testimonial About The Effectiveness Of Video Brochures

Below are quotes shared with us from Scott Williams, Marketing Manager for Flex Flow. They came from executives who received product samples along with Video Brochures from him.

  • “The video brochure was so well done that after watching the video I felt compelled to call to find out more about your company. To be honest without the video brochure I would have never called.” Tony Orlando, FL (President)
  • “I received your sample with the video insert and I must say we were very impressed with your sample box. I never even knew that this type of marketing existed. We would be very interested in speaking with your marketing team/manager that designed and produced this sample as it was very impressive.” Joe Harrisburg, PA (President)
  • “Wow! That is one of the coolest things we have ever received. I showed it to everyone in the office. The video really did a great job of conveying your message. We checked out your website from the insert card in your sample and want to know more about your custom design shop and to get pricing for dealers.” Peter Fresno, CA (Vice President)

Scott also said, “It was a little scary to make the commitment as this was a large expense for a small company (25 employees), but we are so glad that we took the leap to do a video brochure with MediaFast as the ROI from the launch has far exceeded our expectations.”

Enjoy Excellent Return On Investment With Video Brochures

What makes Video Brochures extraordinary is they combine the power of video with the best of print, the power of tangibility, and the value of novelty. All the while, they do it in one powerful, impressive package. Also, they’re efficient, and video content is more appealing to most people.

On top of that, people still love to touch and feel attractive print marketing products. They may not read every word (most people are skimmers), but attractiveness and tangibility definitely increase the number of times people pay attention to them. Then, when video content is included like in Video Brochures, they perform even better.

For these reasons and others, return on investment with Video Brochures is outstanding. To purchase some so your company can present job bids in them, or to get a FREE sample, contact us today.

Reach And Impress Your Target Audience With Video Mailers

Video Mailers will reach and impress your target audience. They’re excellent for getting Video Brochures directly into their hands. Plus, they’re ideal for social distancing, and they’ve proven to be more effective than face to face meetings in many cases.

Reach And Impress Your Target Audience With Video Mailers

Video Mailers are modern, attention-grabbing, and extremely impressive. They’re inexpensive for the return on investment they produce, and response rates to them are sky high. (Click this link to learn more: How Much Do Video Brochures Cost? In a nutshell, Video Mailers are Video Brochures that get mailed in custom packaging rather than hand delivered.)

As well, they increase the perceived value of companies along with the products, services, and opportunities they sell. Combine that with the how they rarely ever get set aside and it’s easy to see why they’re so effective when compared to other marketing tactics.

What’s more is that they capitalize on the fact that people don’t read as much nowadays. Instead, they prefer to watch videos, and as a result, using them is often the best way for companies to connect with consumers. All the while, they simply escalate the chances of their videos getting watched by their most likely customers.

Furthermore, what we believe is the main reason why Video Mailers perform so well is that videos are like a magic ingredient in marketing. They have the unique ability to portray circumstances more accurately than written content, which escalates trust. Plus, they stimulate more senses and feel more entertaining. Also, they feel like they take less effort to watch. At the same time, busy executives appreciate them, and they’re more likely to do business with companies who use them. Why? Because being modern and user-friendly has its rewards.

Video Mailers Increase Sales

Companies have learned that using videos is one of the very best ways to increase the number of times their marketing messages get seen and heard. Because they’re more appealing, decision-makers often seek them out. Plus, videos draw a greater response than most other forms of advertising and marketing.

On top of that, recipients view Video Mailers as too impressive to ignore. They also appreciate that someone thought highly enough of them to send such an impressive piece of technology. That alone is often what prompts them to respond right away. Then meetings occur and new business tends to happen fairly quickly.

Also, one of the greatest advantages they provide is that executives regularly share them with others who influence their decisions. That helps their messages influence more people, which directly affects sales, and an increase in revenue is what typically results.

Get Excellent Video Marketing Products From MediaFast

At MediaFast, all of the Video Marketing Products we sell are made with only brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we strive to give our customers the most for the marketing dollars they spend with us. Because of it, we’ve been a leader in our industry for a long period of time.

