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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Care For Special Children.

Be Brave—Use Video Brochures and Reach Your Marketing Goals

Sometimes in life you have to be brave to change. Have you ever felt that?

To create improvements, change is often necessary, and the first step is to acknowledge that reality. Then, you probably know what comes next. You have to be brave enough to act on your opportunities and allow events to play out, right?

With that said, when it comes to marketing, it’s just like everything else—change is inevitable. At the same time, since it involves your money, it can feel scary to change strategies.

So, here’s where this has been leading: Consumers no longer respond well to antiquated marketing strategies. And, even though many companies continue to use them with the hopes that they’ll just work, they unfortunately don’t.

On the other hand, companies who realized they needed to be brave enough to move away from older strategies and switch to video marketing have been rewarded for it.

And, to take it one step further, those who realized they needed to find ways to ensure their target audience would watch their videos and started distributing them in video brochures and video boxes have done even better.

Yes, they had to be brave to make that change because using video marketing products costs more. But the rewards have been fantastic, and the point of this post is to encourage you to change as well.

Rhetorically, wouldn’t you rather spend your money on a strategy that works?

Story About Change From William & Mary University

With respect to change, here’s an experience I had recently at William & Mary University. I’m connected to someone who just started law school there and one of their professors asked us to sit and chat for a bit. It was a wonderful experience in a personalized setting to say the least.

Rather than go on about the professor and somehow reveal their identity, I’ll just comment on something he/she said.

They said one of the struggles they’re having nowadays is that most judges are afraid of change.

In one respect, they feel like if they don’t just stick to the way laws have been interpreted and judgements have been declared previously, they’ll create trouble for themselves.

In another respect, the majority of them struggle with electronic devices, digital software, etc. Basically, their old fashioned ways of researching, communicating, and thinking have remained the same. Likewise, that’s the case for many professors who teach law around the country.

So, what is William & Mary University doing about it?

He/she said to remedy this, they hired one of America’s leading electronics companies to teach judges and professors how to modernize their work resources and habits. They’ve also been collaborating with students to modernize their social media and communication strategies, and videos have become a large part of it.

Even though resistance to change has been strong, once they’ve helped judges and professors have some success with modern processes, things have started getting better in a hurry.

Which leads me to this as it pertains to marketing: Be brave and don’t fear changing your strategies. Videos work exceedingly better than older tactics, and using video brochures and video boxes to engage target audiences is brilliant.

Examples of Video Brochures and Video Boxes

In case you aren’t familiar with video brochures and video boxes, here’s a short video highlighting them.

Why Videos Perform Better In Marketing

In a nutshell, videos increase engagement with consumers. So, what is it about them that makes them so much more effective in marketing than other options?

Here’s a brief list:

  1. Videos feel easier to consume than only reading or only listening.
  2. They show and tell more in less time than motionless content, meaning they’re efficient.
  3. By combining images with sound and motion, they’re able to present more details.
  4. Videos are easy to share with others who influence decisions.
  5. Videos foster connections and familiarity, which builds trust.
  6. Consumers enjoy stories, and videos can tell them better than motionless content.
  7. By bending the laws of nature, animated videos can explain practically anything, making them better for complex topics.
  8. Videos arouse emotions that prompt consumers to respond.
  9. Executives prefer watching videos.
  10. Hard-to-reach decision-makers appreciate videos and are more likely to respond to companies who use them.

With all of that said, whether companies use videos to explain what they sell or to present demos and testimonials, they’re simply more appealing. And when it comes to marketing, companies who use them benefit by connecting more personally and professionally with targeted prospects.

Key point: The secret to having the most success with video marketing is to make sure your target audience watches your videos. Coincidentally, that’s why video brochures and video boxes were created. Posting them on websites and sending them in emails simply doesn’t work well enough.

Effective Ways To Use Video Brochures

To explain more about video brochures, here’s a short clip from Amy Hafen, President of MediaFast.

Video Marketing Products Produce Excellent ROI

Going back to almost a decade ago, we’ve had hundreds of clients be brave enough to use video brochures and video boxes. Now they’re practically the best thing going in marketing. In fact, many of our clients reorder over and over again because they don’t want to miss out on the ROI they produce.

For instance, here’s a Google Review from Craig Kirsner, MBA.

“We’ve had an excellent 5-year relationship with MediaFast! The quality of their video brochures is second to none. Amy and her team are excellent communicators, efficient, and their attention to detail is phenomenal. Most importantly….., they’ve helped make these past 5 years an absolute success! Thank you MediaFast!”

And another from Lucid Corp, one of our clients.

“Definitely a must have. Our custom designed video boxes were purchased specifically for our esteemed customers and future partners. The feedback we have gotten from recipients has been positive, and the level of support from Victor and Shannon at MediaFast has been exceptionally stellar! Thank you for a great process flow and end product!”

And another from Stephen Ozawa, marketing professional.

“MediaFast turned our ideas into reality! Our client was ecstatic and the response rates have been off the charts.”

Example of a Highly Effective Video Brochure

For the purpose of showing one more, here’s a video brochure for Riviera Luxury Sailing. Notice how the images sell the vision and then the video sells the experience.

Truly, as a way to connect with a target audience, does it get any better? Based on experience, we say no, it does not.

Why You Should Use Video Marketing Products

As you’ve gone through this, my hope is you’ve realized how much you need to modernize your marketing. That’s if you aren’t already using video brochures or video boxes.

With that said, here’s why you should overcome your fears:

  1. Wasting money on marketing tactics that don’t work is exactly that—wasting money. In the digital age we live in, people typically don’t want to read much until they’re truly interested in learning more about something. On the other hand, video content is far more appealing.
  2. Being afraid to progress with the times is allowing fear to stop you from reaching your goals. Videos are what connect with modern consumers, and smart companies capitalize on them.
  3. Making videos can be less expensive than you might think. Specifically, if you’re making them to use in video marketing products, you can use a cell phone or inexpensive video camera and they’ll perform well.
  4. Video brochures and video boxes are superstars at making sure targeted prospects watch videos intended for them.
  5. Video brochures produce response rates and ROI that’s significantly better than other marketing strategies, and the results aren’t even close. To learn more about pricing, click Product Pricing.

After reading this, if you’d like to purchase any of our video marketing products or get more details, contact us today.

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