From what we’ve seen, companies who use Video Marketing Products realize quickly that they’re worth every penny. In some ways, they’re like having a bigger salesforce filled with more effective salespeople who perform better than they did without them.

Also, for companies interested in using them, we send FREE samples of Video Brochures, Video Mailers, and Video Boxes whenever they’re requested. Why? Because we want potential customers to experience the superior quality that our products deliver. Then, when comparing prices, they’ll understand the price difference between high quality and low quality versions isn’t always significant. However, what usually results is a significant difference in customer satisfaction.

To purchase Video Mailers so your company can impress your target audience, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

How To Split Test Your Video Marketing To Identify The Best Strategy


To split test your Video Marketing, we’ve got some helpful suggestions. It’s a great way to identify which strategy will work best, and it will help boost the return you get for your marketing dollars.

Why Split Testing Your Video Marketing Strategies Is Important

By definition, a split test is a solution for carrying out A/B tests. Or, in other words, it’s a way to compare two different strategies to determine which one is the most effective.

While performing a split test, it’s necessary to look for big wins. Why? Because it helps to be certain the results you’re seeing are real. Without a big discrepancy between one strategy and another, the results might simply be attributed to natural variance in personalities or the behavior of your participants.

Also, it’s important to split test over a long enough period of time to accumulate enough data to be trustworthy. Otherwise, tests that are run over too little time or with too few participants run the risk of producing inaccurate results.

With all of that said, knowing which Video Marketing strategy performs best is important because marketing often plays a key role in how much revenue a company receives. Not knowing can lead to wasted money, while knowing can lead to amazing profits.

Suggestions For How To Split Test Your Video Marketing

To run a helpful test for marketing purposes, first you’ll need an effective video. For advice on this, click this link: Best Practices For Making An Effective Marketing Video

Second, it’s necessary to know the strategies you’ll be testing. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you already know. If not, click this link: Video Marketing Ideas: 9 Ways To Promote Video Content. The author of this article does a great job of explaining proven strategies, and it’s a fairly quick read. However, what she doesn’t mention is using Video Marketing Products or how they’ve proven to produce outstanding return on investment. For more on this, click this link: Why Video Brochures Produce Excellent Return On Investment

And finally, it’s necessary to determine the length of time you’ll run your split test, which is just as important as knowing your target audience for each strategy. Whether you post your video on social media or use pay-per-click ads to draw traffic to your website. Or, if you use a Video Marketing Product like a Video Mailer or Video Box, the decision-makers you target will need to have an adequate amount of time to respond.

Our Top-Selling Video Marketing Products

Currently, companies are increasingly relying on videos to conduct business, and they’re doing so with great success. However, even before COVID-19 spread around the world, most people preferred to watch videos over reading or looking at motionless images to learn information. With that said, especially in sales and marketing, the trick is to get the “right people” to watch them.

With that in mind, here is some information about our top-selling Video Marketing Products:

Video Brochures – As a way to capitalize on the power of videos, these are almost impossible to beat. Targeted prospects find them too hard to ignore, and they easily win the battle for attention on the desks of executives. What’s even better is that decision-makers usually can’t resist showing them to other people who influence their decisions, which naturally shortens sales cycles. Rarely ever has a sales and marketing product performed so well.

Video Mailers – These are excellent for helping companies engage prospects who may be hard to reach. Videos in direct mail work extremely well, and rarely ever do gate-keepers or assistants keep their bosses from viewing them quickly.

Video Sample and Gift Boxes – Delivering samples or gifts in these cutting-edge products makes presentations extraordinarily better. Response rates to them are outstanding, and feedback indicates they open doors to opportunities that otherwise might never have been opened.

Video Point of Purchase Displays – Using one of these is an outstanding way for retailers to increase sales. They draw more attention to products spotlighted in them. And due to the inclusion of videos, they’re even more interesting to shoppers.

After reading this, if you’d like to purchase any of our Video Marketing Products so your company can see how they perform against other strategies, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

Why A Custom Video Box Impresses Prospective Customers

Sending a custom Video Box with samples or gifts to prospective customers is a fantastic marketing strategy. In addition to drawing more attention on products, services, and opportunities, it will open doors that might otherwise have never been opened.

Why A Custom Video Box Impresses Prospective Customers

By capitalizing on the power of videos, custom Video Boxes are classy, impressive, and get great results in marketing. They help samples and gifts make the greatest impact possible, and recipients are usually blown away by them.

Why? Because almost immediately after receiving one, recipients naturally feel valued and appreciated. After all, it isn’t often that they receive such an impressive piece of technology from companies trying to do business with them. As a result, not only do they help relationships with current customers grow stronger, but opportunities with prospective customers often suddenly become available. Think about it this way: If they don’t know you before, then they definitely will after receiving a Video Box from you.

At the same time, capitalizing on the power of videos is what helps them make the biggest impact. For marketing purposes, videos have the ability to say and show a lot more information than written text in a short period of time. They also feel like less work to watch. Plus, they increase trust because videos have the ability to portray details more thoroughly and accurately than written content. For example, I could write to you all about my shoes. But if I show you a video of them, you’ll learn a lot more much faster.

With that concept in mind, check out this video about Video Boxes:

Why Your Company Should Use A Video Marketing Product

The popularity of videos has made Video Marketing the most preferred marketing strategy. It generates excellent return on investment, and because of it, Video Marketing Products are super popular.

When given the choice between watching a video or reading to learn about something, most people will choose to watch a video. However, while posting videos online is one strategy that sometimes works well enough, companies never really know if their target audience and/or key decision-makers are watching them. Therefore, a better strategy is to deliver them directly to their attention, and cutting-edge Video Marketing Products like Video Boxes and Video Brochures are exceptional for that purpose.

Here are a handful of reasons why:

  • Video Marketing Products are too impressive to ignore.
  • Recipients respond extremely well to them.
  • They win the battle for attention in mailboxes and on desktops.
  • Receptionists pass them along quickly.
  • Recipients regularly share them with others who influence their decisions.
  • Video Marketing Products turn average salespeople into great salespeople.
  • Sometimes they even make sales themselves.
  • They make it easier for salespeople to get follow-up appointments, which is often a key to success.

With all of that said, if those reasons aren’t enough, studies indicate consumers are 85% more likely to purchase something they are thinking about buying after watching a video about it.

To purchase a custom Video Box so your company can impress your prospective customers, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

Unleash The Earning Power Of Your Company With A Video Brochure

To unleash the earning power of your company, using a Video Brochure will make it happen. In addition to being attention-grabbing, classy, and too interesting for prospects to ignore, the success companies are having with them is outstanding.

How To Unleash The Earning Power Of Your Company

Thanks to the internet, people can now purchase just about anything they want without leaving their home or office. With so much emphasis on social distancing, that’s a great benefit. Having the ability to read or watch online reviews from other consumers before making purchases has helped as well. Furthermore, the availability of videos has made learning information much more convenient than ever before.

At the same time, as with anytime technology has made drastic changes in the world, companies have had to keep up with the modern ways in which people do business. For example, instead of relying on printed materials to communicate advertisements, companies began using email marketing instead. Unfortunately, while they hoped for great results at lower costs, it didn’t take long before consumers grew tired of those types of emails and started deleting them or sending them directly into spam folders without reading them.

In response, companies reverted back to direct mail marketing. Technology also made it possible for them to add videos to their strategies, and marketing via social media and pay-per-click ads also became highly effective. Then, around 2015, Video Brochures burst onto the scene.

The decision to combine video content with the best that print media had to offer was absolutely brilliant. As well, decision-makers loved them and it wasn’t a surprise when they quickly produced excellent results. While video content is what makes them so effective, they’re practically impossible for recipients to ignore. Decision-makers respond to them more often than traditional forms of communication, and they genuinely help companies stand out from their competitors. All the while, they’re much more affordable than most people think.

Why Your Company Should Use A Video Brochure

For companies, using a Video Brochure has truly become one of the best marketing strategies available. It allows them to promote themselves with the latest technology. It also only takes one or two sales to recoup the costs necessary to have them for most users. To learn more, click this link: How Much Do Video Brochures Cost?

For recipients, holding a Video Brochure is like holding a TV commercial in their hands. It’s one of the very best ways for companies to ensure their videos get watched by their most likely customers, and at the same time, recipients regularly share them with co-workers and others who influence their decisions. Because of this, it’s fair to say that not many other sales and marketing products make nearly as much of an impact.

On top of all that, the combination of audio and visual they deliver has an unparalleled affect on viewers. They tell stories in actual circumstances, which makes them more trustworthy, and they have the ability to present substantial amounts of information in short amounts of time, which is another reason why recipients find them so appealing. With that said, using the right platform to present videos can significantly improve their effectiveness. Fortunately, these top-notch Video Marketing Products are ideal for this purpose.

To purchase a Video Brochure to unleash the earning power of your company, or to get a FREE sample, contact us today.

Increase Profits By Including Videos In Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing has produced solid returns for decades now. However, companies have found that including videos in it improves its performance substantially. Why? Because videos can say and show more information in less time. Consumers also pay more attention to marketing when videos are included, and it feels more appealing.

Videos Make Marketing Messages More Interesting

One of the greatest advantages of direct mail is that recipients have no choice but to touch it to get it out of their mailbox. Then, by including a clear and meaningful message, companies increase their chances of connecting with recipients. At the same time, getting a consumer’s attention isn’t as simple as just mailing a postcard, brochure, or flyer to them. What makes Direct Mail Marketing work much better according to is when it includes a video.

Likewise, research has proven that video content helps marketing messages draw a greater response. Consumers say they remember more of what they see and hear in videos. They also feel like companies who use videos know better how to connect with them. As a result, companies who use videos in their strategies get more value for the money they spend on marketing. Plus, they benefit from engaging more people in less time while also looking more modern.

With that said, whether the goal is to have a Direct Mail Marketing piece that makes sales itself or to have it prompt prospective buyers to call so appointments can be set for salespeople to call them back, using video content will likely boost its performance.

Video Content Boosts Performance In Marketing Materials

For marketing purposes, direct mail still produces acceptable return on investment. In fact, we have several customers still having great success with it. To explain why, here are some statistics from

  • 42.2% of recipients read or skim direct mail pieces, which is nearly half.
  • Direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than email.
  • Recipients purchase 28% more items than people who don’t get the same pieces of direct mail.
  • Recipients spend 28% more money than people who don’t get the same pieces of direct mail.
  • Direct mail offers a 29% return on investment.
  • 73% of Americans say they appreciate being contacted by brands via direct mail because they can read it whenever they want.

Basically, what this means is that direct mail is still a great option for a marketing strategy. By comparison, according to Smart Insights, digital ads are lucky to get a 14% clickthrough rate followed by a 2.35% conversion rate. Meanwhile, adding video content to any marketing strategy significantly boosts its results.

Direct Mail Marketing Performs Better When Videos Are Included

Let’s face it, we all love videos. Maybe it’s because they feel like they take less effort to watch. Or, maybe it’s because they’re sometimes entertaining. Then again, maybe it’s because most of us find it easier to trust what we see and hear more than what we read. Or, maybe it’s because we enjoy how videos stimulate more of our senses. Regardless of why, we simply prefer videos over most other forms of communication.

With that said, sometimes the biggest challenge for companies who use videos in marketing is to get their most likely customers to watch them. Fortunately, overcoming that challenge is where Video Marketing Products like Video Brochures and Video Gift and Sample Boxes provide a huge advantage. Why? Because they provide a powerful combination of audio and visual like a TV commercial, but they cost much less. They also enable companies to deliver their messages directly into the hands of their targeted prospects. At the same time, they’re far more convenient for them to share with others who influence their decisions. And, for companies who use them, they’re like having a bigger sales staff filled with more effective salespeople who produce better results.

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